Jasper AI Promo Code 2022: Save Up to $120 + 2 Months Free

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In the world of the digital lifestyle, we are sounded by mountains of content. Businesses are investing heavily in content marketing for driving fresh traffic and keep them engaged. The demand for high-quality content is on the top.

So you need to hire content writers for producing high-quality and engaging content. But they might not generate content at a scale regularly. To be honest writer’s block is a real concept and we should consider it also.

To get rid of this, marketers can use an AI writing assistant that can generate boatloads of content without interpretation. When it comes to copywriting software, Jasper AI stands on the top. In this post, I will show you the Jasper AI promo code to get the tool at discount.

So let’s get started.

Jasper AI Promo Code 2022 ($120 OFF)

Jasper AI offers premium content writing features that help you to generate any form of content quickly. You would get 50+ pre-built content templates for various purposes. The Bose mode is also there to generate outputs at 5X speed.

Jasper AI promo offer Jasper AI promo

If you are searching for an AI writing assistant, then Jasper AI can be a great option. Using the above link you can get the same tool at a discounted price and save money.

  1. Use Jasper AI For Free For 5 Days: Get 10,000 Words of Free Credit when you sign up on Jasper using this deal link.
  2. 2 Months Free on Annual Plans: Get 2 months free when you sign up for the annual plan.
  3. Jasper.ai Starter Plan for $24/m: Get 2 months free when you sign up for the starter plan yearly. This is the best plan for the short-form content requirements.
  4. Jasper Ai Boss Mode Plan for $49/m: Get 2 months free when you sign up for the Boss mode plan yearly. This is the best plan for the long-form content requirements.

You can get access to the Jasper AI tool at as low as $24/month. Check out the step-by-step process to know more.

How To Active Jasper AI Promo Code

Here is a step-by-step guide to activating the Jasper AI promo code. Follow the below steps to get a flat 16% discount on your Jasper AI purchase.

Step 1. Click on our special discount link and it will automatically activate the 16% discount for you. No need to manually insert the Jasper AI coupon code. The above-mentioned discount will be automatically applied to you after clicking on the above link. After clicking the above link you will be landed on the pricing page of Jasper AI.

jasai1 Jasper AI Promo Code

Step 2. Here you can see the pricing of different plans with the features. I recommend you to go with the Starter plan in the beginning. Later you can switch to the boss mode if heavy content production is required. Choose the world limit slider and click on Start Now to continue.

Step 3. In the next step, Jasper AI will ask you to create an account. So enter your name, email address, and password to continue.

jasai2 Jasper AI Promo Code

Step 4. Now you have to verify your email. Check your email box and search for the confirmation code that Jasper just send to you. Enter that code and click on Verify to continue.

Step 5. In the next step, Jasper will ask you to add your company name and domain. Add those things and click on Continue. Then add the content types you want to use Jasper AI. You can change them later as well. Then click on Next.

jasai3 Jasper AI Promo Code

Step 6. In the next step, you can see the pricing with other details. As you can see the discount is already applied and the price is adjusted accordingly. Enter card details, and billing address, and click on the Subscribe button to continue.

jasai4 Jasper AI Promo Code

Step 7. After successful payment, you would receive an email from Jasper AI containing billing information and plan details.

Congratulations! You have successfully applied the Jasper AI promo code and got the discount.

About Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerful content-generation tool for any level of user. It was formally known as Jarvis.ai. The whole concept is based on GPT-3 software for generating high-quality content at scale. The competitive features and clean user interface makes Jasper AI a market leader.

Jasper Ai Jasper AI promo

Using this revolutionary tool, you can create long-form blog posts, scripts for YouTube videos, stories, assignments, marketing copies, landing pages, etc.

You would get 50+ content templates in different categories. All the content generated through Jasper AI is original and plagiarism free. So you can directly use them in any web publication and have peace of mind.

You can accelerate the work up to 5 times faster by enabling the Boss Mode. It opens the long-form editor and generates high-quality content within a second.

If you want to generate SEO-optimized content, then Jasper AI has covered it. They integrated with Surfer SEO to modify the content according to the latest SEO standards and get a higher ranking in Google searches.

Jasper AI supports 25+ languages on its platform. So you don’t have to copy-paste content from Google Translate and repeat the same process.

This AI writing tool helps you to generate near-human writing quality content instantly. The Starter plan of Jasper AI starts from $29 per month which allows you to generate up to 20K words per month. Support option includes live chat and email.

Jasper AI Features

Jasper AI comes with many awesome features. Let’s discuss some of the best ones in detail.

1. Intuitive Design & Interface

Many people often consider that operating an AI-powered tool would be difficult. But Jasper AI comes with easy to use interface with clear navigations. So users don’t have to go through learning curves and hours of training.

Jasper AI interface Jasper AI promo

All the options are present on the left-side menu for giving easy access. You would get options like Dashboard, Templates, Recipes, Documents, etc to generate content high-quality content for different writing needs.

If you have never used this type of tool before, then no difficulty will arise.

The signup process is straightforward. It just takes 2 minutes to create an account and start using the Jasper AI tool. Generate high-quality content using this tool and fulfill your needs.

2. More Than 50+ Content Templates

One of the best features I found in Jasper AI is the content templates. You don’t have to write content from scratch because these templates would give a blueprint.

Jasper AI offers 50+ templates for a variety of content needs. Some of them include long-form content, product description, creative story, content improver, video descriptions, personalized cold emails, Quora answers, ad copies, company bio, etc.

