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Cloudways is one of the best & most popular Managed Cloud hosting providers. Cloudways allows your deploy your servers on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode.

Their own designed control panel made it easy to manage your site without touching a single line of code.

So, it is recommended not to miss this golden opportunity of Cloudways Black Friday Sale to save more money.

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Cloudways Black Friday Sale 2021 Details

Cloudways Black Friday sale starts from 19th November and ends on 4th December. And during this time, you can surely get a 40% discount on Cloudways with a specific coupon code.

Get flat 40% discount on Cloudways hosting plan for 4 months. This offer is available on all hosting plans.



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Steps To Claim Cloudways Black Friday Discount

Follow the below-provided instructions to avail the discount of Cloudways Black Friday 2021:

  1. Access the official website of Cloudways.
Cloudways black friday

2. Multiple available plans will be listed under the website.

Cloudways pricing

3. The most popular available plan is an internal storage of 80 GB and RAM capacity with 4 GB. However, the users can choose the hosting plan depending upon their requirements.

4. Choose their preferred hosting plan and input the mandatory details.

5. Under the Got Promo Code field, you can input the provided coupon code of Cloudways Black Friday Sale BFCM40 (In case, if you have not utilized or applied earlier).

cloudways coupon

6. Tap the next icon and review the product information under your order details and finish your purchase.

Once it is completed, the Cloudways Black Friday Offer is successfully availed.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways homepage

In case, you are looking for high performance & affordable price hosting providers for utilizing your WordPress website, Cloudways is the best option to go with.

Cloudways guarantees to offer fool-proof security and also their website’s maximum speed.

And the best part is:

Cloudways have their designated server instead utilize the pre-configured servers such as Kyup, Google Cloud Front, Amazon Web Service, Vultr, Digital Ocean, and Linode.

These companies are very popular and well recognized for their services. The users are allowed the choose their preferred and available Cloud service providers from the list along with their nearest data centers.

In case if you prefer to migrate your customized WordPress site. They got their in house migration plugin that can migrate your website with few clicks.

With the one-click feature, it allows the users to utilize the cloning servers. It also offers staging URLs to test any sort of application changes using the one-click option.

The users can install the major application such as WordPress with a one-click option similar to HostGator or BlueHost.

Why Go With Cloudways During This Black Friday Sale

Cloudways offer numerous features and some of the prominent ones are:

1. Free WordPress Migration:

They have a dedicated WordPress module that can assist the users to easily relocate their WordPress site into Cloudways. 

This helps the operators with the entire movement and will remain the web-based process during the process of relocation.

2. Top Notch Security:

Cloudways need to pay more attention in terms of Security. They perform consistently firmware & OS patches relocation to ensure that the site is not damaged.

It will immediately block the IP address that can affect your server’s performance.Users are also allowed to white name their IP addresses.

3. Continuous Monitoring:

Cloudways will execute the monitoring process progressively and the entire reports will be displayed on your Cloudways Control panel for your reference. The data incorporates Idle CPU and approaching traffic.

4. One-Click Scaling:

Make use of the one-click scaling feature to rapidly scale your dedicated servers in case if it is experiencing huge traffic. Without any break, it is properly managed.

5. One-Click Backup & Restore:

 Users can use the Cloudways one-click Backup feature to easily backup their site to an offsite area.

As simple as protection, it is better to reestablish the reinforcement. It is also much easier to restore the old version in case if anything goes wrong.

6. One-Click Cloning:

Without any much effort, enable the one-click cloning choice to clone your entire applications. This could be the best way to perform while repeating for the previously arranged dedicated server.

7. Free SSL Certificate:

One-click enable the feature, Cloudways will allow the users to introduce the best and free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

With effective, you can also introduce your customized SSL certificate in case if you do not prefer to use the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

8. Awesome Client Support:

Cloudways can offer the best and excellent client support for its users. They have remarkable reaction time and moreover every day & every minute visit support.

Their assistance will rapidly concern and educate for investigation. This is one of the main reasons why designers utilize and suggest utilizing Cloudways for various facilitating organizations.

9. Arranging Servers:

Arranging Servers is one of the best and most popular highlights of Cloudways. Before processing the live site, it is much easier to introduce the arranging server for testing your site.

10. One-Click App Installation:

Make use of the one-click feature to install the entire major application such as WordPress, etc. It also supports the Multisite of WordPress. You can incorporate different applications like Prestashop, Laravel, Woo Commerce, Drupal, Joomla, and many others.

11. Easy Access Control Panel:

Within Cloudways, you can easily utilize the available Control board. Within the solitary dashboard, you can introduce the entire major applications, map your provided space, or even send the servers.

11. Data Centers Selection:

We all know that Cloudways is already interconnected with numerous topmost facilitating organizations; it is much easier to identify a new server within your interested group. This process will allow your site to load quicker.

12. Completely Managed Cloud Servers:

Cloudways allows the users to access the cloud servers that are utilized from the topmost cloud facilitating suppliers. These servers will provide the best design and also execution to improve your site performance.

13. No Long-Term Commitments:

Within Cloudways, there is no long-term responsibility. On an hourly charge, the designers can make the perfect usage and customize their customer’s tasks effectively.

The post charging strategy is utilized by the Cloudways. The assets which you had used earlier month will be charged now.

14. Introduce Unlimited Websites:

Irrespective of WP Engine (WordPress Engine), Cloudways never restrict their users to limit the number of sites for utilization. Similar to applications, users can use numerous sites for their server assets.

15. Easy To Manage Project:

It allows the users to handle each team separately per account that is much easier to handle each project by different members. The team members can be added with great flexibility concerning their location & also allocate them with full or limited access.

Hosting Solutions Offered By Cloudways

Managed cloud hosting services by Cloudways have simplified the users experience up to a greater extent. Rather than looking forward to resolving the website related issues one can now easily focus on the growth of your business rapidly. Different managed cloud services provided by this web host are:

1. Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways makes it entirely easy for users to manage WordPress websites very conveniently. Security and speed are most admired here and helps uses in scaling up your business to a greater extent.

cloudways black friday sale

2. Cloudways Managed Magento Hosting

It is one of the fastest eCommerce hosting services that offer easy optimization with built-in caching technologies to Cloudways users.

3. Cloudways Managed Laravel Hosting

If you are willing to deploy and manage various applications, it is one of the best options to choose on. The platform simplifies the various processes for you so that users could enjoy seamless access.

4. Cloudways Managed PHP Hosting

This platform is basically designed to fulfil the various hosting requirements. It offers maximum flexibility, freedom, and convenience to the users and hence users to have hassle-free access and instant scalability.

Cloudways Plan & Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Cloudways is supposed to be one of the most affordable web hosting services in the market.

Users can easily have to give cloud hosting providers here and that are DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloudways pricing plans

Each of the web hosting providers offers different charges to pay on, so check your preferences and requirements first before opting for any of the services being mentioned above.

Cloudways Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation, setup, & integration
  • One-click backup and restore facilities
  • Fully Managed Cloud Web Hosting services
  • Two factors authorization
  • Easy SSL installation
  • Access to unlimited applications
  • Five Cloud providers
  • PHP supported apps
  • Updated Managed Security
  • Easy to Live in option
  • Dedicated environment to work on


  • Does not include domain name registration facility
  • Different cloud server consoles
  • Does not include cPanel
  • Does not include any Email Hosting services


Cloudways is now is serving as a leading hosting services provider especially for the business owners.

If you are willing to get hosting from Amazon web Services and Digital Ocean, Cloudways is surely a great deal to crack in.

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