10 Best LearnDash Themes 2022 (Free & Paid Education Themes)

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There are more than 60 million WordPress users all over the world, so it is not surprising that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. Plugins make it easy to maintain the day-to-day operation of your website with WordPress.

LearnDash, another WordPress plugin, is a learning management system that allows an organization or university to manage or create online courses.

If you are planning to launch a new course, then LearnDash is a very valuable tool. Although LearnDash works well with all WordPress themes, for a perfect combination you need to use a LearnDash integrated theme.

In this article, I will be discussing the best LearnDash themes available in the market right now. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

List of 10 Best LearnDash Themes 2022

Best Free LearnDash Themes

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a free LearnDash theme, you should consider one of these. These freemium themes are freely available for use and can be upgraded to premium versions later on.

1. Astra Theme For LearnDash

Astra for Learndash

LearnDash is a very useful plugin and you can increase the usefulness of LearnDash by choosing the Astra theme. This theme provides an extensive integration with LearnDash that will help you achieve a professional-looking online course providing websites in no time. Using Astra you can attract more students to your website.

Integrating Astra with LearnDash provides your users a distraction-free learning environment. You can also integrate your favorite website builder like Elementor, & Beaver Builder to customize your website without knowing a single line of code.

You can create customized sales pages for your online course which will be completely distraction-free that will increase your conversion rates dramatically.

With Astra, you can choose from different templates that they provide to their users. The distraction-free learning feature of Astra lets you remove any type of unnecessary links or header from your course ensuring the fact that the users of your website can only focus on their course. This will increase the engagement of your users which means more business for your website.

Astra also lets you create a distraction-free checkout page that will be very convenient if you want your users to check out with as little hassle as possible. You can make a clean, minimal, and professional design by removing some unwanted links from the checkout page which can distract a student.

Using Astra, you can also customize the font and color of your website. They give an endless amount of options to customize your website and it will also help you to make a clean and professional-looking website that stands out from other websites.

Features Exclusively Provided By Astra Theme:

  1. Clean and Minimal User interface: Astra gives your users a clean and minimal user interface where they can focus on their course without any distraction and be honest most people inducing myself like a simple and minimal design that is less distractive.
  2. Mobile-Optimized: Astra will optimize your website so users can access it from their desktop or mobile phones. Astra is optimized for both these types of devices and you will face no issues regarding optimization using Astra.
  3. Progress Bar: With Astra, you will have a progress bar that will show you how much you have come so far in a course. Having this feature motivates a lot of people to complete their courses. 
  4. Custom Dashboard: Using Astra, you can create a custom-made dashboard for your users so that they can efficiently manage their courses.

2. Kadence Theme

Kadence wordpress theme best learndash themes

Kadence lets us create a website of our own absolutely from scratch that has all the modern features in it. Having all the modern features on your website will help you manage your online course using LearnDash.

First, to get started with Kadence, you need to choose a template from a pool of templates that they provide for their users. Then you can choose the color for your homepage and you can also change the color of all the buttons on your webpage.

They have 12 professional color pallets that you can choose from. Kadence also lets you choose the font that is suitable for you and it gives you a lot of options. You can install your favorite website builder tool to customize your website.

You can also link your social media handles with beautiful icons at the top of your website. You will also have total control over the layout of your website. You can decide which side of the screen a particular post will reside on and you can also customize the size of the layout using Kadence.

You can modify every aspect of your website and can have a very modern-looking website that provides modern features.

Features Exclusively Provided By Kadence Theme:

  1. Header Builder: You can create an awesome-looking header file for your website using a very easy drag-and-drop user interface. An attractive header attracts a lot of customers.
  2. Custom Layouts: You can define custom layouts using Kadence. You can change the size of any layouts on your website and you can put them anywhere you want. 
  3. SEO Optimized: Kadence provides a website that is fully SEO optimized and you will not face any issues regarding optimization.
  4. Responsive Controls: Using Kadence, you can customize your website differently for desktop, tablet, and mobile users so that they can all have different views or you can talk about different experiences when accessing your website from different devices.

3. GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress Theme best learndash themes

GeneratePress is a very lightweight theme and it mainly focuses on speed and stability. Using GeneratePress along with LearnDash won’t put a lot of pressure on your server because they both are pretty lightweight. 

You can build your website using GeneratePress from scratch. This theme provides a lot of customization options for its users. It provides all the necessary features for optimal performance for the users of your website and also for search engines. 

GeneratePress is a free theme but there is also a premium version available for you, in case you want to upgrade. It provides more features and customization. With GeneratePress you can increase the speed of your website and get 100% performance out of it. 

