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Blogging Genie: Blogging Tips For Newbie bloggers

Are you new to Blogging or struglling to get traffic? Get started here and I'll teach you how to start and grow Your Blog (the right way)

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What You'll Learn Here

Blogging From Scratch

Are you a complete newbie and want to earn blogging from very beginning?
Here you will learn what is blogging and how to get started.
Along with that I "ll introduce you to various blogging tools and share some blogging tips & tricks that help in your blog growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Just starting a blog isn't enough. To stay in the game you need web traffic.
Here you"ll learn how you can use SEO to drive free traffic to your blog. I'll help you in learning the art Keyword Research (backbone of SEO), Link Building and fixing Technical SEO issues.

WordPress Tutorials & Guides

WordPress is No.1 choices when it comes to create a blog.
Most of the popular blogs you have ever visited are built on WordPress.
So I"ll guide you how to get started with WordPress and create a Professional WordPress blog at affordable price.