Inventory Source Promo Codes 2022: 40% OFF + Free Account

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We are living in a digital world where things are just a click away. The online shopping industry has seen a dramatic rise in recent years. Faster delivery, free shipping, and easier return policies have also increased the desirability of online buying.

So it has opened a new door for people who want to sell their products online. Most people think that an eCommerce business needs huge capital to start.

But dropshipping has completely changed the business model. You don’t have to stock products, manage order inventory in bulk, or physically ship the orders in any way.

In dropshipping third-party products, suppliers will deliver the products on the merchant’s behalf. You can automate the whole dropshipping business using Inventory Source software. I will show you the Inventory Source promo code to get the tool at a discounted price.

So let’s get started.

Inventory Source Promo: 40% OFF On Automation Plans

Inventory Source is a robust software for automating your dropshipping business. This software helps you to find the best suppliers in a niche and manage your inventory. Streamline your order processing and boost your sales.

BloggingForge’s exclusive Inventory Source coupon code lets new users get a 40% discount on their plans. In addition to that, Inventory Source offers some free services.

Inventory Source Promo Code: 20% OFF On All Plans

Inventory Source Promo Code: 20% OFF On All Plans

On Going Offer
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    Inventory Source Promo Coupon: 40% OFF On All Automation Plans

    Inventory Source Promo Coupon: 40% OFF On All Automation Plans

    On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • If you are searching a robust software for your dropshipping business and saving money, then this discount would be very helpful.

    You can start using Inventory Source software at as low as $59 / month after using this coupon code. Just click on our special discount link to activate the coupon code and the above-mentioned discount will be applied automatically. Check out the step-by-step process to know more.

    How To Active Inventory Source Promo Code

    Follow this step-by-step guide to activate the Inventory Source promo code. You would get a 40% discount after applying this promo code.

    Step 1. Click on our special link and it will automatically activate the 40% discount for you. After clicking the above link you will be landed on the homepage. No need to insert the Inventory Source discount code manually. The 40% discount will be automatically applied to you after clicking on the above link.

    Step 2. On the homepage, you can see a detailed description of the services. Click on the Get Started to continue.

    Inventory sour1 inventory source promo

    Step 3. On the next page, Inventory Source will ask you to create an account. Enter your name, email, and password, and then click on Create Free Account.

    Inventory sour2 inventory source promo

    Step 4. Now Inventory Source will ask you a few questions to give a personalized experience. Just complete them by clicking next.

    Step 5. Your profile creation is now completed. You would be inside the dashboard of Inventory Source. Scroll down and click on Start Selling.

    Inventory sour3 inventory source promo

    Step 6. You have to add integration and choose a plan. In the first step, choose your supplier and channel.

    Inventory sour4 inventory source promo

    Step 7. Choose your automation plan. In this case, I am selecting the Full Automation plan. Click on Select Options and 3 more options would be opened. Choose the Basic plan by clicking on the Select option.

    Inventory sour5 inventory source promo

    Step 8. Now you can see the order details and final price. The promo code should be applied here and the price deducted accordingly. If not, then use BFOR40 to get a 40% discount. Then click on Continue.

    Inventory source promo

    Step 9. On the next page, you have to enter your card details and billing address. After entering all the details click on Complete.

    Inventory sour7 inventory source promo

    Step 10. After successful payment, you will receive an email from Inventory Source containing the billing information and plan details.

    Congratulation! You have successfully applied the Inventory Source promo code and got a 40% discount.

    About Inventory Source

    Inventory Source is a well-known automation tool in the dropshipping segment. It was launched in 2003 and now thousands of drop shippers using this tool.

    Inventory sour1 inventory source promo

    Inventory Source provides a comprehensive solution for dropshipping businesses to smoothly streamline their operations, and boost revenue without any technical knowledge. The inventory automation feature is specifically optimized for dropshipping businesses.

    Get access to a dropshipping supplier network and get in touch with hundreds of suppliers. Suppliers are from leading dropshipping niches having a large catalog of products. This way, you can cut out the middleman and get products at a competitive price.

    Integrate with any marketplace and eCommerce online store through the Flxpoint platform. Push supplier’s products directly to your online store or marketplace automatically.

    Inventory Source has a completely free plan for beginner drop shippers. Paid plan starts from $99 per month. You can reach out to the support team via email, phone call, and live chat. There is extensive knowledgebase containing helpful guides.

    Inventory Source Features

    Inventory Source comes with dozens of features for managing a full-scale drop shipping business. Let’s discuss some of the main features in detail.

    1. Easy to Use

    Dropshipping has taken the eCommerce business to a new height. So online sellers are making impressive profits and reaching huge customer bases in record time. A successful dropshipping business needs robust software and an understanding of the functionalities.

    Inventory Source offers an easy-to-use interface with self-understandable features. If you are a beginner and have no prior experience then don’t worry. No need to spend hours on learning curves for knowing the operations. One can start using the tool right away.

    2. Full Automation

    There are a lot of aspects of a business and hard to manage them all manually. Automating the tasks through software can save a lot of valuable time. So the business owner can focus on important things like marketing and customer satisfaction.

