[20% Off + $30 Free Credit] Cloudways Coupon Codes 2022

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Cloudways coupon code

If you have set all with the development phase of your website it’s time to integrate it with one of the finest web hosting services.

Cloudways is one of the most trusted names in the hosting business.

Before purchasing Cloudways hosting use Cloudways coupon codes so you can save some extra money.

Here you will get Cloudways coupon codes to grab discounts up to 30% Off. Along with that, you can get $30 free credit which means 3 months free.

Cloudways Coupon Codes For 2022 [100% Working]

Cloudways comes up with a 3-day free trial package of hosting that one has to upgrade further to continue the services.

Cloud hosting service with Cloudways and discount coupons will be further applied automatically once you upgrade your services to paid plans.

1. Cloudways $30 Coupon [Free Hosting Credits For 3 Months]

Cloudways Black Friday Coupon: 40% Off For 4 Months
Cloudways Black Friday Coupon: 40% Off For 4 Months
Get a 40% discount on any hosting plan for 4 months.
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  • Just take advantage of this exclusive Cloudways promo code and enjoy a $30 free hosting credit into your account and that too up to 3 months of hosting services.

    In short, you can use the promo code to get up to 3 months of free managed cloud hosting services on wonderful platforms like Digital Ocean and Vultr.

    The cloud hosting service will provide you services up to server sizes 1 GB and 2 GB.

    One of the best things about this promo code is that the plan will start up from $10 and hence you can easily boost up your servers as per your need. It is a great value for money package that will get automatically applied to your account when you upgrade your services to the higher one.

    2. Various Other Cloudways Coupons and Deals

    Cloudways have earned a great name and fame in the world of cloud hosting in just a few years. It is the future of cloud hosting services where users can acquire the best services.

    A $30 coupon is not only a single option provided by Cloudways. The list is quite long with several great deals right from regular to seasonal Cloudways Coupons.

    Moreover, users can easily acquire services like Cloudways free trial, Cloudways coupons and deals, Vultr coupon code, and Vultr gift code to crack the forever best deals.

    Users can easily have a discount of about $60 to $200 of these sales. Some of the working coupons and deals are listed below:

    Get 10% Off For 3 Months: Cloudways Promo Code
    Get 10% Off For 3 Months: Cloudways Promo Code
    Get flat 10% off for 3 months on Cloudways hosting.
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    Cloudways Promo Code: Get 20% Off on 1st Invoice

    Cloudways Promo Code: Get 20% Off on 1st Invoice

    Get flat 20% off on the 1st invoice of Cloudways hosting.
    On Going Offer
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  • How To Use Cloudways Coupon To Grab Maximum Discount

    Well, grabbing opportunities is not only the limit, but you also needed to know the factor of how to use it.

    One needs to have the perfect knowledge about how to access the Cloudways promo codes they achieve.

    If you are going to access the Cloudways promo code or are a previous user and now are facing some difficulties right now, the guide we are given to provide you will surely help you a lot.

    Obtaining and applying coupons is quite easy and just need to follow up on the instructions part carefully. So simply follow the instructions carefully to acquire the maximum discount on Cloudways.

    All you have to do here is:

    1. Go to the Official website of Cloudways.

    Cloudways free trial

    2. Click on Get Started Free.

    3. You will be asked to add your Email and Password here in the provided columns. Add them carefully to avoid any issues occurring.

    cloudways coupon

    4. Select options from “I would best describe myself as” and “My monthly hosting spending is” and then tap on the button of “Got a Promo Code?

    A coupon field will be displayed on your home screen. Add exclusive Cloudways coupon code in the provided section.

    5. Once done with it successfully, tap on the green-colored “START FREE” option to continue further with the process.

    6. Once done, add your valid phone number in the provided column to get your activation code. Select and tap on the “SEND ACTIVATION CODE.”

    7. A new window page will open up on your home screen showing “Welcome to Cloudways”, where you will have to activate your Cloudways account.

    cloudways coupon

    8. Moreover, you will also receive an activation email to your provided email account. Just check your inbox and then go to the payment section to redeem the coupon code.

    Note: You have to authorize your Credit card to redeem the Cloudways Coupon.

    authorize payment option in cloudways

    9. Once done with the payment section successfully, you will be free to make secure access to Cloudways.

    A Brief Introduction to Cloudways

    cloudways coupon

    Cloudways is a cloud-based managed hosting provider founded back in 2009. They provide super fast and highly secured Hosting services at an affordable price.

    Cloudways provides six industry-standard cloud service providers where one can easily enjoy a wide range of PHP support to applications and scripts.

    Users can easily enjoy the platform with the most powerful applications such as WordPress, Magneto, WooCommerce, etc. One of the best things about Cloudways is that users can host their website and project on their preferred locations hassle-free.

    Cloudways is really a great host to meet your target audience and hence reduce the latency of your website anytime.

    Adding more into its features, it is a great source to enjoy a wide range of one-click features such as Cloudways CDN, Cloudways Bot, Cloudways API, Free SSL Certificates, Ironclad security, 24*7 customer service, and Real-time monitoring of servers and applications.

