Convesio Review 2022: Is It The Best WordPress Hosting?

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The growth of the digital lifestyle encourages businesses to make their presence online. You need to have a domain and hosting to get started on your online journey. WordPress has made life easier for non-programmers by providing a newbie-friendly platform.

But there is a garden of hosting service providers and one can easily get confused about which one should choose. This can all become quickly overwhelming as you proceed and very stressful.

Convesio is a robust hosting service that delivers its promises. In this Best WordPress Hosting Convesio review post, we are going to analyze the features and performance of this hosting.

So let’s get started.

About Convesio Review

Convesio Hosting Convesio Review

Convesio is a robust Managed WordPress hosting service provider that comes with a basket full of features. The company was founded in 2018 by 3 young talents Dyutiman Chakraborty, Elizabeth Bochner, and Thomas Fanelli. Now the company’s headquarter is located in San Francisco Bay Area.

This hosting service uses Docker containers to provide the best in a class software environment. This technology makes the platform lightweight and ensures lightning website loading speed. You would get top-notch security standards to protect your website from hackers.

Advanced server network and managed infrastructure provide maximum uptime and speed. You don’t have to put your feet in coding and make it dirty. An expert team of developers will help you to deploy your website in a few seconds.

You would get affordable hosting plans with awesome features. Convesio makes it easy to contact the customer support team. You can reach out to them through various mediums and ask for help.

Features of Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Let’s put some light on the leading features of Convesio.

1. Easy to Use

To be honest user-friendliness of service can make or break it. Convesio comes with a modern and easy-to-use interface for managing all your website aspects.

After purchasing a plan or signup for a free trial, you would get access to the Convesio dashboard. There is a top menu bar with limited options. On the main dashboard, you can see the deployed servers in a list view.

Convesio review

Click on manage to take deep dive into the website’s stats and technical things.

Convesio dashboard detailed Convesio Review

Clear navigations and large icons make it easy to find exactly what you need. If you are an absolute beginner and want to use Managed WordPress hosting, then you won’t face any difficulty. You just have to connect the domain with the hosting and the site would be live instantly.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Convesio is known for its advanced Managed WordPress hosting service. As you are here and reading the Convesio review, then I assume that you have a basic understanding of the such type of hosting.

Managing a WordPress website is actually a lot more complicated than you’d think. Small and mid-size business has limited resources to invest in website development and management. So Managed WordPress hosting can be the best option. Your host will manage the server for you. It saves both time and resources.

Convesio has optimized its system for running WordPress websites. If you compare Managed WordPress hosting with Shared hosting then the speed of managed environment will be way better. The server-level caching feature is much faster than any plugin.

All the technical aspects including security, server monitoring, WordPress updates, daily backups, and scalability will be managed by a team of experts. So you can focus on business development.

3. Fast Caching

In the SEO era, you have to make the website faster as possible. Google recommends that your webpage should load in less than 3 seconds. Many people take the help of WordPress caching plugins to improve their performance. But nothing can beat the server-level caching solution.

Convesio auto caching settings Convesio Review

Convesio comes with a fast caching system that stores a static version of your WordPress website. Whenever someone tries to access your website, the server sends a static copy of the website. So the website doesn’t require running heavy scripts each time.

When you make design changes or post updates, the latest version would be stored. You don’t have to delete the old version of the cache as the system automatically erases them. It offers better performance optimization and complete control over the caching plugin.

They have tailored all of their servers, command-line tools, operating systems, and file systems for optimal performance. There is also an efficient server-side caching solution that dramatically impacts your website speed. So you don’t have to run here and there to find the fastest caching plugin.

4. Fast Page Loading

People love to browse fast websites. In this fast-moving world, no one has enough time to wait until your website loads. In addition to that, Google has added the page loading speed to the ranking factors list.

The fastest caching, optimized servers, ensures maximum page loading speed. A well-optimized page can down your bounce rate, as fewer people will hit the back button. It also passes a good signal to Google if people spend more time on your site.

The biggest problem with a slow-loading website is that your visitors will often lose patience and leave. We have to admit that a WordPress website contains various elements like themes, and plugins and can impact the loading speed. There are many tools available for measuring the page loading time of a website. But we mostly rely on the PageSpeed Insights tool and some internal methods.

Convesio page loading time Convesio Review

For the best WordPress hosting Convesio review post, we have been monitoring the page loading speed. We have hosted a demo WordPress website for this purpose. During our test, the average page loading speed clocked at 482ms. It is really impressive for Managed WordPress hosting and website visitors can enjoy blazing-fast loading speed.

