9 Best Elementor Addons 2022 (Mostly Free To Use)

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Elementor is a WordPress-specific page builder that lets you build professional-looking websites quickly. With over 8 million active downloads, Elementor is one of the most popular page builder plugins.

One of the great things about Elementor is that it has a free & a premium version. Elementor is a powerful tool by itself, but it can be made even more effective with third-party add-ons. Adding these Elementor extensions will give the page builder even more functionality.

And if you are using the free version addons could be a life-saviour.

This article highlights some of the best Elementor add-ons that can help you create a professional-looking website. So without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of the Elementor addons.

Best Elementor Addons

No matter what type of functionality or templates you need, the below Elementor addons address all your needs.

1. Mighty Addons For Elementor

best elementor addons

Mighty Addon is a product of Mighty Themes, the same team behind JoomDev. This add-on increases the functionality of Elementor’s website builder by adding several new templates and widgets.

The add-on is available in both free and premium versions. The free version includes 18+ new widgets, and the premium version came with 14+ additional widgets.

The free version of this add-on includes many features, such as button groups, before/after images, form integration, and cross-domain copy/paste.

There are some unique features in the premium version of this app, such as the Paypal button, weather widget, and WhatsApp chat widget, which will help you create a professional website.

Unlike most other add-ons, Mighty offers themed templates and individual blocks, making it an extremely versatile add-on.

Besides the free version, this add-on offers premium features for $29/year for a single website and $99 for an unlimited site license.

Key Features of Mighty Addons:

  • 35+ Widgets & Extensions
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Two Steps log-in
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Content-Control Visibility
  • Cross-Domain Copy/Paste

2. PowerPack Elementor Addons

Powerpack Elementor addons elementor addon

It is one of the best Elementor addons developed by the company IdeaBox. Over 70+ different widgets available, providing users with many options.

One of these widgets is a content widget, which is a content-oriented widget & helps you focus on your recipes, categories, and testimonials.

There are numerous navigation widgets available, including breadcrumbs, an advanced menu, one-page navigation, and more. With an image widget, you can access important features such as the functionality for albums, image comparison, and hotspots.

You can also integrate Twitter and Instagram content into your website with the social media widget.

With the background effect widget, you will be able to add many different backgrounds and animations to your website, which will make it look more attractive. Additionally, they provide many useful widgets to help you make your website look professional.

There is a fee associated with this premium add-on, as I indicated earlier. A single website add-on costs $49.50/year, while unlimited sites cost $129/year.

Key Features of PowerPack Elementor Addons:

  • Unique Widgets
  • Frequent Update
  • Good customer support
  • Lightweight and fast loading speeds

3. Stratum Elementor Addons

Stratum elementor addons elementor addon

Stratum is another popular add-on for Elementor developed by MotoPress. It is a very new plugin and isn’t that popular like other add-ons.

It mainly focuses on two things. Firstly, it will speed up your work and navigation as it inherits the design of your current WordPress theme.
Secondly, it comes with many business essential elements and premium customization options.

It also offers widgets for advanced post lists, banners, advanced Google maps, and an Instagram feed.

The best thing about the add-on is that most of the add-ons like image accordion, vertical and horizontal time, and Lottie animations are free.

Although most of the features are free, the premium version can help you to extend the functionalities.

You can download the free version from the WordPress repository, while the premium version costs $29/year for a single website and $59 for unlimited sites.

Key Features of Stratum Elementor Addons:

  • Marketing-focused widgets
  • Integration with Instagram and Google Maps is really easy
  • Stunning visuals
  • Help desk and video tutorials

4. Essential Elementor Addons

Essential addons 1 elementor addon

The Essential add-on for Elementor is one of the most popular add-ons. It is currently used by more than 1 million websites worldwide.

It comes with both a free and also premium version. The free version includes more than 40 new widgets, many of which are only available in the Pro version.

You can also use the add-on to grow your site with many other marketing widgets.

You will also get an additional 30+ widgets if you go with the premium option. It provides many styling widgets for contact form plugins, so if you work with forms often, these add-ons can be a lifesaver.

It includes add-ons such as post blocks, dynamic filterable galleries, data tables, lightboxes, and module popups.

It costs $39.97/year for one website and $69.97/year for unlimited websites. I believe you will get good value for your money if you buy this add-on.

Key Features of Essential Elementor Addons:

  • Flexible pricing for everyone
  • 1000+ Elementor ready templates
  • Features like post grid, post timeline, testimonials, and many more
  • You can customize every element of your website with just a few clicks

5. Master Addons For Elementor

Master addons for Elementor 1 elementor addon

Master add-on is a free Elementor addon, but it also has a premium version. The free version includes more than 150 templates that you can use to build a unique website.