    This leading hosting service offers users an SSD-based environment to offer ease of performance to the users. Moreover, users can get the best expert support and can resolve the related issues immediately.

    Cloudways offer to manage security to the users and hence one doesn’t need to worry about the security-related aspects.

    Whether you are willing to have Cloudways hosting for your usage or are willing to have the one to manage your small business, the cloud hosting services works exceptionally great for all.

    Why Choose Cloudways As Your Cloud Hosting Service Provider?

    To turn up a website into a huge success, one really needs to have a perfect web hosting service provider.

    The market is full of a wide range of options, but only a few of them has earned the trust and credibility of users.

    If we talk about one of the leading names in the cloud web hosting services, Cloudways is surely the one that would grab the topmost position.

    Services and opportunities are unlimited here, providing you convenient managed cloud hosting to get access to unlimited applications there are several features that this wonderful service provider offers you.

    Cloudways Features:

    If you are also willing to explore the world of opportunities with Cloudways, here are some of the most familiar facilities for you:

    1. Ease To Use:

    Cloudways offer very easy to use while handling the services. It supports PHP scripts and apps and can easily control the entire application in Cpanel (Their own Control Panel).

    2. Amazing Speed:

    Cloudways offer amazing loading speed, especially when integrated with Breeze ultimate cache plugin.

    3. Affordable Pricing:

    The pricing being asked by Cloudways is quite affordable, you just have to pay for the resources you used.

    You can easily customize your resources and can set up their limit. Moreover, it also offers the freedom of upgrading and downgrading the server power as well.

    4. Dedicated Expert Support:

    Cloudways offers great customer support to the users and tries to resolve the related queries as soon as possible.

    Users can easily contact the customer care services 24*7 hassle-free.

    5. Real-Time Monitoring:

    Cloudways keep on monitoring your website consistently and keeps on updating you with real-time reports.

    6. Unlimited Application Access:

    Cloudways offers unlimited access to a wide range of applications. You can now easily install unlimited CMS and scripts and can host them on your cloud-based hosting services.

    7. Secure Access:

    Cloudways offers users secure access over it. You can now easily save your website from major DDOS and cyber attacks.

    8. Cache Plugin Integration:

    The cache plugin integration is quite seamless here. It is one of the fastest cloud hosting services that own a cache plugin that can optimize your performance and can reduce its loading time.

    9. Easy Restore and Backup:

    Along with providing hosting services to the users, it also offers a one-click easy restore and backup facility to the users as well. You can now easily save your data and can easily access it any time you want.

    10. Easy Scaling:

    Scaling up your website with Cloudways is quite easy and quick. It is the easiest way to find your traffic sources and hence quite efficient in rising up the traffic to your account.

    Managed Cloud Hosting Services Offered By Cloudways

    Managed cloud hosting services by Cloudways have simplified the user’s experience up to a greater extent. Rather than looking forward to resolving the website-related issues one can now easily focus on the growth of your business rapidly. Different managed cloud services provided by this web host are:

    1. Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting:

    Cloudways makes it entirely easy for users to manage WordPress websites very conveniently. Security and speed are most admired here and help uses in scaling up your business to a greater extent.

    2. Cloudways Managed Magneto Hosting:

    It is one of the fastest eCommerce hosting services that offer easy optimization with built-in caching technologies to Cloudways users.

    3. Cloudways Managed Laravel Hosting:

    If you are willing to deploy and manage various applications, it is one of the best options to choose from. The platform simplifies the various processes for you so that users could enjoy seamless access.

    4. Cloudways Managed PHP Hosting:

    This platform is basically designed to fulfill the various hosting requirements. It offers maximum flexibility, freedom, and convenience to the users and hence users to have hassle-free access and instant scalability.

    Cloudways Pricing

    When it comes to pricing, Cloudways is supposed to be one of the most affordable web hosting services in the market.

    Users can easily have to give cloud hosting providers here and that are DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

    Cloudways pricing

    Each of the web hosting providers offers different charges to pay on, so check your preferences and requirements first before opting for any of the services being mentioned above.


    • Easy installation, setup, and integration
    • One-click backup and restore facilities
    • Fully managed cloud web hosting services
    • Two factors authorization
    • Easy SSL installation
    • Access to unlimited applications
    • Five cloud providers
    • PHP supported apps
    • Updated managed security
    • Easy to live in option
    • Dedicated environment to work on


    • Does not include domain name registration facility
    • Different cloud server consoles
    • Does not include cPanel
    • Does not include any Email Hosting services

    Final Verdicts On Cloudways Coupon

    Cloud hosting has become of the leading hosting services providers in the past few years. As competitive marketing is being raised from the past few days consistently, various service providers have come forward with a vast number of options.

    But do you think all of the service providers can touch the mark of consumer expectations? Surely it is hard to do.

    Every consumer has its preferences and that is the main reason why he/she usually looks for the product that can suit well to it.

    The popularity of Cloudways has been raised consistently in the past few years. A fully featured cloud service has a lot of positive reviews online, what else does one need to prove its versatility and reliability.

    Cloudways is now is serving as a leading hosting services provider especially for business owners.

    If you are willing to get hosting from Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean, Cloudways is surely a great deal to crack in.

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