InterServer Coupon Codes 2022: 65% OFF + $0.01 For First Month

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Hosting has become one of the vital necessities as everyone wants to be online. There is a garden of hosting options available and one might easily get confused.

InterServer has been providing best-in-class services throughout the years. Now you can enjoy the InterServer coupon that brings huge discounts on plans.

Interserver comes with a variety of hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

InterServer Hosting Coupon: $0.01 For a Month + 65% Additional Discount

InterServer Hosting Coupon: $0.01 For a Month + 65% Additional Discount

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  • I will show you how to activate the InterServer coupon code step by step. So let’s get started.

    InterServer Coupon Code 2022

    InterServer comes with a variety of hosting services like Shared Hosting, VPS,, Dedicated, Cloud VPS, and different server hosting. They also provide different services including reseller hosting.

    BloggingForge partnered with InterServer to provide a 65% discount on popular hosting plans. All the hosting plans come with many features and you would get performance-focused hosting.

    You can get an InterServer reliable shared hosting plan at as low as $2.50/month after using our special coupon code. Just click on the below special discount link to avail of the coupon code and get the instant discount.

    InterServer Hosting Coupon: $0.01 For a Month + 65% Additional Discount

    InterServer Hosting Coupon: $0.01 For a Month + 65% Additional Discount

    Get Shared Hosting for $0.01 for first month. Additionally get 10% discount on annual package of InterServer.
    On Going Offer
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    Interserver V.P.S Coupon: $0.01 For a Month

    Interserver V.P.S Coupon: $0.01 For a Month

    Try your hands on InterServer V.P.S for $0.01 for a month.
    On Going Offer
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  • How To Active InterServer Coupon Code

    The process of activating the InterServer coupon code is very simple. Just follow our step-by-step guide to know the whole process and get an instant discount.

    After following the steps you can avail yourself up of a flat 65% discount.

    Step 1. Click on this special link that will automatically activate the flat 65% discount for you. After clicking the discounted link you will be redirected to the deal page.

    Interserver coupon

    Step 2. InterServer mainly provides 5 types of hosting: Shared Hosting, WordPress VPS hosting, Cloud VPS hosting, Windows ASP.Net hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting.

    In most hosts, shared hosting plans come with a lower price tag. It also carries the highest discount in InterServer. Unlike other hosting service providers, Interserver has only one plan under the shared hosting category.

    Step 3. After choosing your hosting category (Shared hosting in this case) click on the Buy Now button.

    Step 4. You will be redirected to a new tab. Now you have to register for a new domain name or enter the existing one. Any plans of InterServer don’t provide free domain registration. So you have to pay the domain price. If you have already purchased the domain name then simply enter the name.

    Interserver register new domain interserver coupon

    Step 5. Now you have to enter some basic details like email and password to continue. Then click on Create Account to Continue. Then a long-form will be open and you have to fill them all. After filling the form click on Continue.

    Step 6. On the next page, you can see the pricing details. Enter any InterServer coupon code & claim a 65% discount. You can see the total pricing after applying the discount. Enter the billing details to place the order. You can pay using Credit/debit Cards or PayPal. Read and check the terms and conditions option. After entering all the payment information click on the Place Order button.

    Interserver hosting order interserver coupon

    Step 7. After successful payment, you will receive an email from the InterServer team containing the plan details and billing information.

    Congratulation! You have successfully applied the InterServer coupon code and got a 65% discount.

    About InterServer Hosting

    Interserver Free Trial interserver coupon

    InterServer was founded in 1999 by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri. So it has been providing hosting services for 21 years. They offer a major variety of hosting services.

    Now they have 4 datacentres in the USA and planning to expand it in other locations. It consistently providing great uptime and loading speed.

    InterServer provides budget-friendly hosting plans. This also comes with quality services and effective features. They also have a dedicated customer support team to help with any issue.

    InterServer Hosting Features:

    InterServer comes with a lot of features that you need to check. Let’s check them.

    1. SSD Storage

    All the servers of InterServer are equipped with high-end SSD Storage. The biggest technical difference between the traditional HDD and SSD is the read-write speed.

    Using SSDs in hosting can increase data reading over four times quicker than HDDs. On the other hand, SSD storage doesn’t have any moving parts hence more reliable and efficient.

    SSD storage reduces power consumption by a margin and saves energy. So from a hosting point of view, it is beneficial and they have to pay the less electric bill.

    2. Unlimited Email Accounts

    All the hosting plans of InterServer come with unlimited email accounts. This means you can create endless domain-based emails on any website hosted here.

    These emails can be used for official communication purposes. So you don’t have to purchase additional email services Google Workspace or Zoho email. Although you have to compromise with some features in this free email.

    It is always recommended to use domain-based emails for business purposes. InterServer also doesn’t put a cap on email storage space. You can access the email dashboard using cPanel or

    3. Great Uptime

    One of the first things to check in on any hosting is the uptime. This shows how many times servers are online. Hosting companies advertise to provide 100% uptime which is not practically possible for a longer period.

    Interserver hosting uptime interserver coupon

    So we test each hosting with some third-party tool that consistently monitors the server performance and uptime. To figure out the average uptime we monitor it for 12 months period.

    Our study shows that InterServer manages to provide 99.95% uptime. It is very impressive and above industry standards. So it keeps your website online and users can access it anytime.

    4. Lighting Loading Speed

    Expect uptime, website loading speed is also an important factor to consider before choosing any hosting provider. Google now putting more importance on page loading speed than ever.

