10 Best WordPress Order Form Plugins 2022 (Drag & Drop)

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The world is running towards a digital lifestyle and you can feel the rush everywhere. Customer behavior has also shifted from traditional shopping methods to online shopping. Even small and medium businesses are selling their products through eCommerce stores and taking advantage of being online.

WordPress has made life easier by providing a code-free platform to build a website. Various aspects of eCommerce stores can be obtained using plugins. One of the important things is the order form. You need to provide order information to the customer with payment details.

Luckily, there are some WordPress order form plugins to generate an order form without coding. You can integrate it into your website and can create a one-page form or multipage order form.

So let’s get started.

What Is Order Form?

The order form demands some information that buyers need to submit to sellers when buying products or services. You must have ordered some items online and noticed that some information is required to complete the order. The order form is also known as a purchase order.

Order form is one of the most important parts of conversion optimization but is often neglected. You have done the hard work to drive visitors to your store and now he/she is ready to buy something. Your order from’s simplicity will decide whether you will get a sale or not.

Several vital parts can be included in order form fields. It depends from the seller to seller or product/service you are buying. Some of the common information includes:

  • Buyers’ Names,
  • Email
  • Phone Numbers
  • Shipping details etc.

Order From Vs Invoice

People are often confused between order form and invoice. Please note that order forms are not invoices.

One of the major differences between purchase orders and invoices is the purpose of each document. Order form is used to track the order inside the company and better regulate their inventory. Based on that the company releases the desired item and ships it.

The invoice can be treated as the receipt you receive after making a payment or to make payment based on that. The invoice should always be mentioned in your accounting software or ledger. Because it always indicates a financial transaction.

On the other hand, the order form is filled by the customer before making the payment. But the invoice is generated after completing the transaction. According to the seller’s terms, you can pay upfront or after the order delivery.

Best Order Form Plugins For WordPress

You have started an online store and are ready to start selling? But searching for an order form plugin to take inputs from customers and collect payment? Then we have done a lot of research for you and come with a crafted list of plugins.

Most of them come with a drag and drop interface and no prior coding knowledge is required. These order forms plugins make it much easier to maintain and organize orders.

1. WPForms

best wordpress order form plugin

WPForms is the most famous WordPress form builder plugin. You would be surprised to know that, this plugin is used on over 5 million websites worldwide.

You don’t need to hire a WordPress developer or edit a single line of code to create an order form. In a matter of minutes, you can create any kind of form with a drag and drop visual form builder. You can rearrange the form fields and add more in a single click.

You can start creating forms from scratch or choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates. All the templates come with a complete customization option and you can craft them according to your need.

Use the surveys or polls addon to quickly conduct a survey on your WordPress website.

Do you want to accept online payment from customers or donations for your nonprofits? Then you can integrate payment getaways and accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, or Authorize.net. Display the product image on the order form along with the total payable amount to provide a complete overview.

If you don’t want to invest in a WordPress order form plugin upfront, then use the WPForms free version. The premium version costs $79 per website with unlimited form creation.

2. Forminator

Forminator WordPress Order Form Plugin

Forminator is another feature-rich WordPress form builder plugin for WordPress. This plugin is developed by the popular developers of WPMU DEV.

You would get an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder to design any kind of form. All the modifications would be reflected in a live visual preview. You can choose from some pre-designed templates or create from scratch. There is a long list of form fields to add to your form.

After completing the form creation you can add it to any page with a shortcode. Order forms demand complex logic forms and Forminator can easily do it.

Create a simple one-page form or multi-step form according to your need. You can add advanced features specially designed for eCommerce sites like eSignature, automatic calculations, conditional logic, dynamic pre-felling, etc.

No need to worry about the payment getaway integrations as Forminator comes with Stripe and PayPal integration. The Forminator Pro version supports over 2K software/service integration including Email marketing, CRM, project management, etc.

Forminator is available but the feature equipped inside really gives the feeling like a premium plugin. However, there is a Pro version available. The plan starts from $5 per month for 1 website.

3. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms WordPress Order Form Plugin

Ninja Forms is another very popular and beginner-friendly WordPress Order Form Plugin. Currently, this plugin has over 1 million downloads in the official WordPress repository. This plugin is built and managed by WP Ninjas.

The initial setup takes a few minutes and then you can start creating forms. No coding skill is required for this as Ninja Forms comes with a visual form builder. A simple and foolproof interface helps you to create any type of form. Choose from fields you want to add in your purchase form and then drag it into the position.

Use complex logic and build conditional forms in multi-page forms. You can visit the form template library and choose an appropriate one. All the templates can be personalized according to your brand look.

Want to collect payment from users or arrange donations for your charity? Then Ninja Forms supports popular payment methods including PayPal and credit cards. If you want country-specific payment processors, then head to the add-on section and choose accordingly.

Ninja Forms is available for free in the WordPress repository. However, you can either choose from premium membership or buy some add-ons based on your needs. The premium version of Ninja Forms costs $99 per month with 1 year of update and dedicated support.

4. Formidable Form Builder

Formidable Forms WordPress Order Form Plugin

Formidable Form Builder is another user-friendly plugin to create any type of form. This plugin is developed by Strategy11 and now has over 300K downloads in the WordPress Plugin repository.

You can create a different variety of WordPress forms using the drag and drop interface. Some of the common types of forms include a contact form, customer feedback form, WooCommerce order forms, job application form, user registration form, and more. Choose from an extensive collection of form templates and start customization.

All the forms created using the visual form builder of Formidable if mobile friendly and adapt the screen size of visitors’ devices. You can add a GDPR check box below the form and visitors have to mark it before submitting the form.

Formidable also provides you the power to collect donations and payments with your WordPress forms. Start accepting one-time/reoccurring payments from buyers. It provides easy integration with Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net for payment processing.

You can add an email marketing service to send order confirmation and invoices.

Formidable is available in both free and paid versions. Apart from additional features, you would get access to add-ons that are available only for Pro users. There are 4 paid plans and start from $79 per month.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms WordPress Order Form Plugin

Gravity Forms is a feature-rich WordPress order form plugin. This plugin is used by thousands of users for creating almost any type of form. Building conversion-focused forms are much easier than ever with Gravity Forms.

Quickly create any type of WordPress form using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder tools. You can choose from 30+ form fields and control how users can interact with your forms. If you know HTML and CSS then tweak the existing code and create custom forms.

Create a one-page form or break a long form into multiple pages. Using conditional logic, you can enable or disable form fields based on the values entered in previous fields.

Gravity Forms has special eCommerce features including discount code placement field, digital signatures, payment processor integration, etc.

You can export all the data entered by visitors for future use. The Gravity Forms add-ons include integrations with third-party services, including Dropbox, Mailchimp, PayPal, Slack, Hubspot, and many more.

There is no free version of Gravity Forms and only available in the premium version. Pricing starts from $59 per year for a single site license and you can create unlimited forms.

6. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms WordPress Order Form Plugin

Fluent Forms is another multipurpose WordPress form plugin. It is one of the most beginner-friendly plugins for creating any type of form. It was launched recently and now crossed the 100K download milestone.  

You can create your form from scratch or use professionally designed form templates. Choose from 70+ form templates made for a different purpose.

There are almost all form fields available that you ever needed. Simply drag and drop form fields to create an awesome form. Break long-form into pages and give users a hustle-free way to fill it.

Forms created by the drag and drop builder of Fluent Forms are responsive. You don’t have to worry about the size as it is adjusted according to the device. Use complex conditional logic and protect your form against spam. You can also select a single or multi-column layout.

Collect payments and donations using the built-in payment services. Make the plugin more powerful using the 30+ integrations. You can send instant email or SMS notifications when someone purchases an item. You don’t have to pay for these add-ons separately with the premium plan.

Fluent Forms is available in both free and paid versions. All the paid plans come with the same features and the difference is the number of websites you can use. Single website license costs $59 per month with a 1-year update and priority support.

7. Everest Forms

Everest Form WordPress Order Form Plugin

Everest Forms is one of the best drag and drop WordPress form plugin. This plugin is equipped with amazing features that help website creators to build any type of form. Currently, this plugin has over 100K active users.