You can use any of your favorite plugins with this theme, it is compatible with every plugin that you can imagine. GeneratePress ensures that all your plugins run smoothly with their theme. 

In case if you are having trouble somewhere regarding your website, then they provide the absolute best customer support service compared to others on this list. Their premium plan is available on a yearly and lifetime basis. The yearly plan cost around $59/year and the lifetime plan cost around $249. 

Features Exclusively Provided By GeneratePress Theme:

  1. Trusted Brand: GenartePress has more than 80000 plus customers around the world and their reviews online are great and it seems that their customers are happy with their service.
  2. Premium Version: Although it is a free theme, their premium options provide value and features for your website. If you want to build a professional website with every feature you could have, then you should opt for their premium version.
  3. Compatibility: This theme is compatible with almost every plugin so you can easily integrate your favorite plugin without any problem. 
  4. Great Customer Support: They provide the best customer support for their users and you can contact them regarding anything that is giving you trouble.

Best Premium LearnDash Themes

Looking for a premium look, improved functionality & better support? Check out the list of premium LearnDash themes below:

4. BuddyBoss Theme

best Learndash theme

BuddyBoss is a top industry-recognized theme that is used by many professionals around the world. BuddyBoss is trusted by many professionals like Jay Shetty, and Stefan James.

BuddyBoss integrates with LearnDash and provides an efficient way to manage your online courses. The success behind this theme lies in its easy-to-use interface. One can easily build a website and even marketing pages using the LearnDash 3.0 Gutenberg interface. 

You can easily customize every aspect of your website using this page builder. BuddyBoss provides a very simple and minimalistic user experience for your users. Using this you can provide your users with a customized dashboard that gives an overview of every necessary detail that students need to get and pick up from where they left off. 

BuddyBoss also provides zoom integration with their theme so you can create a zoom meeting for various seminars or discuss a topic with your students. You can also create social groups on various topics where everyone can have a conversation with everyone regarding a particular topic. All of this can be very easily managed when it is integrated with LearnDash.

You can also schedule classes for any upcoming dates and your students will be notified immediately. BuddyBoss also supports WooCommerce integration so you can sell online merchandise with your company name on it. It would be a great way to generate more revenue.

Features Exclusively Provided By BuddyBoss:

  1. Native IOS and Android Application: BuddyBoss has released its applications on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. This is convenient because your students can access their course on their mobile phones without even having to open a single website.
  2. Real-time Sync with the Website: Changes made on the mobile app are reflected on the website in real-time. This is a really useful feature because a student can start studying right where they left off.
  3. Push Notifications: Members or students on your website will get a push notification whenever there is an activity or someone has mentioned them somewhere or when a member sends a friend request to you. You will receive a notification. 
  4. In-App Purchases: In-App purchases make it super easy for your students to purchase new courses or upgrade within the app. They also have Apple pay and Google pay to support so the checkout process can be more easy and fast.

5. University By Cactus Theme

University By Cactus Theme best learndash themes

This theme is a very good option for schools, universities, or any organization that wants to publish its course online. This is not only a theme but it is an LMS itself and it also integrates well with LearnDash. Using the combination of these two you can easily manage or launch a new online course.

The unique feature of this theme or LMS is that you can host an event and manage that event according to your needs. It has a huge collection of templates and a huge number of pre-built customization options to choose from. 

This is also compatible with any other WordPress plugin. It has an online calendaring tool that helps you manage your online course. You can also schedule important meetings and notify your users about them. 

This also supports the WooCommerce plugin which helps you accept payment in exchange for a course or other type of digital content. 

Features Exclusively Provided By University:

  1. WooCommerce Integration: WooCommerce integration helps you sell merchandise and other different digital products to your students and you can also accept payments with the help of this plugin.
  2. Event Management: This theme or LMS gives you a unique feature to manage your events or important meetings using the inbuilt calendar feature that is embedded in this theme.
  3. Unlimited Colors and Layouts: With this theme, you will get unlimited options to customize different layouts of your website and you can also choose the color or ambiance for your website which matches your business theme.

6. eLumine by WisdmLabs

eLumine By Wisdmlab best learndash themes

eLumine has a huge number of highly optimized templates that will help you make your first online course. This theme is specially optimized for LearnDash. You should consider this theme if you are planning to launch your new course. 

eLumine is a very simple-looking theme without any kind of fancy design that will distract your students. You will get a good amount of customization options for your website and if you want to make a few changes to your website, you have total control over that. 

You can add any plugin that you want with this theme, but there is a particular plugin that is specially built for Elumine, which is “BuddyPress”. This plugin adds the community aspect to your website which means the members of your website can communicate with each other in groups and they can also share their achievements with each other after they have successfully completed their courses. 

eLumine provides another great feature that is you can convert your website into multiple different languages so that you can gain more customers from different backgrounds. This will increase your website’s conversion rate.

