Canva Coupon Codes 2022: 20% Off On All Plans

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We are moving towards a digital lifestyle at the speed of light. With the rise of digital mediums, the demand for graphics and other forms of images is skyrocketing. This is where Canva comes into play.

Long story short, Canva is an online graphic designing tool with a simple user interface. Many people termed it as the best online designing tool ever made.

If you are on the way to buy this tool, then never pay more. Because I am going to share the Canva coupon code and you will save a lot of money. It would be a step by step guide. So let’s get started.

Canva Coupon Codes 2022

Canva Coupon: Pro Plan Free For 30 Days
Canva Coupon: Pro Plan Free For 30 Days
On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
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    Canva Coupon Code: 20% Off On All Plans
    Canva Coupon Code: 20% Off On All Plans
    On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • Canva is providing an impressive 20% discount on the Canva Pro. If you want a simple and effective solution for your design work then you should go for the premium version.

    I will show you how to do activate the deal step by step. You just have to click on a special link and the discount will be applied automatically.

    Note: Please note that this offer is for a limited time and might not available when you check. This is an occasional offer and we don’t know when it would be restart.

    How To Activate Canva Coupon Codes?

    The process of activating the Canva promo code is very simple. Follow the below steps to get a flat 20% discount on Canva Pro plans.

    Step 1. Click on this special link and it will automatically activate the 20% discount for you. After clicking the above link you will be redirected to the deal page of Canva. No need for any Canva discount code, the 20% discount deal will be instantly applied if click on the above link.

    Step 2. You would be landed on a page where you have to choose the plan. Scroll down a bit and there would be two options. One is the Free version and another one is Pro.

    Step 3. Here Canva will ask you to choose the number of users. Currently, Canva is providing 4 users free in 1 user price. So click on the Try free for 30 days button to proceed.

    Step 4. On the next page, it will ask you to sign up. If you have already an account on Canva then log in. If not then create a fresh one. You can signup using Google or Facebook as well.

    Step 5. After a successful login, it would ask you to choose a payment cycle (monthly/yearly), payment method. Enter necessary details and click on the Claim My Free Trial button.

    Step 6. After a successful payment method, you will be redirected to the main dashboard. The amount will be deducted after 30 days of a free trial.

    You would receive an email containing your plan and billing information. Congratulations! You have successfully applied the Canva coupon code.

    Now you can enjoy the Canva Pro free trial without any hustle. Based on your designing requirement you can also access thousands of premium images and templates.

    This is the right time to grab the discount because it will long for a limited time. So follow the above steps and grab it before the offer ends. Otherwise, you have to pay more for the same plan.

    About Canva

    canva coupon

    Canva is a professional online graphic designing tool that lets you create images. This tool comes with and drag and drop interface with a clear website design.

    Canva comes with millions of stock photos and elements that will help to make any design outstanding. Everyone has not technical or design skills. So Canva is an awesome alternative to Photoshop.

    If you have been living in the digital marketing or graphic design space then you might already know what Canva is. Now the tool is enjoying more than 20 million users around the world.

    You can design thumbnails, infographics, flyers, magazines, certificates, invitation cards, and a lot more.

    The free version is more than enough to get started and doesn’t put a watermark on the output image. This service also comes with a premium version named Canva Pro.

    Canva Features

    • Drag & Drop Visual Editor
    • Layouts For Every Use
    • Stock Images & Illustrations
    • Social Media Graphics Design
    • Organize Images Into Folders
    • Upload your fonts
    • Cloud Storage Up To 100GB
    • Transparent Backgrounds
    • Search For Image, Layout, Text, Elements, etc.
    • Design Folders
    • Library of Fonts
    • Custom Templates
    • 420,000+ Free Templates With New Designs
    • Customizable Branding
    • Photo Filters
    • Presentations Templates
    • Web Wireframes
    • Inbuilt Photo Editing
    • Save a Design For Future Uses
    • Upload Your Own Images
    • Resize Designs
    • Share Photo Folders With Team
    • Design Together With Your Whole Team In One Place
    • Multiple Document Types Supported
    • Color Code Insert Option
    • Business Logos Making Features
    • Share Via Email, Text, Messaging Apps
    • Publish For Web & Print
    • Schedule Social Media Content To 7 Platforms
    • Free Plan Available

    Canva Pricing

    Mainly Canva comes with two plans. One is free and another one is Pro. They also have dedicated plans for Enterprise, Education, and Non-profit organization.

    canva pricing

    1. Free Plan:

    Canva is promised to provide the tool for free forever. It has been in this service for a decade and continues to provide the service.

