Constant Contact Coupon Code 2022: 40% OFF (Limited Offer)

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You would be surprised to know that email marketing is the highest ROI-driven marketing channel. Every dollar spends on email marketing generates an average return of $42. No other digital marketing channel generates a return nearer to this.

To step foot in email marketing, you need to choose an awesome service. When it comes to the best email marketing services, Constant Contact stands at the top. I will show you the Constant Contact coupon code that avails you of a 40% discount.

So let’s get started.

Constant Contact Coupon & Promo Codes

Constant Contact is a robust email marketing service that comes with a list of features. In addition to email marketing, you can create landing pages, sign-up forms, social media ads, etc.

BloggingForge’s exclusive Constant Contact promo code lets new users get a 40% discount on their popular plans. Along with that, you would get some free services with each plan.

Constant Contact Coupon 40% OFF

Constant Contact Coupon 40% OFF

On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
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    Get Constant Contact For Free (30 Days)

    Get Constant Contact For Free (30 Days)

    On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • If you want to save some hard-earned money on email marketing service and get a conversion-focused service then you should consider going with Constant Contact. You would never regret your decisions.

    You can get a Constant Contact plan at as low as $14 per month after using this coupon code. Just click on our special discount link to activate the Constant Contact promo code and the discount will be applied automatically. Check out the step-by-step process to know more.

    How To Active Constant Contact Coupon Code

    Here is a step-by-step process to activate the Constant Contact coupon code. After following the below steps you would get a flat 40% discount on various plans.

    Constant contact coupon

    Step 1. Click on our special discount link and it will automatically activate the 40% discount for you. After clicking the above link you will be redirected to the Constant Contact website. No need to put apply coupon codes manually. The 40% discount will be applied automatically for you after clicking on the above link.

    Step 2. On the next page, you can see the Start your free month option. Just click on that button to continue.

    Step 3. Now Constant Contact will ask you to login or sign up. As you are a new user, sign up to get started. So click on the Sign up free button. Complete the sign-up process to continue.

    Step 4. On the next page, you can see the various plans. Mainly Constant Contact comes with 2 plans and the price varies according to the number of emails in your list. We recommend you go with the base plan. So click on the respective Select button to continue.

    Step 5. Now you have to choose how many contacts are on your list and the currency. Click on View all list tiers to select the list size. Then choose the payment cycle to proceed. Now you can see the coupon code already applied and the total price deducted 40%. Click on the Continue button under the order summary to proceed.

    Step 6. On the next page, you have to enter the card details and billing address. After putting all the information in the respective fields, click on Pay now button to continue.

    Step 7. After successful payment, you will receive an email from Constant Contact containing the plan details and billing information.

    Congratulation! You have successfully applied the Constant Contact coupon code and got a 40% discount. Now you can start creating email campaigns and use other services.

    About Constant Contact

    Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing services out there. It helps small and medium businesses to run automated email campaigns and achieve business goals. The company has been providing service for more than 2 decades which is a remarkable achievement. Currently, thousands of businesses are using Constant Contact for regular email marketing requirements.

    The drag and drop email builder allows you to create and modify email campaigns. There are many professionally designed email templates to choose from. However, you can start from scratch and give the email your branded look.

    Constant Contact has a powerful email automation feature. It let you send automated emails based on a certain action. Whether you want to set a welcome email series or recommend similar products, this email marketing software can do them all.

    Get an in-depth report of all the email campaigns’ performance and track metrics like open rate, unsubscribe, bounce, etc. using the analytics feature. You can also design landing pages and sign-up forms to capture new leads.  This tool also allows you to create social ads for Facebook/Instagram that drive sales, brand awareness, and website traffic.

    Constant Contact is one of the affordable email marketing services. There are various paid plans having their own benefits. The base plan starts from $20 per month for a 0-500 email list. Using this plan you can send unlimited emails and create 5 sub-accounts.

    Constant Contact Features

    Constant Contact comes with some awesome features. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

    1. User Interface & Ease of Use

    Constant Contact is a user-friendly tool and the best fit for beginners. The whole website interface is designed with clean navigation and easy-to-find features. If you never used email marketing software, then also you won’t face any difficulty.

