10 Best Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid)

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Checking Facebook has become a part of our daily routine. So it is no surprise that Facebook has opened a door for digital marketers to advertise products and services.

Generating maximum ROI and analyzing data should be two of the prior goals for businesses. To get the most out of it, you need to use Facebook pixels.

If you have a WordPress website and want to use this feature then Facebook pixel WordPress Plugins would be extremely useful. I will show you some of the best plugins for integrating pixels into your website.

So let’s get started.

What is Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a snippet of codes that you can place on your website to track conversions from Facebook ads. The complex algorithm tries to understand and measure the actions people take on your website.

Each pixel comes with a unique 15 digit ID. You need to install this code on each page you want to track. There are 17 common actions you can track using the Facebook pixel. You can use the Facebook pixel code to track actions like:

  • Page views
  • Time on page
  • Add to cart
  • Search
  • Purchase
  • Subscribe, and more.

One can go beyond these common actions and track more.

When a pixel is installed on your website, it drops a cookie into the visitor’s browser to track their internet behavior. Based on visitors’ actions, Facebook will optimize the ad delivery effectively. Further, it can be used to retarget audiences who have taken any of the actions.

Most marketers don’t know and use Facebook pixel. But it can put a great impact on your business as you can better track the audience. Data collected from Facebook events can be used to build lookalike audiences or custom audiences for the next campaigns.

Benefits of Facebook Pixel

There are a lot of benefits of using the Facebook pixel.

  • Better tracking of audience behavior and actions.
  • Collect valuable data and easy-to-scan analytics.
  • Make sure your Facebook ads will be shown to the right person.
  • Reach new and existing targeted customers
  • Helps you to generate maximum ROI
  • Very helpful for future ads and retargeting

Best Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugins

Let’s discuss some of the best Facebook pixel WordPress plugins.

1. Facebook For WordPress (Official Plugin)

Facebook For WordPress Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Facebook for WordPress is the official plugin developed by the social media giant. This plugin is also available for platforms like Drupal, and Joomla. You would find this plugin simple and straightforward.

After installing this plugin on your website, it will automatically generate a pixel for each of your pages. This allows digital marketers to create targeted campaigns and drive people through the funnel. Now the plugin is supporting lower funnel pixel events for plugins like Contact Form 7, Easy Digital Downloads, WPForms, WooCommerce, etc.

Facebook for WordPress has built-in support for the Conversions API. You use Conversions API along with the Facebook pixel to get additional insights into the people who interact with your website. It directly sends events, or customer actions, from your server to Facebook.

2. Pixel Cat

Pixel Cat Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Pixel Cat is another well-known plugin to install Facebook pixel on your website. Without the Facebook pixel uses, you’re extremely limiting yourself from the most robust targeting options. This plugin allows you to track events with easy pixel installation.

You can install multiple pixels on different pages if you want then track them separately. Using Google AMP on your website? Then the plugin also fires pixels in AMP pages to make sure you get the best results. You can create any standard event and customize pixel event parameters.

You would get one-click WooCommerce event tracking and product feeds to create highly effective ad campaigns. The WooCommerce integration comes with some advanced features like delay view content events, send LTV (lifetime value), coupon codes, and shipping info events parameters.

The single-click Facebook Pixel for Easy Digital Downloads is also available to personalize your ads. If you have more than one admins or editor you can restrict them using pixel data. The pixel Cat is completely free to use and you can get started right away. There is also a premium version that comes with various plans and additional features.

3. WooCommerce Pixel Manager By Woopt

Woopt Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Pixel Manager developed by Woopt is a robust plugin for adding Facebook pixels to your WordPress website. It is very lightweight and doesn’t put a load on your website. This plugin is specially designed for eCommerce websites to track shopping habits and collect valuable data.

In addition to Facebook pixel, this plugin has a variety of the most commonly used tracking pixels for e-commerce such as Twitter Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Snapchat Ads, Microsoft Ads, and more. All the pixels can be installed under the same dashboard. You would have to copy and paste the ID to get started.

You can use the Facebook Conversion API to track additional data. Use those stats to reach a quality audience and targeting people based on past events. There are both free and paid versions available. Some of the paid features include Google Consent mode, order duplication prevention, Facebook microdata output, etc.

4. PixelYourSite

PixelYourSite Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

PixelYourSite is another best Facebook pixel WordPress plugin. According to the official website, more than 200K sites are using their plugin to manage Facebook pixels. This single plugin can manage various things like Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.

A single pixel can track multiple actions like page views, time on site, purchase, etc. It has several triggers that can be configured to identify using the event_action parameter. It includes clicks, phone numbers, watching videos, comments, downloads, etc. Add a pixel to any page in one click.

PixelYourSite comes with easy WooCommerce integration that allows online stores to add pixels. Install the OpenGraph microdata using this plugin. It allows Facebook to automatically create an interesting product catalog when someone visits your WooCommerce products.