Jasper.ai Templates Jasper AI promo

You just need to write some of the content outlines you want to create undoubtedly. Then the tool will generate appealing content based on that.

All the templates are designed by industry experts and content specialists. Whenever you required urgent work, just pick a template and let Jasper AI do all the writing works for you in a few seconds.

3. Creates SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a buzzword and marketers are trying endless ways to get a higher ranking. Gone are the days when high volumes of worst-quality or thin content get top search engine rankings.

Nowadays SEO became sophisticated and you have to understand search engine ranking factors and Google Algorithms. So the process starts with SEO-friendly content that fulfills the searcher’s intent and gets a higher ranking.

Various research shows that long-form content increases your chance of ranking in the first position. There is no limitation on the number of words you can generate once on Jasper AI. Just add your title and content outlines to generate high-quality SEO-optimized articles.

Jasper AI integrated with Surfer SEO to analyze your content against different ranking signals. Surfer SEO is one of the best SEO tools in the market and provides the best recommendations. You can enter up to 3 keywords to optimize your content properly.

4. 100% Plagiarism-Free

Unique content is important for Google and other search engines. Unique content simply means content i.e 100% original and doesn’t publish anywhere. As a search engine, Google wants to show trusted and quality results for search queries.

Jasper AI generates 100% unique and plagiarism-free content. After adding your topic to Jasper AI, the tool search for hundreds of articles. After the crawl is completed, the tool starts generating meaningful high-quality content. Growth of website sales and conversion using high-quality unique content.

Google prioritizes content based on both relevancy and comparison with similar content. Duplicate content has the risk of being penalized by Google. Publish original content generated by Jasper AI and get a higher position on Google search.

5. Jasper Recipes

Jasper recently launched a feature named Recipes that can help you to create content faster. Jasper Recipes are some pre-designed workflows that contain various Jasper commands to create content. It acts as a template to help users to build AI content even faster.

This is also very similar to food recipes that contain a series of information on how to prepare a dish.

First, you need to decide on the recipe. You can pick one of the Jasper Featured Recipes from the dashboard or pick a Jasper Recipe from the community. After selecting a recipe you will see a paragraph explaining what the recipe does. Below that, you can see a series of commands available inside the recipes. Just replace the variables with your content topic and hit the generate button.

However, you can create your own Jasper Recipe. If you have a frequent requirement for a particular type of content, then a custom Recipe would be a great option. You can share your Recipe in the community with other users.

6. Boss Mode

Jasper AI is powerful writing software that helps you to generate better content. It was created to make generate content in less time. If you have a content marketing agency and a heavy requirement for content, then you need something quick.

Thanks to Jasper AI for offering Boss Mode that generates unique content at 5X speed. The Boss Mode can be operated through various commands. Using these commands you can order the tool to write anything you want in normal language. Get out of writer’s block problem and deliver client’s work at lightning speed.

The Boss Mode comes with a 2000-3000 characters lookback feature which is the best in the industry. This means Jasper AI will real 2000-3000 characters back what you have written and generate the next paragraphs accordingly. So you would get engaging and high-quality content quickly.

You would also get the power of Compose button. This means you can generate unlimited outputs using the compose option. Previously, you need to edit words or phrases to make modifications. Now you can hit the Compose button as many times as you can and generate new output.

7. Multi-language Support

Jasper AI gives you the flexibility to generate high-quality content in 25+ languages. It uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate content quickly. So you don’t have to use Google Translate frequently.

Creating content in your native language has numerous benefits and you should not avoid that. Input the topic and content outline in your preferred language. The tool is so intelligent and automatically detects the language. You can generate the output in the same language or differently accordingly.

8. Quick Customer Support

Jasper AI offers instant customer support through email and live chat. You can reach out to the support team and they resolve your queries in minutes. We have tested the support and found it helpful.

In addition to that, you would get a lot of educational materials and resources. Have a look at the knowledgebase and FAQs section for self-help topics. You can connect with the community using the official Facebook group.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI offers various pricing options based on the features and number of words you can generate. You would get 2 plans to choose from.

1. Starter

The Starter plan is the base plan of Jasper AI. This is best for writing short forms of content and less word generation per month. Some of the features include 20,000 words per month, 10 sub-users logins, 50+ writing templates, etc.

Jasper Starter Plan Pricing Table

Words CreditPrice Per Month

2. Boss Mode

Boss Mode is very popular in the industry and offers amazing features. This plan is best for marketing agencies, and businesses looking for a huge amount of content.

Some of the highlighted features include 5X faster content generation, 3000 characters look back up, SurferSEO integration, Grammarly included, 25+ language support, priority chat support, etc.

Japer Boss Mode Plan Pricing Table

Words CreditBoss Mode Price (per Month)
300,000+Contact support team

Using the above Jasper AI promo code, you would get the above plans at a discounted price.


So these are some of the things you need to know about the Jasper AI promo code. Content marketing is driving the best results and you need to start focusing on it.

Using the Jasper AI tool, you can generate high-quality content quickly. Use the above steps to buy the Jasper AI tool and grab the discount.

No, you can enjoy a flat discount of up to 30% on various plans.

Just click on this special link to visit the Jasper AI website and get a discount.

Jasper is a powerful writing tool and worth every single penny. The base plan starts from $29 per month which is best for various writing needs.

Boss Mode is the best-selling plan in Jasper AI. It starts from $59 per month.

Yes, Jasper offers a 5-day free trial and lets you generate up to 10K words.

Yes, Jasper.ai offers a 5-day money-back guarantee with each plan. If you are not willing to use their service then write an email to hey@jasper.ai and ask for a refund.

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