    Using the visual email editor, you can create effective email marketing and other campaigns. You don’t have to dive into the coding section to design an email. All the things are just dragging and dropping.

    You would find a lot of tools packed inside the dashboard. But all of them are well organized and you won’t face any difficulty finding them. The email automation workflow builder is also straightforward and you can send automated emails using the visual editor. There are also many templates to choose from.

    2. Email Editor & Templates

    Email editor plays an important role in any email marketing service. Users expect a clean and straightforward interface to design emails. Constant Contact has been in this business for a while and knows customer needs.

    You would get a feature-rich drag and drop email builder. This email editor is designed to help small businesses and individuals easily create engaging emails that look professional on any device. Your editing experience will be extremely easy and hustle-free.

    If you don’t want to create an email from scratch, then use the email templates. Constant Contact comes with more than 400 professionally-designed email templates to choose from. Templates are divided into various categories so that you can quickly locate one according to the need.

    After choosing a template you can start modifications. Change layout, text color, blocks, images, CTA buttons, and much more. All the emails created through the Constant Contact editor are responsive by nature. So your emails look great no matter what device they are using.

    3. Sign-Up Form

    Email marketing is based on the email list and you need to have one as well. But how to collect an email address when you have no prior experience? The answer can be sign-up forms. You can integrate conversion-focused signup forms in your website and let visitors put their email addresses.

    Constant Contact comes to the feature to create sign-up forms. The drag and drop sign-up form allows you to build a stunning signup form quickly. No need to touch a single line of code as everything can be managed visually.

    You can integrate advanced triggers based on user behaviors. Complete customization option available and you can define the form appearance. All the forms are optimized for faster loading and easy access. Your subscribers will be automatically added to the email list. Send a welcome email to new subscribers using the email automation feature.

    After creating a signup form, you can place it anywhere using a shortcode. You can see the important stats through detailed analytics. All the signup forms designed using Constant Contact are responsive and fit to any display size.

    4. Analytics

    Email analytics is very important for measuring the success of email campaigns. No matter how much effort you are putting into the email creation if it is not generating sales or conversions then all going to tank.

    Constant Contact comes with a robust analytics feature that keeps track of everything. You can see some of the important matrices like email open rate, CTA, conversions, bounce rate, delivery rate, etc. All the stars are represented using rich graphics and easy to understand stats.

    All the stats are updated in real-time and you can the campaign performance directly. There is a feature to check the individual performance of each email campaign. If you have performance A/B testing then the results will be visible in a separate dashboard. You can download all the stats for future use.

    5. Email Automation

    Email automation is an advanced feature that allows you to send automated emails based on user action. You can meet needs by sending emails and maintaining a consistent workflow.

    Constant Contact comes with an intuitive drag and drop email automation builder. Using this tool, you can create advanced automation without touching a single line of code. There are some pre-designed email automation templates to choose from.

    You can send automated emails for the payment reminder, latest offer, welcome series, warning notification, etc. Automated emails give users a positive experience and let businesses build better relationships. Email automation sounds complicated but very easy to get started.

    No need to write individual emails for every customer. Create email templates with dynamic elements and send personalized emails. You can segment users into different groups and send emails based on their interests, demographics, or previous purchases. Segmentation ensures that users will get interest-based emails and engage with the business.

    6. Landing Page Builder

    The landing page is a part of funnel marketing and drives more sales. If you are driving traffic from social media or pay-per-click ads then it acts as a lead magnet. Landing pages are super focused and help you achieve business goals directly.

    Constant Contact comes with a drag and drops landing page builder. If you don’t have coding knowledge, still you can create a stunning landing page. There are some eye-catching landing page templates to start creating right away. Customize each element and give it a personalized look.

    The real-time reporting system track visitor’s activity and presents it in a visually appealing interface. The analytics shows detailed insights so that you can measure success. Integrate sign-up forms on the landing page to capture visitors’ information.

    If you don’t have a website to add the landing page, Constant Contact will host it for you. The system will generate a shareable link. You can use it to promote the page on social media. Constant Contact has special features for creating shoppable landing pages.

