10 Best Learnworlds Alternatives & Competitors 2022

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Online learning has become an essential part of modern education. Today, creating and selling online courses has become a hassle-free process.

Thanks to platforms like Learnworlds for making things possible for non-techies.

Since you’re looking for Learnworlds alternatives, you’ve landed here.

Finding a robust alternative like Learnworlds might be challenging as there are so many dazzling stones.

The good news is, we have done the heavy lifting for you.

Many other course platforms exist where you can create and sell online courses. In this post, I will discuss some of the similar platforms like Learnworlds you can use.

We will go deep and also cover their key features and pricing.

So let’s get started.

Star icon Learnworlds Alternative Our Top 3 LearnWorlds Alternatives
Our Top Pick

Want a platform that lets you sell digital products all in one place? Selling courses, digital downloads, memberships, and more is easy with Podia!


Need a single place to create, market, and sell your courses? Let Thinkific handle it for you & monetize your audience.


Interested in creating and hosting your course on a powerful yet easy-to-use platform? Teachable can help you scale your coaching and course business.

List of Best Learnworlds Alternatives & Competitors

Here is a recommended list of the best online course platforms for creating and marketing interactive courses.

1. Podia

Podia website: Best Learnworlds alternative

Podia is the best Learnworlds alternative that allows you to create and sell online products. Using this all-in-one platform, you can create online courses, digital downloads, webinars, consulting, membership, and much more.

Podia makes everyone an educator with its easy-to-use online course builder.

Create professional-looking courses in under 10 minutes. You can add any kind of file including text, image, video, MP3, PDF, etc. Combine similar courses and offer them as a package.

Customize the course player interface and add branding elements like logo, and color to suit your brand. Your courses will look amazing no matter which device students are using.

No need to pay for the video hosting to third-party services as Podia offers unlimited space and bandwidth.

This platform allows you to sell eBooks, and downloadable content and earn money.

Podia let you host webinars, consulting, podcasts, and all kinds of live products. Create and manage your affiliate army which will sell products for you.

A full-scale email marketing platform is equipped inside Podia as well.

Podia Key Features

  • One of the most popular all-in-one online product creation and selling platforms
  • Drag and drop video course creator
  • Upload any type of file including audio, video, PDF, PSD, etc.
  • Free hosting with unlimited upload and bandwidth
  • Start selling digital products like eBooks, templates, media files, worksheets, etc.
  • Host webinars, online classes, consulting sessions, and any type of live event
  • Affiliate management feature to create your affiliate army
  • Built-in email marketing feature
  • Easy integration with your favorite tools
  • Advanced analytics feature to see all the important stats

Podia Pricing

Podia has straight forward pricing structure. You can choose from 4 plans.

Podia pricing
  • Free – The Free plan costs nothing and takes an 8% fee on each transaction.
  • Mover – The Mover plan costs $39 per month.
  • Shaker – The Shaker plan costs $89 per month.
  • Earthquaker – The Earthquaker plan costs $199 per month.

2. Thinkific

Thinkific website

Thinkific is another widely used software for creating and selling online courses with ease. No need to have the technical experience to get started with this platform. This cloud-based software is helping over 70K content creators.

Create attention-grabbing courses with a drag-and-drop course builder. You can use some professionally designed templates to faster the course creation process. Offer live sessions or recorded videos based on the course.

Thinkific supports a lot of different file formats to improve the learning experience.

Thinkific allows you to create visually appealing websites without coding. Just choose a customizable template and add multiple pages to your website. You can use the branded domain and make your business available in front of potential buyers.

Integrate payment getaway and collect course fees, subscriptions, etc.

Build an online learning community to prove a collaborative space. Students can discuss various topics, comment on posts, and join live seminars.

Thinkific app store offers 80+ apps to provide an enhanced learning experience.

Thinkific Key Features

  • One of the widely used online course platforms has 70K+ creators
  • Drag and drop course builder with pre-designed templates
  • Add videos, quizzes, assignments, and exams in each course
  • Build an appealing website to market your course
  • Use pre-designed templates and add multiple pages
  • Host your website in the custom domain to create a brand
  • Integrate your payment getaway to collect one-time or subscription-based payment
  • Create an online learning community to create a collaborative space
  • Use 80+ apps from the Thinkific app store to enhance the learning experience
  • Get quick support through email and live chat

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific offers 4 plans to choose from.

Thinkific Pricing Learnworlds Alternative
  • Free – The Free plan allows you to host limited courses.
  • Basic – The Basic plan costs $39 per month.
  • Pro – The Pro plan is listed at $79 per month.
  • Premier – The Premier plan costs $399 per month.

