Kinsta Coupon Code 2022: Save Up To $3000 [2-Months FREE]

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Do you want to save money on Kinsta hosting & searching for a Kinsta Coupon code?

Here’s the truth: Kinsta doesn’t offer coupon codes.

However, you can still save money. Below is the step-by-step guide to claiming the discount on Kinsta hosting.

So let’s get started.

Kinsta Coupon & Offer 2022

Kinsta provides superior quality Managed WordPress hosting service. You can get faster website loading, less downtime, more security features, and fewer performance issues as compared to generic web hosting.

If you are searching for reliable hosting and want to save your hard-earned money then Kinsta would be a good option. You can easily scale your plan as you need more resources with website traffic growth.

Kinsta discount offers 2 months of free hosting if you sign up for an annual plan. Along with that, you will also get a free migration service that saves additional money.

Kinsta PlanOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceSavingLink
1. Starter Plan$30/Month$25/Month$60Claim Kinsta Discount
2. Pro Plan$60/Month$50/Month$120Claim Discount
3. Business 1 Plan$100/Month$83.33/Month$200Claim Discount
4. Business 2 Plan$200/Month$166.66/Month$400Claim Discount
5. Business 3 Plan$300/Month$250/Month$600Claim Discount
6. Business 4 Plan$400/Month$333.33/Month$800Claim Discount
7. Enterprise 1 Plan$600/Month$500/Month$1200Claim Discount
8. Enterprise 2 Plan$900/Month$750/Month$1800Claim Discount
9. Enterprise 3 Plan$1200/Month$1000/Month$2400Claim Discount
10. Enterprise 4 Plan$1500/Month$1250/Month$3000Claim Discount

You can get Kinsta’s robust managed WordPress hosting plans at as low as $25/month after using this offer. Just click on the link to activate the Kinsta offer & the discount will be applied automatically.

Check out the step-by-step process to know more.

How To Active Kinsta Discount?

The process of activating the Kinsta discount code is very easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to activate the offer and grab a 30% discount on hosting plans.

Step 1. Click on this link and it will automatically be redirected to the pricing page of Kinsta. (No need to insert the Kinsta discount code manually).

Step 2. Kinsta only provides Managed WordPress hosting with industry-leading features. You can see 10 plans listed on the pricing page. We recommend you go with the Business 1 plan. It allows you to host 5 websites and offers some additional services. If you have a higher requirement, then choose the next plans.

Step 3. After selecting your plan, click on Choose button associated with the plan. Please toggle the paid yearly button to get additional 2 months for free.

Kinsta plans with 2 months free kinsta coupon

Step 4. In the next step, you have to create an account. Fill in the necessary details on the respective form fields and click on Continue.

Kinsta account creation process kinsta coupon

Step 5. The next page will ask you to enter company/individual information. Scroll down and you can see the billing section. Enter your card details there to proceed. On the same page, you can see the plan details and the total pricing.

Step 6. Then click on the Finish up button to complete it. After successful payment, you will receive an email with all the details.

Congratulations! You have successfully applied the Kinsta discount.

What is Kinsta Kinsta?

Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta is a leading cloud-based managed WordPress hosting service provider. The hosting company was started in 2013 with the aim to provide a robust hosting platform to small businesses.

Now, over 20K companies are using Kinsta for top-notch performance.

Kinsta’s backend infrastructure is based on a sophisticated Google cloud platform. As you know Google Cloud is known for best-in-class servers and you can expect maximum performance for your website. This also makes Kinsta a secure hosting environment.

Kinsta only offers a hosting service for WordPress websites. So the whole infrastructure is specially optimized for managing WordPress-based websites.

On the other hand, support staffs are also highly experienced at helping users. Some of their staff are also acting as contributors to the core WordPress software.

As we know, managed hosting plans are higher than normal shared hosting. But Kinsta found a balance between robust hosting and pricing.

The plan starts from $30 per month for a single website. But our special Kinsta coupon code will help you to buy a plan with an impressive discount.

Main Features of Kinsta Hosting:

Kinsta comes with some impressive features. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Managed WordPress Hosting

To get success in online business you have to juggle all sorts of things. From social media advertising to content creation, everything demands effort. Managing these things is overwhelming. This is where Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting comes in handy.

The hosting company has experience of over 10 years and knows how to create the best-managed WordPress hosting.

The whole hosting environment is fine-tuned to host WordPress-specific websites. This uses the latest PHP version and other combinations for WordPress.