    Inventory Source is known for its robust automation features. Some of them include inventory automation, product synchronization, order processing, etc. When a customer place order, you need to forward the customer details to the supplier. Instead of copy-paste, you can send the order details over to the supplier automatically.

    Inventory management is also an important task that demands huge work. Using this software, you can automate the whole task. The real-time tracking system shows current product availability, price changes, etc., and automatically reflects it in the dashboard.

    Well-known eCommerce websites have an army of people working round the clock. If you are a beginner, then you might not be able to afford a team of employees. So the automated dropshipping software like Inventory Source put the business on autopilot. 

    3. Dropship Suppliers Directory

    Online business has tremendous opportunities and many people want to take their slice of the pie. If you have a limited budget then buying and storing products can be difficult. Here the power of dropshipping supplier directories comes into play.

    Inventory Source has a massive supplier directory with over 4,000 wholesalers & drop shippers, from leading drop ship niches. Their advanced searching, filtering, and sorting feature help you to locate your right supplier simply. Moreover, Inventory Source provides all the information for free.

    Search through millions of products in various categories including clothes and fashion accessories, pet products, electronics, furniture, fragrance, office supplies, electronics, and more. Each product comes with high-resolution images, wholesale price, details description, minimum order, etc.

    It includes comprehensive information on dropship supplier fees, policies, and contact information all in one place. So you don’t have to search through websites to get this information. Just search for the best wholesaler in your niche and contact them directly.

    4. Intelligent Order Routing

    Dropshipping business needs automation for smooth business operations. So the intelligent rule-based order routing is incredibly beneficial to your dropship operation.

    Order routing is a rule-based order fulfillment method. It simply means you receive an order, check the item in the supplier’s inventory, and deliver the product to the customer using the fastest way. If you are sourcing products from multiple suppliers, then order routing chooses the ideal location to source the product.

    Once you start sourcing products from multiple suppliers, the complexity grows exponentially. You need Inventory Source’s robust solutions to optimize the order routing capabilities. The order fulfillment process would be hustle-free and customers receive timely orders.

    5. Integrations

    Inventory Source offers one of the biggest integration in the industry. You can sync with third-party software and services to fulfill your dropshipping needs.

    Inventory Source is currently working on more than 30 channels, including some of the big names. Integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and other sales platforms without requiring technical details.

    No need to add product descriptions, titles, images, categories, and the rest. Product data will automatically sync with the platform after the integration.

    6. Instant Support

    Instant customer support is very important when you are doing drop shipping business. So Inventory Source offers quick support through phone, email, and live chat.

    If you encounter an issue, then ask for help using the above mediums. You would also get video tutorials, in-depth guides, documentation, etc.

    Inventory Source Pricing

    Inventory Source is a great tool for automating dropshipping tasks. Depending on business needs this software offers flexible plans.

    Inventory Source pricing inventory source promo

    1. Directory Account

    This is a free plan offered by Inventory Source. You would get access to the dropship supplier directory, contact information, product preview, etc.

    You don’t have to enter credit card details for getting access. If you are just getting started and want the above features, then this plan would be great.

    However, there is no automation feature in this plan. You have to upgrade to put your hands on sophisticated automation features.

    2. Inventory Automation

    The Inventory Automation plan includes 3 plans.

    • Basic: The Basic plan offers 1 integration, 50K SKU (stock keeping unit) limit, 2X inventory syncing, etc. This plan costs $99 per month.
    • Plus: The Plus plan offers 2 integration, 250K SKU limit, optimized syncing, etc. This plan costs $149 per month.
    • Power Seller: The Power Seller plan offers 6 integration, 500K SKU  limit, optimized syncing, etc. This plan costs $299 per month.

    3. Full Automation

    The Full Automation plan also includes 3 plans.

    • Basic: The Basic plan offers 1 integration, 100 order/mo limit, 50K SKU limit, 2X inventory syncing, etc. This plan costs $199 per month.
    • Plus: The Plus plan offers 2 integration, 500 orders/mo, 250K SKU limit, optimized syncing, etc. This plan costs $249 per month.
    • Power Seller: The Power Seller plan offers 6 integration, 1,000 orders/mo, 500K SKU limit, optimized syncing, etc. This plan costs $399 per month.

    If you have a huge eCommerce store and want to connect private vendor network, then head to Flxpoint. The software costs $599 per month.


    So these are some of the things you need to know about the Inventory Source promo code. Inventory Source automates dozens of the regular tasks required to run a successful dropshipping business.

    Starting an online business and delivering products to customers has never been easier than today. If you want to start your dropshipping business then use the Inventory Source software for automating various tasks.

    1. Does Inventory Source provide a promo code?

      Yes, you can enjoy an instant discount of 40% on various plans.

    2. How to get Inventory Source promo code 2022?

      Just click on our special link to visit the Inventory Source website and get a discount.

    3. Do I need an Inventory Source coupon to avail of the discount?

      You can enter the promotional coupon code BFOR40 to activate the discount. Otherwise, use the above link and the deal will be activated automatically.

    4. How much discount I can get?

      You can get a flat 40% discount on the premium plans of Inventory Source.

    5. What is the money-back guarantee of Inventory Source?

      There is no moneyback guarantee on Inventory Source. So you can signup with the free plan and then upgrade to a premium plan.

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