3. Teachable

Teachable website

Teachable is one of the most popular all-in-one online course platforms for educators. The platform was created in 2014 and now helping more than 100K creators to monetize their skills.

It is packed with tons of features and any level of users can create appealing courses.

The easy-to-use course builder makes the course creation process hustle-free. Just drag and drop files to create an interactive course. You can add text, videos, documents, quizzes, and much more to keep your students engaged.

The bulk uploading feature is available to save a lot of time and effort. The note-taking feature let students write important points

Similar to course creation, overall management is also very simple in Teachable. On a centralized window, you can see all the students enrolled, course progress, assignment score, and much more.

Teachable let you keep various pricing structure like one-time purchase and subscriptions.

The video analytics feature let you see the number of video views and watch duration. The built-in course certificate maker lets you design course completion certificates. Once a student completes the course, Teachable will automatically send an email with a download link.

Not only courses, but you can also sell digital products, membership, consulting services, and much more.

Teachable Key Features

  • One of the most used all-in-one platforms to sell your digital products
  • Well-designed user interface best suits beginners
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Bulk upload option to save a lot of time
  • Centralized dashboard to see student details
  • Drip content available
  • Support different pricing options like one-time, subscription, etc.
  • Add quizzes and surveys to increase the student engagements
  • Create and send course completion certificates
  • Video analytics feature to see watch duration, views, etc.
  • Instant customer support through email and live chat

Teachable Pricing

Teachable offers 4 plans to choose from.

Teachable Pricing Learnworlds Alternative
  • Free – The Free plan takes a transaction fee of $1 + 10% commission.
  • Basic – The Basic plan costs $39 per month and takes a 5% commission on each transaction.
  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $119 per month and takes 0% commission.
  • Business – The Business plan costs $299 per month and takes a 0% commission.

4. Kajabi

Kajabi website

Kajabi is also a robust all-in-one platform for building next-level courses. Over 100K creators have chosen to build their businesses. In addition to online courses, Kajabi also allows you to create podcasts, memberships, and communities.

This platform takes care of every aspect of your online course. The intuitive course builder helps you to create mini and full courses with ease. There are some ready-to-use templates for accelerating the course creation process. Kajabi mobile app helps customers to access courses on the go.

You can create an appealing website to list your courses. No coding skill is required and you can use templates. Running online coaching is also easier with Kajabi. Podcast listeners are growing and you can reach potential customers.

This software allows you to create and publish podcasts on different platforms like Apple, Google, and Spotify.

Create a membership website and build create a reoccurring revenue source. The membership website builder comes with easy-to-use templates. You can integrate payment getaways like Paypal, and Stripe so that members can make payments easily. Build a community around your courses and stay connected.

Kajabi Key Features

  • One of the most popular online course platforms with over 100K active users
  • Drag and drop course builder with customizable templates
  • Create an online coaching business and manage everything in one dashboard
  • Create engaging podcasts and publish them on popular platforms
  • Design a membership website through appealing templates
  • Community building and management features to stay connected with your customer
  • Integrate payment getaways to collect fees from students and members
  • Kajabi mobile app that provides easy access from anywhere
  • Instant customer support through live chat or email

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi offers 3 plans to choose from.

Kajabi Pricing Learnworlds Alternative
  • Basic – The Basic plan costs $149 per month.
  • Growth – The Growth plan is listed at $199 per month.
  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $399 per month.

If you want a custom plan, then contact the sales team.

5. LearnDash

LearnDash website

Create online courses with the advanced WordPress LMS named LearnDash. This tool lets you create professional-level courses using its drag-and-drop course builder. Thousands of educators and course creators are using this software to create and sell online courses.

Clutter-free course builder lets anyone create engaging courses. Just drag elements from the left-hand side section and drop them on the canvas. Add quizzes, assignments, and course completion certificates to increase student engagement. Set access to courses and add flexible prerequisites easily. It supports any media files like images, video, audio, SCORM, and more.

Trigger automated emails to students based on their course progress. You can add point systems as a reword to learners who have completed their lessons. When it comes to course pricing, you can keep the one-time or subscription-based payment.

Manage all your courses through the group management feature. LearnDash offers easy integrations with popular apps to enhance the capability. The detailed reporting feature provides important stats like enrolment, progress, and performance.