Premium versions include restricted content, image hotspots, gallery sliders, and other advanced features that will enhance the appearance of your website.

You can showcase your achievements with widgets such as the progress bar and timeline. There are also features like dual headings, tabs, infoboxes, creative buttons, and pricing tables.

You can create a magazine-style website with animated headlines, news tickers, and image galleries.

The unique aspect of this add-on is its continuous development, where the team keeps adding on new features. With the premium version of the app, you can integrate forms such as WP Forms, Ninja Forms, and WeForms, and you can customize these forms to your liking.

In addition to these features, you will also get 30+ widgets that provide lots of new features that other add-ons can’t match.

The free version of this add-on is available on the WordPress repository & the premium version costs around $29/year for one website and $49/year for unlimited websites. On their official website, you can also find the discount offers.

Key Features of Master Addons:

  • Header, footer, and comment builder which is a unique feature
  • Custom breakpoints to use in Elementor design
  • Mega Menu builder
  • A huge number of pre-built Elementor templates

6. Happy Addons

Happy addons for elementor 1 elementor addon

It is one of the most widely used and favored addons for Elementor. It’s the most popular addon because it is optimized on all levels for your website, be it performance, integration, or smoothness. 

It comes with a free and a premium version. WeDevs, the same team behind Dokan WooCommerce, developed the plugin.

It offers 39+ free widgets as well as a dozen features that come with a premium subscription. Calendar integration to schedule meetings can integrate the meeting date and time into your calendar. A 360-degree rotation of the image will give you a complete view of the product.

There is also a form styler widget for popular forms such as WP Forms and Ninja Forms.

The premium version adds many more exciting features to the already existing ones. In addition to the features mentioned above, the Happy Elementor addon provides 400+ template designs, 500+ icon libraries, and cross-domain copy/paste.

This add-on is available on WordPress for free, but if you want to purchase the premium version, then you will have to pay $39 per year for a single site or $149 for unlimited sites.

Key Features of Happy Addons:

  • 400+ templates and 500+ icon libraries
  • Cross-domain copy-paste
  • Lightweight unique widgets
  • Styler for popular contact form plugins

7. Anywhere Elementor Addons

Anywhere Elementor Addons elementor addon

The Anywhere Elementor addon is a freemium plugin that provides 30+ free widgets, 40+ premium widgets, and 600+ blocks.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Just a few days after its release, this addon has gained popularity in WordPress communities.

Free widgets offer features like an image magnifier, infobox, call to action, image comparisons, testimonials, team members, Google maps, and many more. The official website provides an overview of all the features.

The premium version of this extension offers widgets such as comparison tables, image hotspots, sliders, social sharing, Woo products, and site titles.

The free version can be downloaded from WordPress, and purchase the premium version for $39/year for 1-site & $499/year to cover an unlimited number of sites from the official site.

Key Features of Anywhere Elementor Addons:

  • 21-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • 404 error page customization
  • Google Maps integration.

8. Elements Plus Elementor Addons

Elements Plus addons elementor addon

Elements Plus is a free Elementor addon created by CSSIgniter. More than 30 widgets are available in this extension & it provides unique features that many paid add-ons can’t deliver.

It includes features such as a YouTube slideshow, and it lets you control the visibility of your website. Additionally, it provides an image comparison tool & a preloader for websites. There is also a hotspot widget for images.

As part of this, you will get form stylers as well. It supports Google Maps integration.

WordPress offers this add-on for free, & you can download it here. It’s the only extension in this article that is 100% free and offers its users many valuable features.

Key Features of Elements Plus:

  • 100% free
  • Enhanced widgets for buttons and headings
  • Tooltip feature
  • Scheduling feature

9. LiveMash Elementor Addons

LiveMesh Addons elementor addon

It is a very minimalist and clutter-free add-on for Elementor. Choosing this will be a perfect choice for you if you want a minimal-looking business website.

The free version of this add-on comes with 13+ widgets, and the premium version offers more. LiveMash extension is lightweight and works without any issues. It comes with a wide selection of widgets that allow you to create video galleries, demo data import, and animation effects.

The extension isn’t as feature-rich as some others, but it still provides many essential features and widgets for a website.

The free version is available on WordPress, and the premium version costs about $37/year for one website and $199/lifetime for 25 websites.

Key Features

  • Minimal and simple design
  • Optimized for every device
  • Frequent updates
  • Lightweight


I have reviewed 9 of the most popular and best Elementor addons in this article. Moreover, I have outlined their most noteworthy features.

A single Elementor addon would be difficult to choose since each add-on serves a different purpose. The number of choices is up to you based on your requirements.

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