    With the free plan, you would get 250,000+ beautiful free templates, 100+ design types range from social media posts, presentations, thumbnails, letters, and more, upload your photos, thousands of free photos and graphics, invite other team members to design, collaborate and put a comment in real-time, 5GB of cloud storage and lot more. In addition to that new features are added regularly and you can use them as well.

    All you need to do is, sign up and get started. You can sign up using Google or Facebook as well.

    2. Pro Plan:

    Canva has a premium version that allows you to enjoy all the features. You can choose the number of users in your team.

    With the Pro plan, you would get everything as in the free plan. In addition to that, you would get:

    • 1 Brand Kit Creation Tool & Upload Your Own Fonts & Logos
    • One-click Design & Magic Resize
    • 420,000+ Free Templates & New Designs Added Daily
    • 75+ Million Premium Stock Images, Videos, Elements, Audio & Graphics
    • Save designs as templates for future use
    • 100GB of cloud storage
    • Schedule social media content to 7 platforms

    This plan costs $12.95 per month per user per month. Currently, they have an offer that allows you 4 users extra in the price of one.

    You can also choose how many members of your team are going to use this tool. So there is a custom option that lets you choose the number.

    Canva student discount is there and one can enjoy it for free. It is free to all K-12 teachers and their students. If you are running a non-profit organization you can enjoy it for free as well.

    Canva Free vs Pro

    As you know Canva has free as well as paid versions. The free plan of Canva is a good option for most people.

    But Canva Pro is there to provide full access to the online tool. If you are in a business where design matters then you should consider buying the Pro version.

    Canva Free Benefits:

    The free plan includes the following benefits.

    • Design Types: You would get 100+ design types including social media posts, infographics, banners, resumes, presentations, coupons, letters, and more.
    • 250,000+ Templates: Access over 250,000+ free templates to use in your designs. You will have to pay for the premium templates.
    • Photos & Graphics: Access thousands of images, graphics, elements, etc. There would be thousands of premium photos and other assets starting from $1.
    • 5GB Storage: You will get 5GB cloud storage for uploading your photos and assets.
    • Invite Your Team: This allows you to invite team members, collaborate and comment in real-time.

    Canva Pro Benefits:

    There are many benefits to the pro plan you need to pay attention to.

    • Design Types: You would get 100+ design types including social media posts, infographics, YouTube intro, banner, resume, business cards, invoice, presentations, coupons, letters, lesson plans, newsletters, and more.
    • 420,000+ templates: Access over 420,000+ free templates to use in your designs. You can easily access all the templates available in the library.
    • Photos and graphics: Access over 75 million images, graphics, elements music, videos, etc. There would be thousands of premium photos and you can use them for free.
    • Animator: Create different animated graphics with various animation styles, effects that can be download as a GIF or movie format (MP4).
    • Transparent Images: One-click download your created designs with transparent backgrounds. Make sure that your design must be created on a white background. This is very helpful for logo design.
    • Magic Resize: Effortlessly change the dimension of your designs or create a duplicate of them in any defined size you want.
    • Brand Kit: Create on-brand content using Canva’s Brand Kit. Customize elements of a brand’s using the same font, style, color, and maintain visual identity designs that fit your need.
    • Custom Templates: Design custom templates according to your need and share them with your team so they can also use them.
    • Premium Fonts: Canva Pro allows you to access over 500 premium fonts.
    • Define Download Quality: Choose high as well as low quality or custom size before downloading.
    • 100GB Storage: You will get 100GB of cloud storage for uploading your photos and assets.
    • Invite Your Team: This allows you to invite team members, collaborate and comment in real-time.
    • Priority Support: Pro users will get priority support from the Canva support team.
    • Unlimited Folders: Create unlimited folders on Canva to upload and organize your designs and images. You can also move your designs and images into folders, open folders in the editor, rename a folder, copy a folder, delete a folder, and share a folder with your team.
    • Schedule Social Media: This allows you to schedule content for 7 social media platforms. It ensures more click-through rates, more likes, more shares, and more comments.

    Should I Buy Canva Pro

    Now you may doubt whether I should buy Canva Pro or not. Are you using the free version of Canva and consider buying the premium one?

    To be honest there should not be any direct answer to this question. Because it depends on your uses and requirement. If you ask me, then I prefer switching to the premium version.

    Canva Pro is a must-have tool if you are a Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Student, Job Holders, Designer, or anyone who has to deal with various designs and graphics.

    If you are hesitating to choose the Pro version directly, then I will recommend you to go with 30 Days free trial.


    The importance of visual content like infographics has increased drastically in recent times. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. further increased the weight of visual content.

    Canva Pro comes with great extra features for designing and it’s one of my favorite blogging tools. Using the above steps you can avail of the Canva coupon code and get a discount.