    7. Email Deliverability

    You might have used countless hours to create a stunning email copy and set automation. What if the emails don’t reach the audience and end up in the junk folder? All your efforts would be worthless as you know. This is where the email deliverability of an email marketing service comes into play.

    Email deliverability is a measurement that shows the effectiveness of an email marketing service. It also ensures the emails are placed in the customer’s inbox. To be honest, the email deliverability and inbox placement is a very technical subject and takes separate posts to explain. To get an overall idea, we have to see the email deliverability percentage.

    Constant Contact comes with an impressive deliverability score that one can’t ignore. The average email deliverability rate stands at 91.5 in the last six-month duration. They have been working in this industry for a while and have a great sender reputation. In addition to that, the server environment is very advanced and equipped with the latest technology.

    There is a dedicated support team working round the clock to maintain the deliverability. The service helps you to protect against spam and suspicious activities. So the email list remains clean and you can get maximum deliverability.

    8. Integrations

    Constant Contact comes with dozens of features for successful email marketing. However, you can increase the capabilities through third-party integrations. If you want to broader the email marketing strategy and achieve more, then these integrations would be helpful.

    Constant Contact allows you to integrate with a bunch of tools and services. Some of the popular ones include Shopify, WordPress, Salesforce, etc. All the integration is free and takes a few seconds to connect. The integration library contains more than 200 apps and you can find one using the search bar.

    Now businesses are open to additional technologies and tools to promote themselves. Subscribers have given the email address for getting some value. Integrating the email marketing service with various tools provides a better user experience and builds a relationship with customers.

    Constant Contact Pricing

    Constant Contact is a commonly known brand in the email marketing space. It mainly provides 2 paid plans to choose from. But there are 20 different cost packages based on the number of emails on your list.

    Here are the features and pricing of the Email and Email Plus plan.

    1. Email Plan

    You can send unlimited emails with this plan. With the Email plan, you would get a feature like sign up forms builder, landing page builder, analytics, eCommerce marketing, 5 sub-users, etc.

    The price for different email list sizes is as follows.

    0-500 subscribers $20/Month
    501-2,500 subscribers$45/Month
    2,501-5,000 subscribers$65/Month
    5,001-10,000 subscribers$95/Month
    10,001-15,000 subscribers$195/Month
    15,001-25,000 subscribers$225/Month
    25,001-30,000 subscribers$295/Month
    30,001-35,000 subscribers$315/Month
    35,001-50,000 subscribers$335/Month
    50,001+ subscribersCustom pricing

    2. Email Plus Plan

    Email plus plan also allows you to send unlimited emails. You would get all the features as in the Email plan. In addition to that, some additional features include email segmentation, polls, coupons, A/B testing, email automation, social media marketing, new customer consultation, etc.

    Check out the pricing for different email list sizes.

    0-500 subscribers $45/Month
    501-2,500 subscribers$70/Month
    2,501-5,000 subscribers$90/Month
    5,001-10,000 subscribers$125/Month
    10,001-15,000 subscribers$195/Month
    15,001-25,000 subscribers$225/Month
    25,001-30,000 subscribers$295/Month
    30,001-35,000 subscribers$315/Month
    35,001-50,000 subscribers$335/Month
    50,001+ subscribersCustom pricing


    Digital marketers are now realizing the importance of email marketing. Constant Contact could be beneficial as the total number of global email users continues to grow. This service comes with dozens of features to run a successful email marketing campaign.

    Use the above step-by-step process to avail Constant Contact coupon code and get a great discount. So these are some of the things you need to know about the Constant Contact promo code.

    FAQs Related To Constant Contact

    1. Does Constant Contact provides a coupon code?

    Yes, you can grab the Constant Contact coupon code and get a 40% discount on various plans.

    2. How to get the Constant Contact coupon code?

    Just click on our special discounted link to visit the Constant Contact website and grab the discount.

    3. Do I need a Constant Contact promo code to get the discount?

    No need to add any promotional coupon code manually. Because the 40% deal will be automatically activated after clicking the above link.

    4. What is the money-back guarantee of Constant Contact?

    Constant Contact provides 30 days money guarantee on each plan. If you’re not satisfied with the email marketing service then you can ask for a refund.

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