    Now it is a part of the SERP ranking factors of Google. So loading speed is not an option to avoid anymore. A 1-second delay in loading can cost you up to 7 percent conversion loss. It is an important part of any website’s user as well as a search engine.

    Our tests show that Interserver manages to provide 540ms loading time. This is not the fastest speed we have ever measured. But it is quite an impressive and strong plus point for users.

    5. 450+ Cloud Apps

    Everyone is not a tech-savvy person and can’t handle all the aspects of hosting. Installing software on a hosting server can be a tricky task and may create problems.

    To solve this issue, InterServer provides easy to use control panel. You would get industry-leading cPanel to manage the backend of websites. On their official website, you can find all the list of cloud apps available.

    It contains more than 466 cloud apps and scripts. Any app can be installed within one click. Popular CMS apps like WordPress, Drupal are waiting for installation. This makes the installation process hustle-free. You don’t have to pay extra dollars for this.

    6. Free Website Migration

    One of the welcome features of InterServer is a free website migration service. You might have hosted the website in other hosting servers and want to shift the server.

    Most of the hosting companies charge hundreds of dollars to migrate your website from an old host to a new one. But every plan of InterServer comes with a free website migration service.

    InterServer has a dedicated team of experts to transfer your website. There won’t be any downtime and your business won’t be hurt. You will get in touch with an expert throughout the migration process.

    6. LiteSpeed Caching and CloudFlare CDN

    Caching is one of the easiest solutions for fast page loading. In this process, static copies of the website are stored for future uses.

    LiteSpeed caching is termed as the most advanced server-side technology available now. It is designed to provide maximum speed and performance-boosting.

    Another biggest advantage is that InterServer is partnered with CloudFlare CDN to provide lighting speed. Content Delivery Network (CDN) saves cache copies of your website’s pages and serves according to visitor location.

    CDN serves pages from the nearer server from the website visitor. It significantly cut loading times and encourages fast loading time. The combination of both the technology ensures blazing fast loading speed.

    7. InterShield Security

    InterServer provides InterShield Security feature that is an in-house developed security solution. It is an additional layer of security associated with InterServer.

    It comes with its own internal RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) blacklist that contains known bad IPs. They consistently update the RBL list so that new suspicious IPs can block.

    You would also get an automatic malware scanner and machine learning firewall. All the features are made to secure your hosting environment.

    8. Free Website Builder

    InterServer comes with a free website builder named SitePad. It is easy to use and drag and drop editor allows beginners to create stunning websites.

    No need to have coding knowledge as SitePad is made for non-techy. This makes website creation and content publication fast.

    Hosting service providers apply many ways to manipulate you into paying an extra dollar. But InterServer never attempts to single upsell or hidden fees.

    Currently, SitePad has over 354 beautiful themes and 40+ widgets. All the websites created by SitePad are responsive and fast loading.

    9. Fast Support

    Support plays an important role in any hosting service. Things can go wrong at any moment and your host should ready to support you.

    You can reach out to InterServer support staff using live chat, email, telephone, and support tickets. Live chat has an essential role in business and we wanted to try it.

    One of the support staff responds quickly although I was waiting for 10 minutes. I asked some common questions as well as some technical things. Surprisingly, he answered straight forward and don’t push any reference link.

    InterServer Pricing and Plans:

    InterServer comes with a variety of hosting services.

    1. Shared Web Hosting

    You would get one plan under Shared Web Hosting. It allows you to host a single website.

    In addition to that, you would get unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free CloudFlare CDN, free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, cPanel, etc. This plan costs $2.50 per month.

    2. Windows ASP.NET Hosting

    If you have a Windows-specific application then this hosting is best for you. This plan allows you to host 25 domains and unlimited subdomains.

    In addition to that, you would get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, automatic backup, free SSL certificate, Plesk Desk control panel, free CloudFlare CDN, and more. This plan costs $8 per month.

    3. Cloud Virtual Private Server

    Deploy your online projects using the InterServer Cloud VPS plan. You can choose the hardware configuration of the server and the price will be changed accordingly.

    The basic plan starts with 1 Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, 1 TB file transfer, and more features. This plan costs $6 per month.

    4. Dedicated Server

    Build your IT infrastructure with InterServer’s dedicated server hosting. You can completely customize the server hardwire according to your need. There are basically two plans under a dedicated server. Intel E3-1230 and AMD EPYC 7402P.

    • Intel E3-1230: You would get 4 cores CPU, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD storage, 20 TB data transfer, 5 IP addresses, and all the basic features. This plan costs $50 per month.
    • AMD EPYC 7402P: You would get 24 cores CPU, 128 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD storage, 20 TB data transfer, 5 IP addresses, and all the basic features. This plan costs $199 per month.


    So these are some of the things you need to know about the InterServer coupon. I have also described how you can avail of the coupon code and get an instant discount. We don’t know how much time the coupon will be available. So hurry up and grab the deal now.

    FAQs Related To InterServer Coupon Code

    Yes, you can enjoy an instant discount up to 70% on various plans.

    Just click on our special link to visit the InterServer website deal page and get a discount.

    No need to enter any manual insertion of the promotional coupon code. Because the discount will be automatically applied after clicking the above link.

    It mainly depends on the type of hosting you are choosing. InterServer Shared hosting plan can avail you of up to 70% discount.

    InterServer provides 30 days money guarantee on each plan. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund. The team will instantly process the request and initiate the refund for you.

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