After purchasing a plan, you would get access to the Kinsta dashboard. You would get a visually appealing dashboard to manage every aspect of your WordPress hosting.

mykinsta dashboard en kinsta coupon

You would also get features like automatic daily backup, malware scanning, automatic core WordPress update, high-end servers, staging environment, etc.

2. High-End Server Architecture

Kinsta has a sophisticated server infrastructure. The whole architecture is powered by the Google Cloud Platform. The company manages to add sophisticated server hardware and software. Google’s state-of-the-art cloud data centers house Kinsta’s WordPress websites.

Kinsta high end servers kinsta coupon

Servers are equipped with the latest technology like Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software container, etc.

You can choose from 28 data centers located in different corners of the world. They are strategically installed to provide the lowest latency anywhere. Based on your target audience, you can choose the server location.

LXD is a next-generation OS-level virtualization technology used for automatic scalability and maximum performance. This configuration can allocate server resources based on demand.

Kinsta doesn’t sit back and relax while Google is handing all the server-related things. Kinsta has an internal server monitoring team to monitor the server and uptime.

3. SSD Storage

SSD stands for solid-state drive and is used in Kinsta servers. As you know SSD servers perform way better than HDD servers. The read/write speed is higher and performs 300% faster than the HDD drive.

HDD drives rely on physical spinning, so more risk of mechanical failure than solid-state drives. The absence of mechanical parts is made information secure. SSD storage is also awesome from an environmental perspective. It consumes less energy and does not require cooling mechanisms.

If you are worried about environmental issues and want to care then you’ll definitely want to choose SSD hosting. But most of the hosting is still using the old-fashioned HDD storage.

Hosting WordPress and eCommerce websites can experience the best performance on Kinsta hosting because of SSD.

4. Great Uptime

Online businesses are spending a lot of time and money on marketing and driving traffic to the website. But what if the website is not accessed able because of server downtime? So it is important to check uptime before buying any hosting.

Most of the hosting service providers advertise to have 100% uptime. But it is not practically possible because servers need to restart at regular intervals.

To test the uptime of Kinsta, we buy a plan and made a demo website on it. We also used some third-party uptime monitoring tools that consistently monitor the server.

Our 12 monthly average shows that Kinsta has 99.98% uptime. It is above the industry average and very impressive for us. Google tracks your website and monitors its performance.

If the website goes down repeatedly then it can lead to penalization. But you don’t have such issues using Kinsta hosting.

Kinsta uses the Google Cloud platform which has 28 globally connected data centers. They consistently monitor the server performance and security.

5. Blazing Fast Loading Speed

Every online business wants to make its website visitors happy by offering a great user experience. Now visitors have the very little attention span and don’t want to wait a few seconds for website loading. So we can’t overlook the importance of website speed.

To be honest, there are many factors that affect website loading. But hosting is the most important one responsible for a faster website. The high-end servers and optimized WordPress environment lead to lighting fast page loading.

Kinsta handles speed optimization itself. They implement server-level caching and full-page caching. So no need for any caching plugin to faster page loading.

Build a strong first impression on the users and make them satisfied. Google has added the page loading speed in the ranking factors so it is not a choice anymore.

To handle sudden traffic spikes Kinsta has a free CDN feature. A content Delivery Network is a secret weapon that accelerates the speed of a website.

We used some third-party tools like Pingdom, and GTmetrix to test the loading speed of our demo website hosted on KInsta. To get accurate results we considered the average.

During our 6 month test, the average page loading speed was measured as 372ms. It is a really impressive speed. You have the freedom to choose an appropriate data center to enjoy superfast loading speed.

6. Automatic Backups

Every website contains a lot of files and important data. But things can go wrong and the website may face hackling attempts. In some cases, website modifications or plugin updates can break your website.

So it is important to take website backups at fast and regular intervals. You can fix the above errors by restoring a previous backup. But taking backup is a very tough task for non-technical people. This is where Kinsta’s automatic backup comes into play.

The automatic backup feature of Kinsta takes daily backup. The company keeps the backup for a minimum of 1 month or longer based on the plan.

If you want to restore then just push a button and your website would be restored instantly. Most of the hosting services charge extra dollars for taking backup and restoring it. But Kinsta offers this service for free.

Kinsta also offers a staging environment for testing plugins, themes, etc. Rather than playing with new stuff on a live website, you can evaluate them on a staging website. Once the customization is completed, you can push them into the live website in one click.

7. Free Website Migration

You might have hosted the website in another hosting service. But you are not satisfied with the service and want to migrate. Website migration is a tricky task and demands a lot of technical skills. It can be a nightmare for users who have next to no experience.

Kinsta offers a free website migration service. The technical team gives a warm welcome to migrants and manages all the transfer-related tasks.

