G Suite (Google WorkSpace) Promo Codes 2022: 50% OFF For 1 Year

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In this digital age, tools made our life simpler. You can find an app or service for almost everything in the world. In the same way, businesses are using various tools for better business growth and workforce management.

You may have been using various productivity tools for your business. But nothing can be compared when it comes to G Suite. Now the G Suite has changed the name become Google Workspace.

If you are searching for an affordable solution for your team collaboration and file sharing needs, Google Workspace is one of the best choices. I will show you the G Suite promo code that cut the price.

So let’s get started.

G Suite Promo Codes 2022 (Google Workspace)

G Suite is a very handy tool for small and medium businesses that can’t afford costly services and in-house solutions. This is an affordable solution for businesses, freelancers, educational institutions, and others.

G Suite comes with a variety of plans with different price tags. We come up with a G Suite coupon code that lets you 50% discounts on various plans. In addition to that, you would get some extra features with each plan.

G Suite (Google WorkSpace) 14 Days Free Trial

G Suite (Google WorkSpace) 14 Days Free Trial

On Going Offer
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    G Suite Coupon: 10% OFF On Business Starter Plan

    G Suite Coupon: 10% OFF On Business Starter Plan

    On Going Offer
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    Google WorkSpace Promo Code: 10% OFF On Business Standard Plan

    Google WorkSpace Promo Code: 10% OFF On Business Standard Plan

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    G Suite Coupon (For India): 10% OFF For Complete Year

    G Suite Coupon (For India): 10% OFF For Complete Year

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    Google WorkSpace India Coupon: 10% OFF

    Google WorkSpace India Coupon: 10% OFF

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  • If you want to save money and buy the G Suite at an affordable price, this can be the best opportunity. Just click on the buttons above to activate the coupon code and grab the discount. Check out the step-by-step process to know more.

    How To Active G Suite Discount

    The process of activating the G Suite promo code is very easy. Just follow the below steps to activate the coupon code.

    Step 1. Get G Suite promo codes from above & activate the 50% discount while checkout. After clicking the above link you will be landed on the Google Workspace deal page (You need to insert a G Suite promo code manually during the checkout).

    Step 2. Click on Get Started to continue. G Suite comes with a variety of plans with different price tags. You can select one of them.

    G suite promo code

    Step 3. On the first step, it will ask you to enter your business name, several employees, and country. Fill in all the details and hit Next.

    G Suite Business info G suite promo code

    Step 4. In the next step, you will have to enter contact info. Here you have to fill in the first name, surname, and current email address. Enter the required information and click on Next to continue.

    Google Workspace fill contact info G suite promo code

    Step 5. Next, it will ask you to add the business domain. If you have a domain name already, then enter it here. Otherwise, buy a new domain and click on Next.

    Google workSpace Business Email G suite promo code

    Step 6. On the next screen, you have to fill in the business information with an address. Then hit the Next button.

    Step 7. Now you have to choose a username and password. Click on the Agree and Continue button.

    Google Workspace username password setup G suite promo code

    Step 8. On the next screen, you have to choose the plan. There are 3 plans and choose the Business Standard one.

    Step 9. You will be on the billing page and you can see the total value. You can see that the 20% discount is already applied. Complete the payment and get access to the tools.

    Congratulations! You have successfully applied the coupon code and got a 20% discount.

    About G Suite (Google WorkSpace)

    G Suite is a collection of apps that are suitable for business, education, and other institutions. Google has been working on this project for years to provide a variety of tools that can help small-to-medium businesses searching for an application toolset.

    G Suite is also known as Google Workspace and Google for Business. Google Workspace is undoubtedly a comprehensive web-based solution for collaboration and communication.

    Google Workspace comes with key Google apps like:

    • Gmail to send business emails
    • Drive to store files in Google cloud storage
    • Docs to create and collaborate content online
    • Sheets for spreadsheets and organization
    • Google Meet to make video conferences
    • Calendar for setting important events and appointments
    • Keep for creating and saving notes
    • Chat for quick team conversation

    All the above services are packed inside one suite. You would be under the umbrella of Google’s security and no threat of data leak.

    Don’t be confused with your personal Google account with your Google Workspace account. Both are completely different things and you can’t add your personal Gmail address to Google Workspace.

    One of the biggest advantages of Google Workspace is that you can add more services according to your need. Google Workspace Marketplace is an open market and you can add more services or features to Google Workspace.

    G Suite Features

    Google Workspace provides dozens of cloud-based services, which come with a range of features. It best fits small and medium businesses with both in-office and remote working requirements. There is no shortage of productivity-boosting features with G Suite.

    1. Account Creation & Setup

    It all starts with account creation and setting up all the things. We know Google because of its simplicity and the way it makes complex things simple.

    The process of account creation is very simple and contains a few quick steps. I have also described the steps earlier in this post. If you have already a domain name and want to connect it with G Suite then verification from the domain registrar is required. 

    After successful account creation, you can head to the G Suite dashboard. The admin console very features rich and you can manage everything using it. Google Workspace’s Setup Wizard is there to guide you through this process.

    2. Google Workspace Applications

    You would get all the popular apps of Google under one umbrella. The platform has seen new heights and a boost in popularity. Today more than six million small and medium businesses depend on these online productivity and collaboration tools.

    You would get a lot of applications inside the G Suite. This includes Gmail, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slide, Forms, Sites, Current, Keep, and more.

    These apps make working together easier and your team can work faster. You can collaborate with a team and work on a single document.

