10 Best Podcast Editing Softwares 2022 [Free & Paid]

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The demand for a digital form of content is skyrocketing. Nowadays people are consuming hours of videos on YouTube and other platforms. But the audio form of content (podcast )is grabbing the listener’s attention too.

One of the best things about the podcast is anyone can start recording right away. You can pick up your smartphone and tap on the record button to get started.

Making a podcast doesn’t seem to be complicated. But it might be very time-consuming and editing podcast recording is often the most tedious part.

But podcast listeners always want to hear high-quality audio without any background noise. For this, you would be needed podcast editing software.

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If you are a Podcaster and looking for some of the best podcast editing software then you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss some of the awesome tools.

So let’s get started.

List of Best Podcast Editing Software

There are many podcast editing tools out there and one can easily get confused. Almost all the tool allows you to record and edit a podcast. But feature-wise they may be different.

Some of the tools are cheaper whereas others are expensive. So considering all these things let’s see some of the best tools.

Podcast Editing Software

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1. Audacity Software

2. Avid Pro Tools

3. Alitu

4. Adobe Audition

5. Auphonic

6. GarageBand

7. TwistedWave

8. CleanFeed

9. Reaper

10. Hindenburg Journalist

1. Audacity

Audacity Best Podcast Editing Software

Audacity is one of the most popular audio recording and editing software available on the market. It is used for voice recording for podcasts, Song Makers, Vlogging, and beyond.

There are a few recording applications that are completely free and you can count them on your fingers. Audacity is one of them and the go-to place for those users who are curious or inexperienced users who want to try it out.

There are also sliders and knobs that allow you to set your recording and playback volumes. You would also get level meters to monitor your signals.

It won’t win any beauty award, but that doesn’t matter since it’s completely free. The software interface is clean and well-organized.

Audacity supports 192kHz and can record at 24-bit depth whether you’re taking audio input from mics or another source. This software is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

2. Avid Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools Best Podcast Editing Software

Pro Tools by Avid is a popular tool used by Hollywood sound editors and used in many biggest films. It also feels like home for many musicians, recording engineers, and producers.

Pro Tools is now available in three main flavors Pro Tools First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools Ultimate. If you are just getting started with podcasting and searching for free podcast editing software then you can use the Pro Tools First version.

Its superfast 64-bit recording and mixing engine allows you to edit podcasts easily. You can switch to paid plans anytime and enjoy more advanced features.

3. Alitu: The Podcast Maker

Alitu Podcast Software 1 Best Podcast Editing Software

Alitu is another easy-to-use podcast editing software that helps you to automate the technical side of audio editing so you can focus on content. This is web-based software that doesn’t require any installation & setup.

You would get all the necessary features to record, edit, and publish directly to your podcast host. Alitu’s clean and organized workspace makes the audio-editing process hustle-free.

Alitu is a powerful tool for those who don’t want to dive in-depth and take care of the small details in editing. So one can directly focus more on content. You can log in to your Alitu account and start editing using any device.

4. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Software Best Podcast Editing Software

Adobe has a basket full of software ranges in various categories. Adobe Audition is one of those programs that is dedicated to audio editing.

You can record multiple tracks using separate input devices like microphones which give you much flexibility and control. The noise reduction feature allows you to remove unwanted background noise.

Adobe Audition is subscription-based software and you have to pay a monthly or annual ongoing fee to keep using it. The monthly renewal cost of Adobe Audition CC is $29.99. If you buy the Annual Plan then the price will drop to $19.99.

Adobe also comes with an ‘All Apps’ package that gives you access to over 20 apps including Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. The monthly price of Adobe’s All Apps package is $74.99. You can buy this software from Adobe’s official website.

5. Auphonic

Auphonic software Best Podcast Editing Software

Auphonic is an AI-based audio editing tool that can be used for podcast editing. It helps you to create an automatic post-production platform for various use. Just upload your recorded audio file and Auphonic will do the rest of the work.

It is a web-based tool so you don’t have to install high-end software. Auphonic is capable of processing different audio and video files in different file formats.

The advanced algorithm can clean up the background noise and you would get crystal clear audio. Most of the process is automatic and you don’t have to know the editing skill.

Auphonic comes with a free plan that allows you to process 2 hours of audio. If you want more then upgrade to a paid plan that allows you more editing hours as per your requirement.

6. GarageBand Software

GarageBand Software Best Podcast Editing Software

GarageBand is a powerful digital music workstation and multitrack recording software for iOS devices. Now, you can get the built-in software that comes with each Apple computer and laptop. If you can’t find this software on your MacBook or iMac, then you can download it for free from the App Store.

Using the user-friendly interface you can record, edit, mix, and export various podcast episodes with the best quality. You can record at 24 bits with the built-in mic or a USB-powered one which you can plug into the computer. You can record and shuffle up to 255 tracks, and you have limits on how many you can record simultaneously.

You would have the ability to export edited files to MP3, SoundCloud, and iTunes for future uses. There are many online sharing options for social networks and you can share to get more audiences to the podcast.

7. TwistedWave

Twistedwave Software Best Podcast Editing Software

TwistedWave is another free podcast editing software for beginners. The interface of this software is very simple and clean appearance. When starting this makes it very straightforward, because you need to access the most basic functions.

All the editing options are placed in the transport bar with playback controls, record buttons, zoom controls, loop switch, undo and redo, and a lot more. On the right side of the interface, you’ll find the volume control option, time display, and an info button.

TwistedWave has a browser-based audio editor. You can just drag and drop a file to start editing. With a free account, you can edit mono files up to 5 minutes in length. Instead of that, you can download the app for iPhone/iPad or a desktop-based application for Mac.

8. Cleanfeed

Cleanfeed Best Podcast Editing Software

Cleanfeed is an advanced tool to record and edit your podcasts. The minimum requirement is a browser and a microphone (built-in or external) to get started.

You can invite one or multiple co-hosts and interviews and they would be needed the only browser. All the recordings can be done live from any corner of the world. After creating a free account you can notice a clean user interface.

This software allows high-quality audio recording one of the most necessary features every podcaster needs. Cleanfeed is free to get started and you can use it for commercial purposes. You can upgrade to Cleanfeed Pro anytime which costs $34 per month.

9. Reaper

Reaper.fm Podcast editing software Best Podcast Editing Software

Reaper is a digital audio workstation (DAW) software built for high-end audio production. After opening the software for the first time you would see a blank interface that seems like a black slate.

All the editing features and options are shorted in the top navigation bar. You can plug in an external microphone for better audio input and quality audio production.

Reaper software is available for all the leading operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. All the respective download links are available on the official website. There is a 60-day unlimited free trial version to test the software.

10. Hindenburg Journalist

HindenBurg Software Best Podcast Editing Software

Hindenburg Journalist is another popular software used for podcast editing. The software is very user-friendly and counted as a pro-level digital audio workstation (DAW).

You can record, edit, and organize your podcast episodes in one place. The noise reduction feature comes in handy to get rid of unwanted background noise during audio recording.

It is a cross-platform software available for Windows, & Mac OS. So you can use it on your existing PC or a Mac OS. After recording and editing, you can export your project. It is recommended that you should export in WAV file for the best quality audio. 


Podcasts are one of the recommended ways to tell stories, take interviews, talk about current events, make a discussion on a topic, and share your thoughts on a topic.

So these are some of the best podcast editing softwares you can use right away. Start using one of the above software and get high-quality audio for your podcast. 

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