Just give the old hosting credentials to the team and sit back. You will get a notification after everything is done. There would be no downtime while the transfer process is underway.

Don’t forget that website migration service is costly. Most of the hosting companies charge hundreds of dollars for website migration.

But Kinsta offers this service with each hosting plan without taking a penny. The technical team has migrated thousands of WordPress websites. So you can expect premium-level service and quality support.

8. 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee

You might have done extensive research on Kinsta and finally decided to buy a plan. But you don’t like the service or something that doesn’t meet your expectation. To give you peace of mind, Kinsta offers a 30-days no question asked moneyback guarantee.

You can try their hosting and launch website during the period. No long-term contract signing and hidden charges. Cancel the service from the dashboard and send a refund request. Please note that the refund policy is only applicable to first-time customers.

9. Stellar WordPress Support

Kinsta is known for its awesome customer support. As they have been providing Managed WordPress hosting for a decade, you can expect the best support. A multi-language support option is also available as Kinsta has international customers.

Kinsta Support kinsta coupon

There are several mediums to reach out to customer support executives. Use the 24/7 live chat feature or support ticket to resolve your queries. We found that the support team is very knowledgeable and responsive.

In addition to that, you can access the extensive Kinsta knowledgebase and blog. There are hundreds of self-help guides, tutorials, and resources to resolve common issues. According to the support page, Kinsta’s support staff responds within a minute to help you

Kinsta Pricing & Plans

Kinsta Pricing kinsta coupon

Kinsta offers different Managed WordPress hosting plans. As you know Managed WordPress hosting is quite more costly than normal shared hosting. We don’t have to forget the services and features associated with Kinsta hosting.

You would get 10 plans under Kinsta. All the plans are equipped with features like free CDN, SSL certificate, staging environment, free migration, etc.

  • Starter: The Starter plan allows you to host 1 website. In addition to that, you would get 10 GB of disk space, 25,000 visits, and more. This plan costs $30 per month.
  • Pro: The Pro plan allows you to host 2 websites. In addition to that, you would get 20 GB of disk space, 50,000 visits, and more. This plan costs $60 per month.
  • Business 1: The Business 1 plan allows you to host 5 websites. In addition to that, you would get 30 GB disk space, 100K visits, and more. This plan costs $100 per month.
  • Business 2: The Business 2 plan allows you to host 10 websites. In addition to that, you would get 40 GB disk space, 250K visits, and more. This plan costs $200 per month.
  • Business 3: The Business 3 plan allows you to host 20 websites. In addition to that, you would get 50 GB disk space, 400K visits, and more. This plan costs $300 per month.
  • Business 4: The Business 4 plan allows you to host 40 websites. In addition to that, you would get 60 GB disk space, 600K visits, and more. This plan costs $400 per month.
  • Enterprise 1: The Enterprise 1 plan allows you to host 60 websites. In addition to that, you would get 100 GB of disk space, 1 million visits, and more. This plan costs $600 per month.
  • Enterprise 2: The Enterprise 2 plan allows you to host 80 websites. In addition to that, you would get 150 GB of disk space, 1.5 million visits, and more. This plan costs $900 per month.
  • Enterprise 3: The Enterprise 3 plan allows you to host 120 websites. In addition to that, you would get 200 GB of disk space, 2 million visits, and more. This plan costs $1200 per month.
  • Enterprise 4: The Enterprise 4 plan allows you to host 150 websites. In addition to that, you would get 250 GB of disk space, 3 million visits, and more. This plan costs $1500 per month.

If you have a digital agency or want to host more websites then contact the sales team. They will guide you and offer a customized plan.

Using our special discount link, you can save hundreds of dollars and get free stuff.


So these are some of the things you need to know about the Kinsta discount code. Managed WordPress hosting gives peace of mind to beginners.

In addition to that, Kinsta offers some industry-leading features and the most secure hosting environment. Use our special link to visit Kinsta and grab the limited-time offer.

  1. Does Kinsta provide a discount?

    Yes, you can enjoy 2 months free when you pay annually.

  2. How to get a Kinsta discount code?

    Just click on this link to visit the Kinsta website and grab a discount.

  3. Do I need a Kinsta coupon to avail of the discount?

    No need to add any Kinsta coupon code.

  4. How much discount I can get?

    It depends on the type of hosting and plan you are buying. You can save up to $3000.

  5. What is the money-back guarantee of Kinsta?

    Kinsta offers 30 days money guarantee on each plan. So you can buy any plan without risk. If you’re not happy with the Kinsta service you can ask for a refund.

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