5. Strong Uptime

It is essential to make your business available online all the time. The server uptime ensures the website is live and running. One minute down can cost and you may lose some customers. It is also a strong signal toward website SEO.

Convesio comes with strong uptime because of the advanced server infrastructure. It is optimized for WordPress websites and uses intelligent caching with robust database solutions. In general, website owners want to have as close to 100% as possible. A 0.1% downtime means around 45 minutes of downtime per month which is huge.

We have been monitoring the server uptime for 6 months. The average uptime during the testing period reached 99.1%. This is very impressive and above industry standards.

6. Auto Scaling

Autoscaling is one of the impressive features that come with Convesio hosting. Every business wants to scale and jump to the next level. So your hosting service provider should be ready for that.

Convesio Auto Scalling Convesio Review

Each plan of shared hosting is allocated with a server having limited traffic handling capacity. But the managed WordPress hosting offered by Convesio has an auto-scaling feature.

Auto-scaling can dynamically increase and decrease the traffic handling capacity as required. You don’t have to buy higher plans in advance for the rush hours. The system resources would be allocated based on necessity.

Advanced Auto scalling Convesio Review

Many websites face outages due to sudden spikes in traffic. More traffic is beneficial for your business but your hosting is not supporting it. The auto-scaling feature continually monitors the server performance, traffic, and applications to make sure that the desired performance levels should be maintained.

7. Optimized For WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and powers more than 42% of websites on the internet. Convesio offers WordPress-optimized services including compatible server resources that meet the specialized technical requirements.

At the bare minimum level, a web hosting solution should offer WordPress-optimized services infrastructure means they support PHP and MySQL. But Convesio servers are equipped with advanced servers specially build for WordPress websites.

Managed WordPress hosting package comes with all the tasks involved with running your WordPress site. This includes WordPress installation, plugin updates, website backups, performance optimization, security, and more.

Don’t have to dive into the technical side to install WordPress. A One-click WordPress installer is there to make your website run. The combination of all the efforts boosts website performance and optimizes for speed. You would get many WooCommorce-specific features with this hosting.

8. A Complete Security Suite

Cyber attacks are growing rapidly and no one knows what’s next. Small and medium businesses mostly became victims of hacking attempts due to a lack of security measures. WordPress is a common target to hackers and you would be surprised to see the security stats.

Convesio comes with a complete security suite that creates a shield around your website. Each website hosted on this hosting service uses isolated Docker containers. They have installed many security apps including Patchman. As you know Patchman is a malware and vulnerability detection and fixing program.

Convesio Security settings Convesio Review

In addition to that, a team of cybersecurity experts works round the clock to prevent any kind of security hazard. In case your WordPress website is hacked then Convesio provides instant support and help to recover it.

The system automatically detects WordPress updates and instantly updates your website. Every website would be awarded a free SSL certificate. You can add the two-factor authentication for login to increase the security 10 times.

9. Free SSL Certificate

Convesio offers a free SSL certificate with each hosting plan. It would be automatically installed on your website after connecting the domain with hosting. Many companies charge additional fees for SSL certificates. But you would get it for free in any plan of Convesio.

Convesio Free SSL certificate Convesio Review

SSL certificates have become vital for every website. It migrates your website from HTTP to HTTPS which is more secure. The core function of an SSL certificate installed on a website is to protect server-client communication. In simple terms, it encrypts visitors’ sensitive data including IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

You must be using Google Chrome for accessing various websites. The latest version of Chrome prompts a warning if a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate. No one will want to stay on a website after seeing this type of warning.

You should also consider the website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) along with security. SSL is a factor that Google cares about and can lead to a higher search ranking. SSL certificate is also vital from a visitor’s trust point of view. Because they know that the personal data would be secured.

10. Automated Backup

Your website files are located in the remote server owned by a hosting company. The hosting servers can crash anytime and all your website data can be erased. In another case, the website can be hacked or crashed and this is very scary.

Website backups are very important for security and deserve special attention. It saves website data at regular intervals. If the worst happens you can easily restore it. Taking the backup using a plugin can be a better choice. But nothing is compared to the backup taken by hosting companies.

Convesio comes with an automatic backup feature. The system will do everything and you don’t have to touch a single line of code. You can set the duration of these backups and also select what gets backed up. It stores your backup data at a safe remote server and also encrypts it using 256-bit encryption.

Convesio Automated Backups Convesio Review

If you ever needed the backup to restore then the process would be hustle-free. The modern automated backup tool comes with once-click recovery functionality where the latest website backup can be restored instantly.