Features Exclusively Provided By eLumine:

  1. Custom LearnDash Templates: Elumine provides a bunch of customizing and awesome-looking templates that will help you choose the right template for your website.
  2. Visual Drag and Drop Builder: This includes a drag-and-drop website builder using which you can customize almost every aspect of your website.
  3. WooCommerce Integration: You can connect the WooCommerce plugin with this theme very easily because this theme supports almost every WordPress plugin.

7. LearnMate By WBCOM Design

LearnMate LearnDash Theme best learndash themes

LearnMate is a theme that is compatible with an e-commerce website and also with other websites. This theme can easily be connected with LearnDash which is a very popular learning management system. You can easily manage your course and customize your website using LearnDash and LearnMate.

This theme offers various types of layouts for your website and it has many small widgets that will increase the attractiveness of your website. It has a built-in review and rating system that will come in very handy in terms of collecting user experience and feedback.

Features Exclusively Provided By LearnMate

  1. Distraction-Free Single Course Page Layout: This is a single-page layout which means users of your website won’t be distracted by a bunch of other redirected pages.
  2. Color, Typography, and Header option: This theme provides various font and color options so you can choose the best font for your website and also the color for them.
  3. Related Course, Course Coming Soon Option: This theme provides an option that notifies your users about upcoming courses and courses that are related or relevant to your course.

8. Invent By LiveMesh

Invent Learndash Theme By LiveMesh best learndash themes

Invent is a very useful theme for schools, colleges, and universities. This is a very popular theme and is liked by many other businesses. They have more than 30+ page-building elements that are going to help build your website absolutely from scratch. 

This is a very simple and minimal theme that is going to provide you with all the basic functionality but not anything fancy. With this theme, LiveMesh tried to take a simple and minimalistic approach to the learning management system. This theme provides a lot of features and those features are mentioned in the list below.

Features Exclusively Provided By Invent:

  1. 60+ Page Building Elements: With this theme, you will get many page-building options that will help you fully customize your website.
  2. Translation Ready: They provide an option to convert your website into many different languages.
  3. Dedicated Support Forum: They have a dedicated support forum where you can go for help in case you are facing a problem regarding your theme. 

9. Edumodo By ThemeXpert

Edumodo WordPress Theme best learndash themes

Edumodo is a LearnDash compatible theme that is very stylish and attractive. It provides seven different home page styles so that you have a different homepage every time you want to change the style. 

It also comes with the support of Elementor page builder which will help you build your page without doing a single line of coding. It supports lots of plugins that help someone manage online learning effectively alongside LearnDash. 

Edumodo lets you integrate all your social media accounts with your website. They provide over 100 themes that you can choose from as the design of your website. This is a high-level WordPress theme that will be a good choice if you want to make your website attractive.

Features Exclusively Provided By Edumodo:

  1. SEO Optimized: The theme is SEO optimized so you will not have any issues regarding this theme crashing on different devices. 
  2. Customized 404 Error Pages: You can fully customize the 404 error pages as per your liking and every time there is an error the user will be greeted with a customized page that shows the 404 error. 
  3. Dedicated Teachers Page: In this theme, you have a separate section for teachers where they can have their own area or they can do all the teaching-related work that gets done here.

10. Academy Pro by StudioPress

Academy Pro Theme best learndash themes

The Academy Pro theme is very easy to set up. You can set up your own online courses using this theme with just a few clicks. It can be very easily integrated with LearnDash. You can see all the changes in real-time with the help of the preview option provided by this theme. This theme is optimized for mobile and any other browser or screen size to provide a smooth experience for your users. 

The academy has good support for WooCommerce. Having support for WooCommerce means that you can sell other products along with your course. It also provides some high-quality templates. WordPress customizer makes it possible to change some display properties of your website.

Features Exclusively Provided By Academy:

  1. Optimized for WooCommerce: This theme is optimized for WooCommerce so you can sell different products to your users other than your online course.
  2. Mobile Responsive: This theme is totally optimized for mobile devices and your users will have a smooth experience while using your website.
  3. Header: You can customize the header at the top of your website as per your choice and there are a ton of other options for customizing the header. 


Offering a smooth and nice experience to your users is the ultimate goal of your website, so you can choose any of these 10 Best Learndash Themes to make your own online course website.

Out of these 10 themes, I personally liked University, eLumine, & BuddyBoss because they are the most popular ones. They also provide a ton of features that will come in very handy once you start attracting a lot of customers and users.

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