    3. Enhanced Email features

    Google G Suite’s professional email interface is very identical to the Gmail you’d use for personal email. But it comes with some enhanced features.

    You would get a smart compose feature that helps you to write emails faster. It also reduces the content creation time required in Google Docs. Smart compose is powered by Google’s AI-powered algorithm and machine learning to quickly detect a pattern in your email writing.

    You can read and draft emails offline, create group email addresses, delegate mailbox access to others, email tracking are some advanced features only available in G Suite.

    4. Named Revisions

    One of the best features of Google Workspace is the real-time editing collaboration. Multiple employees can work on the same sheet and see the changes.

    It allows you to track the changes made and who has done this. If you don’t want to continue with the changes, then revert to your preferred version.

    This feature is enabled by default. This means you don’t need to turn anything on. To see the version history

    Open a document > Click on File > Version History > See Version History

    This will open a pop-up panel on the right side of your document. Here you can see the list of people who made an edit to this document. Click on any version list on the right-side panel in the timeline to instantly see it.

    5. Admin Console

    G Suite comes with an Admin Console to manage your organization’s workspace setup. Can you remember when you have a new employee in your team and you have to reach out system admin for creating a new email address?

    With the presence of G Suite, you don’t have to worry about adding and managing users. Using Admin Console you can configure security settings, manage user access, group users, integrate third-party users, and more.

    6. Confidential Mode

    Google is known for its next-level security and peace of mind for users. To protect your private or sensitive information, you can use Gmail’s Confidential Mode.

    Safeguard your information and control who can download, forward, copy or print emails and attachments. You can also send emails with an expiration date or ask the receiver to use a two-step SMS verification code to open files.

    7. Large File Sharing via Google Drive

    Google Drive is the highest-used cloud storage platform. The automatic synchronization feature takes all Workspace-created files backup to Google Drive.

    In the usual Gmail account, you can send up to 25 MB in attachments. But G Suite allows you to share files up to 10 GB from Gmail. For this, you have to use the same Insert File button.

    You can also upload a large file to Google Drive and share the Drive link. With Business Starter and Basic plan, each user gets 30 GB of storage space. If you need more space, then buy individual storage directly.

    8. Offline Mode

    G Suite comes with an offline mode that gives you freedom from internet connection availability. You can create any document from any corner of the world without worrying about an internet connection.

    You can get access to the latest version of the document. Any changes made in the document will be synced to Google Drive when reconnecting to the internet. This is one of the most welcomed features in the G Suite.

    9. Security Features

    Google offers enterprise-level security with G Suite. Industry-leading security measures help you to protect company data and safeguard it from data theft.

    Here are some security boosting features:

    • 2 step verification that demands an OTP for login. The employee has to attach a phone number to get the verification code.
    • Password strength detection identifies weak user passwords and shows them in a strength graph.
    • Early delivery scanning and phishing detection technology to fight against scammers.
    • Google has got the ISO/IEC 27701 certification for its leading Google Cloud Platform as a data processor. It supports international privacy laws and frameworks.

    10. Third-Party Application Integration

    Google Workspace is home to mostly used Google apps. If you need more apps, then it provides easy integration of thousands of apps.

    You will get access to Google Workspace Marketplace where thousands of third-party applications are waiting for you. Some of the favorite add-ons include Zoom, Slack, Grammarly, Trello, Dropbox, and more.

    You can install any extension from the marketplace and start managing it inside G Suite Admin Console. Based on your requirement you can add any number of applications.

    11. Support

    Your business relies on the G Suite tool and anything can go wrong. So your service provider should be ready to solve your issues. With each administrator account, you can get access to 24/7 phone, email, and chat support. The support is available in 14 languages.

    There is also a help center containing hundreds of posts with step-by-step instructions. These quick start guides come with plenty of useful information and you can use them to solve issues.

    Other helpful resources include forum users and the Google Cloud Connect Community.

    G Suite Pricing & Plans

    G Suite comes with 4 plans.

    Google Workspace pricing G suite promo code

    1. Business Starter

    With the Business Starter plan, you would get custom business email, 100 participant video meetings, 30 GB cloud storage, security and management controls, Standard support, and more. This plan costs $6 per user per month.

    2. Business Standard

    With the Business Standard plan, you would get custom business email, 150 participant video meetings, 2 TB cloud storage, security and management controls, Standard support, and more. This plan costs $12 per user per month.

    3. Business Plus

    With the Business Plus plan you would get a custom business email with eDiscovery and retention, 250 participant video meetings with recording and attendance tracking, 5 TB cloud storage, enhanced security and management controls, standard support, and more. This plan costs $18 per user per month.

    4. Enterprise

    Enterprise plan is the highest in G Suite. With this plan, you would get custom business email eDiscovery, retention, S/MIME encryption, 250 participant video meetings with noise cancellation, as much cloud storage as you need, advanced security and management controls, premium support, and more. For pricing, you need to contact the sales team.


    So these are some of the things you need to know about the G Suite promo code. G Suite is one of the most widely-used productivity tools in the world. It is continuously adding new features to its basket to help both employees’ and businesses’ workflows.

    Use the above step-by-step process to avail of the G Suite promo code and get a discount.

    FAQs Related To G Suite Promo Codes

    Yes, you can enjoy a discount of up to 50% on various plans.

    Just click on this special discount link to visit the G Suite website and get a discount.

    No need to enter any G Suite promotional coupon code. Because this deal will be activated automatically after clicking the above link.

    Some plans of G Suite can avail you of up to 50% discount.

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