11. Free CloudFlare CDN

For this Convesio review, we have analyzed the hosting in detail. One of the unique features we find is the free Cloudflare CDN. As you know CDN is used for high availability and reliability. Your website content is saved on servers network located around the world. So it can deliver the required file from the nearest server.

The biggest advantage of a CDN is to improve the overall performance of a website. Search engines like Google assign your site a score based on the loading speed of the website. Cloudflare CDN comes with sophisticated servers and infrastructure. So your website visitors can experience lightning-fast website loading.

To accurately measure the website performance in Convesio, we create a demo WordPress site and install the default WordPress theme. After that, we add dummy content including images and media. We use independent third-party speed testing tools like Pingdom and some internal tools. The overall score is very impressive.

The Cloudflare integration is very easy and takes a few seconds to up and running. It also adds and security layer to your website.

12. Free Wesbite Migration

Have you hosted a website somewhere and want to migrate it? Then Convesio will help you with a free website migration service. If you are a beginner and want to migrate the website then a lot of things can go wrong. Website transfer comes with a lot of technical challenges and you might lose all your data.

You can request a site transfer from your account. Convesio has a team of experts who helps you to perform the migration process. They take full site backup first and then initiate the migration. All migrations take place in a secure environment without any downtime. Your visitors can’t notice the migration as there would be no change on the front-end side.

Most hosting services don’t offer a free migration service. It costs hundreds of dollars to transfer a website from an old host to a new host. After getting a request from a customer, a specialist will stay connected and complete the entire migration process. You can just sit back and relax while the process is in progress.

13. Fast Support

Convesio offers 24/7 customer support through various mediums. You can reach out to customer support via live chat, email, and phone. The company provides only WordPress hosting services. As a managed WordPress provider support team, they fully understand WordPress.

So they got expertise in this area as they use and resolve hundreds of WordPress issues daily. If you come with WordPress-related questions then they’ll have reputable recommendations.

We have tested their support and found it interesting. A support staff joins the live chat after a few seconds. I asked some common as well as complex questions. The support agent manages to give all the right answers. You would also get a knowledge base and step-by-step videos. Some higher plans include priority support.

WordPress Convesio Hosting Pricing

Convesio comes with 4 paid plans including a free trial. Managed WordPress hosting is significantly more costly than a traditional shared hosting alternative. We have to consider all the additional services you get with Convesio hosting.

Convesio Pricing Convesio Review

1. Foundation

With the Foundation plan, you can host 1 website in it and manage 10K visitors. In addition to that, you would get 5 GB storage, 512 MB RAM, 1 vCPU/single thread, 4 PHP workers, load-balanced, and more. This plan costs $50 per month.

2. Growth

With the Growth plan, you can host 1 website in it and manage 50K visitors. In addition to that, you would get 10 GB storage, 1 GB RAM, 2 vCPU/single thread, 8 PHP workers, load-balanced, and more. This plan costs $100 per month.

3. Performance

With the Performance plan, you can host 1 website in it and manage 150K visitors. In addition to that, you would get 10 GB storage, 2 GB RAM, 4 vCPU/single thread, 16 PHP workers, load-balanced, and more. This plan costs $150 per month.

4. Agency

With the Agency plan, you can host multiple websites in it and manage customizable traffic. In addition to that, you can define the server configuration according to your need. This plan costs $350 per month. You would have to contact the support team for the requirement allocations.

How To Activate Convesio 30 Days Free Trial?

Convesio provides 30 day free trial for new users. Before purchasing any plan, you can sign up for this and test the features. You might be wondering how to activate Convesio’s 30 days free trial.

Well, I will show you how to do this step by step.

Step 1. Click on our special link that will automatically activate the 30-day free trial for you. After clicking the above link you will be landed on the home page of the website. You don’t have to apply any coupon code as the free trial will be automatically available for you after clicking on the above link.

Step 2. You can see a Start Free Trial button. Just click on that to get started.

Convesio free trial Convesio Review

Step 3. Now you have to create a new account. Enter your name, email address, password, etc., and hit the Sign-Up button.

Step 4. You have to verify the email first. Check the email and complete the step. Then you would be landed on the dashboard.

Step 5. Convesio provides managed WordPress hosting. You can create your first website and start using all the features.


In this Convesio review post, we have analyzed the hosting service in detail. If you are searching for a Managed WordPress hosting service then Convesio is a good choice for you. Follow the above steps to activate the 30-day free trial and start using it.

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