Zero coding skills and prior experience are required to get started with this plugin. Just use the visual form builder and start creating any type of form. There are many pre-designed templates to instantly create a form. Every option is clearly visible and pretty straightforward to use.

There is no restriction on the number of form fields you can use in a form. Choose from the long list of form fields and complete the form. Everest Forms allows you to check all your forms entries right from your WordPress dashboard. Based on that you can further process the order and deliver it to the customer.

With payment integration, a business can collect payments from customers effortlessly. In addition to that, you would get access to a bunch of other integrations. Send unlimited instant email notifications and action-based autoresponders for the orders.

Everest Forms is available in a free version with limited features. You can switch to the premium version for additional features and integrations. Plan start from $49 per month for one website. It also includes 1-year support and update.

8. weForms

weForms WordPress Order Form Plugin

weForms is a beginner-friendly plugin for creating stunning forms. It is one of the newest plugins in this segment but attracted thousands of users. More than 30K websites are using weForms for creating awesome forms.

This will provide you with a very simple user interface to start building your form. Create any type of form using the intuitive plugin and its impressive features list. You would get a live preview of every modification and see how it looks on different devices. All the forms are mobile responsive and you don’t have to worry about the size.

If you don’t want to build a form from scratch, then use professionally designed templates. There are over 30 pre-built templates to save your valuable time. Use over 32 custom form fields and complete customization options. You can easily create an order form using the above features.

Take payments from users directly using Stripe or PayPal. You don’t have to install another bulky plugin for just payment processing as weForms have the capability. All the transactions can be tracked in real-time in your dashboard.

weForms is available in both free and premium versions. There are 4 paid plans. The only difference between them is the number of sites you can use and some additional features. For a single website, you have to pay $49 as a one-time fee. Paid plans come with priority support and updates.

9. Calculated Field Forms

Calculated Field Forms WordPress Order Form Plugin

Calculated Field Forms is another important form builder for WordPress. Currently, this plugin has over 60K downloads in the WordPress repository. Using this plugin, you can create advanced forms with automatically calculated fields.

Your form-building experience will reach the next level after using Calculated Field Forms. No need to write a single line of code as the whole interface is drag and drop. There are many pre-designed templates to get started. Add unlimited calculated fields and conditional logic to create multi-page forms.

This plugin can be extremely helpful for eCommerce sites. You can upsell products or suggest some more services at the time of checkout. The forms created through this WordPress form plugin can be added to the website with the help of shortcodes. Just copy the form shortcode and paste it on the webpage you want to display it.

Use the input validation feature to ensure correct data. Choose your desired form fields and start creating any type of form. All the forms can be managed from the WordPress dashboard.

Calculated Fields Forms plugin comes with a free version as well as a paid one. If you want to use more robust features, then the plan starts from EUR 49.99 per website.

10. Form Maker By 10web

Form Maker WordPress Order Form Plugin

Form Maker by 10web is a widely used WordPress order form plugin. Currently, more than 90K websites are enjoying the long list of features of this plugin. If you are wondering how to create a form without coding then this plugin will help you.

Most people use this plugin because of its user-friendliness variety of useful features. The initiative drag and drop interface allows beginners to create any type of form. All the design changes would be reflected live and you can actually see it happening.

Choose from over 43 different form field types available inside this plugin to create just any type of form you have in mind. There are also some pre-designed templates to kick start your form creation. Build a single-page form or split a long order form for a better user experience.

Some eCommerce-specific features include automatically calculated fields, email notifications, PDF creation, etc. Give your buyers a hustle-free way to pay using Stripe integration. Embed forms on any page using shortcodes. 

You can start using Form Maker by 10web for free. However, there are also premium plans available with enhanced features and quick support. Paid plan starts from $30 per website.


So these are some of the best WordPress order form plugins you can use. Online businesses require forms for various purposes. Whether you want to collect data from potential customers or to prepare an order form for their products or services, you need a plugin.

Create stunning order forms by installing one of the above plugins & don’t forget to share your favorite form builder plugin.

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