LearnDash Key Features

  • One of the most popular WordPress LMS plugin
  • This plugin works with any WordPress theme
  • Intuitive drag and drop course builder with pre-built templates
  • Add interactive elements like quizzes, assignments, etc.
  • It supports various media formats like image, video, audio, SWF, etc.
  • Send automated email notifications to learners
  • Award your student with a course completion certificate and points
  • Set one-time or subscription-based payments
  • Add membership feature to generate reoccurring income
  • Easy integration with the most popular services
  • Detailed analytics feature that shows the number of enrolled students, course progress, etc.

LearnDash Pricing

LearnDash offers two pricing options to choose from. You can either buy the WordPress plugin or create a course website hosted by LearnDash.

LearnDash WordPress plugin costs $199 for a single website.

LearnDash WordPress plugin price Learnworlds Alternative

The fully hosted course website costs $29 per month.

LearnDash Cloud Price Learnworlds Alternative

You would get a 15-day money-back guarantee with each plan.

6. CourseMaker

CourseMaker website

CourseMaker is a simple learning management platform that helps you to create interactive online courses. This software is beneficial for coding and science courses. You can start creating courses without having prior experience.

The easy-to-use course builder is packed with tons of features. You can use pre-designed course templates to make the course creation process hustle-free.

The free migration feature let you transfer courses from other platforms. Upload videos, and files and make sections in your course.

The interactive code writer allows you to demonstrate coding lectures. Type mathematical equations properly using the power of KaTex.

In addition to course selling, you can add a membership feature. There is no limitation on the video storage or the number of enrolled students in any plan.

There is an option to add a custom domain for self-branding. Courses will be displayed properly on any device. Stay away from the tax chaos as CourseMaker has an auto tax remittance feature. You can integrate this tool with your favorite services to expand the functionalities.

CourseMaker Key Features

  • Create interactive online courses in topics like coding and science
  • Initiative course builder with drag and drop functionalities
  • Code syntax writer that supports various programming languages
  • Write math properly using KaTex
  • Custom domain support with free SSL
  • Tax auto-remittance to have peace of mind
  • SEO features to rank your courses
  • Unlimited video upload to an unlimited number of students
  • Perfectly adjusted in any device
  • Advanced tracking feature
  • Live chat and email support

CourseMaker Pricing

CourseMaker comes with straightforward pricing. You have to choose between 3 plans.

CourseMaker Pricing Learnworlds Alternative
  • Starter – The Starter plan costs $14 per month.
  • Standard – The Standard plan costs $29 per month.
  • Maker – The Maker plan costs $$65 per month.

7. Brightspace

Brightspace website

Brightspace is another Learnworlds alternative to creating online courses. This learning management system contains robust features for building an engaging learning experience. Thousands of educators have chosen this platform for launching their courses.

Create high-quality courses using drag and drop course builder. Save time by using pre-designed course templates and you can customize every aspect. The centralized dashboard allows you to keep track of all the students.

Educators and mentors will get powerful tools to conduct live classes. Offer a more interactive and dynamic online class experience and let students ask their doubts. When you upload videos, Brighspace automatically generates closed captions.

You can add quizzes, assignments, and grades to your courses to increase engagement. The built-in analytics feature let you track each important metric. This platform lets you build an online library for sharing learning resources. You can add any content format like audio, video, etc.

Brightspace Key Features

  • One of the advanced learning management systems to create online courses
  • Intuitive course builder to create engaging courses
  • Student management feature to keep track of their progress
  • Host one-to-one or mass live classes
  • Create a discussion forum to let students ask questions
  • Educators will get powerful tools to manage students during the live class
  • Automatically generate a closed caption for videos
  • Advanced analytics feature that shows important metrics

Brightspace Pricing

The Brightspace pricing is based on your requirement. You need to contact the Brightspace team for the pricing.

8. Graphy

Graphy website

Graphy is a course creation platform owned by Unacademy. Online education is skyrocketing and this is the right time to launch your course. This platform has helped more than 40K creators to create and launch their first course. 

You would get a robust course builder to create attention-grabbing courses. The drag-and-drop interface lets you add videos, quizzes, assignments, PDFs, and much more. Secure your content from screen capture by adding a watermark. You can host live classes through this platform as well.

Graphy also allows you to create a visually appealing course website and mobile app. Fully customizable templates make the website/app creation process faster. Unlock unlimited growth potential and see your revenue going up. The in-built payment gateway integration allows you to collect from local and foreign students.

You can launch an affiliate program for your course and skyrocket the sales. Start to Refer and Earn program to encourage referrals by offering impressive cashback. Create a loyal community of students and engage them with each other. Create a membership website and generate reoccurring revenue. Graphy especially focuses on content encryption and digital rights management.