You can run dynamic product ads with custom titles and descriptions. WooCommerce-specific pixels can be set for this and Facebook automatically shows items from your catalog to the target audience. There is a free as well as a paid version of the plugin.

5. Insert Headers and Footers

banner Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Insert Headers and Footers developed by WPBeginner is a popular WordPress plugin. Currently, it is holding the title of 1 million-plus download. This is a very simple plugin that allows you to insert code into a website.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Insert Headers and Footers plugin is that you can add necessary scripts to a website without touching your theme’s files. It lets you insert code snippets like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Analytics, custom CSS, Javascript, and more to your WordPress site’s header and footer. Now they have added the feature to add code to the body section.

Whenever you need modification on code, just head to the plugin interface and change instantly. No need to dive into the complex theme file and place the code inappropriate place. You know that pixel code should be on your website after being created.

6. Pixel Caffeine

Pixel Caffilne Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Pixel Caffeine is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for managing Facebook pixels. Currently, it has over 100K active installs in the WordPress repository. Install Facebook pixels on your website without touching a single line of code.

Facebook ads are a very powerful medium to grow your sales and boost your business. If you sell anything through the online store, then Facebook pixels can boost your sales using retargeted ads. This plugin is fully compactable with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. It automatically adds all the eCommerce-specific events tracking and is also compatible with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

With a few clicks, you can create a product catalog to promote all your products to new potential customers. Create a new custom audience using filters, previous pixel data, and other advanced features.

You would get easy to analyze analytics dashboard with the Pixel Caffeine plugin. Check audience activity and events data without leaving the WordPress dashboard. Pixel Caffeine is open-source software and free to use.

7. Header Footer Code Manager

Header Footer Code Manager Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Header Footer Code Manager is an easy-to-use code snippet insertion plugin for WordPress. You don’t have to edit your theme’s header.php and footer.php files to insert Facebook pixel code. So there would no fear of losing code snippets when switching or updating the theme.

WordPress doesn’t have a built-in option for inserting code snippets in your website’s header and footer. Luckily Header Footer Code Manager is an easy solution for beginners. This plugin allows you to insert code snippets including site verification in Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc.

Once the plugin is activated, you can find it inside the setting tap of the WordPress dashboard. Simply paste the pixel code you have copied and hit the save button. You can add separate pixels for different pages. Scripts can be adjusted to load only on desktops or mobile.

8. Tracking Code Manager

Tracking Code Manager Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

A WordPress website needs several verification steps for different services. It can be Google Search Console verification or Facebook website verification. One thing that is common among them is that you have to paste a code snippet into your website. But editing theme file without harming website files is a technical task.

Tracking Code Manager comes with a beginner-friendly solution for this. You can manage all your code snippets from this plugin without touching theme files. You can put Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, live chat tool, popups, affiliate tracking pixels, and so on. Every code snippet will be executed where you want.

Sometimes marketers don’t estimate the overall Facebook ad campaign performance due to a lack of data. This plugin works with WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads and lets you put the conversion pixels. This helps you to create a custom audience and optimize the Facebook ad performance.

Putting the tracking code snippet directly in the theme files can be the wrong idea. But this plugin allows you to put codes effectively and track whatever you want.

9. Tag Manager

banner Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Unpack the power of Facebook pixel and track everything you want using this simple Tag Manager Plugin. If you run ads on Facebook or Instagram, then you can track every single action taken by visitors.

You can inject code snippets into the website’s header or footer section. Some services like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Bing Webmaster, Google Adsense, live chat software, etc. offer code snippets to install on a website. You would have full control over the code execution on the website.

You can include or exclude pages and define whether the code will run or not. If your website is selling products/services online then Facebook pixel plays a great role. Study the visitor’s behavior and take deep dive into the ocean of data. This plugin is absolutely free and you can start using it right away.

10. Easy Pixels

banner Facebook Pixel WordPress Plugin

Easy Pixels is a straightforward plugin for installing Facebook pixels on a website. Facebook pixel maximizes the ad performance and results you’re getting from your social media promotions. This is a very lightweight plugin and doesn’t affect the website loading speed.

You would get an easy-to-use dashboard to add tracking IDs. No need to touch a single line of code as the plugin do all the things in the background. In addition to the Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Twitter, and Bing tracking codes.

There are separate sections for Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce for easy access. You would get eCommerce-specific features to better track user behavior and maximize the sale. Build website custom audiences from all pixel data and retarget visitors. This audience segment contains people that have taken the desired action on the previous ads.

The easy Pixels plugin is free and available for download on the WordPress repository.


So these are some of the best Facebook pixel WordPress plugins you can use. Facebook pixel is not a new thing. But most businesses and marketers are not using it.

Some of the common excuses range from confusion to integration. The above plugins make the pixel installation on a website hustle-free. Use one of the plugins and start unpacking the power of Facebook pixel.

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