Graphy Key Features

  • An all-in-one course creation platform with over 40K creators
  • Drag and drop course builder to create interactive online courses
  • Add videos, audio, quiz, assignments, PDFs, and much more
  • Dynamic watermarking to protect your content
  • Create an appealing course website and mobile app
  • Integrate payment gateway to collect one-time/reoccurring payments
  • Capture more leads by adding opt-in forms
  • Launch your affiliate program
  • Encourage referrals through Refer and Earn program
  • Build a loyal community of students
  • Create a membership website and generate reoccurring revenue
  • Easy integration with popular services
  • Instant support through live chat and email

Graphy Pricing

Graphy offers a simple pricing option. You have to pay a 10% fee for every sale and a fixed $999 onboarding charge.

9. TalentLMS

TalentLMS website

TalentLMS is another fantastic platform for building online courses. If you are searching for a better Learnworlds alternative then you can consider this platform. Over 70K businesses are using this learning management system to create and sell high-quality e-learning content.

Start your course creation journey with a drag-and-drop course builder. You can start budding from scratch or use professionally designed templates. Upload any type of file formats like video, PDF, or SCORM, to create more interactive classes. You can host live sessions and invite students to join them.

Sort users into small groups according to the course they enrolled in. Through the centralized dashboard, you can track students’ activities and course progress. Gamify the learning process by adding badges, points, leaderboards, rewards, etc.

Stay on top of localization as TalentLMS supports over 30 languages. Learners can access the courses through any device. Automate various tasks like email reminders, course sequencing, deleting inactive users, and more. The in-depth analytics feature shows real-time stats in a visually rich format.

TalentLMS Key Features

  • One of the popular learning management systems with over 70K creators
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Add any type of file, quiz, assignment, certificate, etc.
  • Customize the whole interface and give your branded touch
  • Can host live online classes
  • Divide learners into small groups to effectively manage them
  • Gamify the learning experience by adding a badge, point, reword, leaderboard, etc.
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • In-depth analytics dashboard that shows real-time reports

TalentLMS Pricing

TalentLMS divided its plans into 2 categories. Standard plans and Active plans. Here is the pricing of each plan.

Standard Plans

Talent LMS Pricing Learnworlds Alternative
  • Free – Allows you to create 10 courses.
  • Starter – $69 per month.
  • Basic – $ $149 per month.
  • Plus – $279 per month.
  • Premium – $459 per month.

Active Plans

Talent LMS Active Plan Pricing Learnworlds Alternative
  • Starter Active – $149 per month.
  • Basic Active – $269 per month.
  • Plus Active – $389 per month.
  • Premium Active – $519 per month.

10. Mykademy

Mykademy website

Mykademy is another cloud-based learning management system to create courses and corporate training. It is the perfect software for creators who wants to share their knowledge. Mykademy is serving more than 20K customers worldwide.

This platform will help you to launch your first online course. Create engaging courses using an easy-to-use course builder. You can upload any type of file like videos, audio, PDF, and much more to add to the course. Set restrictions on the courses using the drip content feature. Add mock tests, and assignments, to test your learners knowledge.

Mykademy allows you to create a course website and mobile app. You can use a pre-designed template and build stunning websites without technical knowledge. The platform will host all your course content and you can keep a custom domain name.

Serve videos in an encrypted format so that no one can download them through third-party tools. Send push notifications and emails to market your online courses. You can integrate third-party marketing tools to promote online courses. View all the crucial stats in a detailed analytics dashboard.

Mykademy Key Features

  • A widely used learning management system with 20K+ customers
  • Drag and drop course builder to create your first course
  • Upload various file types including video, audio, text, etc.
  • Host live classes
  • Add mock tests, quizzes, assignments, and question polls to know student knowledge
  • Award personalized course certificate after course completion
  • Serve encrypted video content so that it can’t be downloaded
  • Create a course website or mobile app through the pre-designed template
  • Send push notifications, and emails to market your courses
  • Advanced analytics tracks all the important metrics

Mykademy Pricing

You have to contact the Mykademy sales team to know the pricing.

End Thoughts On LearnWorlds Alternatives

So these are some of the best Learnworlds alternatives to create your online classes. As you know, the online education business is exploding and breaking all boundaries.

So I recommend you to use Podia for its all-around features and best-in-class service. I found this tool is superior to others on this list.

However, you might try them too based on your use cases. These tools will take your business to the next level and helps you to generate more sales.

Bibhu Prasad Bal is a content writer at Blogging Genie and a tech-savvy guy. In his spare time, you will find him watching Ancient Aliens and exploring the web. Contact: bibhu@bloggingforge.com

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