Thrive Themes Discount 2022 (30% OFF on Thrive Suite Membership)

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When it comes to website creation, WordPress has become the go-to Content Management System (CMS) solution for many brands. WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes that make launching and managing a new site easily.

So a WordPress theme along with plugins plays an important role that should not be overlooked. Thrive Themes can help you to make beautiful-looking websites without touching a line of code.

Using the Thrive Themes discount, you can buy it at a cheap price. I will show you how to avail yourself of the discount step by step.

So let’s get started.

Thrive Themes Discount (30% Off On Thrive Suite License)

If you’re looking to purchase the Thrive Suite and want to save some money, then you can grab this discount.

Thrive Themes discount code offers a 30% discount on all premium plans and membership. This limited-time discount offer will be activated automatically after clicking on the link. No additional Thrive Themes promo code or referral link or coupon code is needed for this.

Thrive Themes Coupon: 30% OFF On Thrive Suite License

Thrive Themes Coupon: 30% OFF On Thrive Suite License

On Going Offer
  • It Works 100% Success It Doesn't
  • You would get free instant support and updates. Please note that this discount will be applied only for Thrive Suite purchases. If you buy an individual product then this discount will not be applied.

    Check the below step-by-step guide to know how to avail of the discount.

    How To Active Thrive Themes Discount & Coupons

    Thrive Themes is providing a flat 30% discount on the whole kit purchase. You might be wondering how to activate Thrive Themes discount code? Well, follow the procedure to get the discount.

    Step 1. Click on the link to visit Thrive Themes’ official website.  After clicking on the above link you would be landed on the home page. The Thrive Themes discount offer would be activated automatically after clicking the above link. So you don’t have to manually enter any coupon code at your end.

    Step 2. Click on the Start Now button to continue. On the next page, you can see all the Thrive Themes products with brief descriptions. Now click on the Get Thrive Suite button to continue.

    Step 3. After clicking on the button the page will automatically scroll down. Now you can see the pricing. Basically, there are two pricing based on the plan duration.

    We recommend you to go with the Thrive Suite Yearly plan. You can enjoy all the Thrive Themes tools and maximum discount. So click on Buy Now button to continue.

    Step 4. Now you have to enter the basic information for creating a new account. Enter your email address, name, password, and other information in the form.

    Step 5. On the same page, you can see the total billing price. You can see the discount is already applied to the cart. You can pay using several payment methods including PayPal, Credit Card, etc.

    After a successful transaction, you would receive a confirmation email. Now you can download all themes and plugins available in Thrive Themes.

    Congratulations, you have successfully applied the Thrive Themes discount and got it at a cheap price. Now open your WordPress dashboard and add the tools to your website.

    About Thrive Themes

    Thrive Themes has a huge reputation on WordPress themes and plugin development. It was founded in 2013 by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy. Since then this platform is helping bloggers and website owners to active their business goals.

    thrive themes

    It is important to note that, Thrive Themes is focused on creating conversion-friendly products. Thrive Themes has a whole suite of awesome products like:

    • Thrive Theme Builder
    • Thrive, Architect
    • Thrive Quiz Builder
    • Thrive Leads
    • Thrive Ultimatum
    • Thrive Ovation
    • Thrive Apprentice
    • Thrive Optimize, and many more.

    These products are available under Thrive Suite, an all-in-one toolbox for creating WordPress websites and converting visitors into customers. You can choose from over 300 ready-to-use templates and start creating web pages quickly. Everything in this platform is drag and drop and you would have total visual control over designing elements.

    You can purchase each product separately or have the Thrive Suite that comes with all the products. The Thrive Suite costs $30 per month. Using the Thrive Themes discount code, you can get it at a low price.

    Thrive Themes Features

    Thrive Themes comes with dozens of tools and features. Let’s put some lights on the major ones.

    1. Easy to Use and Conversion Focused

    Thrive Themes is super easy to operate and beginner-friendly. Almost all the tools and features associated with it come with visual editors. You don’t have to touch a single line of code.

    In the end, you want sales and conversions from your website. Thrive Themes comes with all the tools designed for boosting lead generation. This ensures maximum revenue for your business.

    2. Thrive Theme Builder

    Thrive Theme Builder is an incredibly easy-to-use WordPress theme builder. It allows you to create stunning websites by modifying all the aspects of a theme. You can customize:

    • Homepage
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Page layout
    • Blog post layout
    • Sidebar
    • Widgets
    • Category pages, etc.

    There is a massive library of pre-designed conversion-focused website templates. Just choose a theme and start editing any aspect of the theme. All the customization can be made using the drag and drop builder. Every template is mobile optimized and perfectly adopts any screen size.

    If you are one of those users who wants fast-loading websites then Thrive Theme Builder is a great choice. You would get built-in support for WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache for maximum performance. With the help of Thrive Theme Builder, you can live your first website in a few minutes.

    There is an initial setup wizard to walk you through the whole process and let you know all the features. You can integrate your favorite tools with Thrive Themes in a few clicks.

    3. Thrive Architect

    Thrive Architect is an advanced visual WordPress page builder. You can compare it with other leading page builders available in the market like Elementor and Beaver builder.

    You would get a drag and drop interface for creating any type of page. All the design changes will be reflected on the live interface and you can see it actually happening. This feature is very helpful if you are creating landing pages. Thrive Architect comes with 319 pre-designed and 100% conversion-focused landing page templates. Using the templates you can build a page fast.

    There are over 100 content blocks to choose from. You can add individual elements such as text, buttons, forms, timer, images, videos, and add other pre-designed block templates. Access to over 700 custom fonts styles to create beautiful pages.

    If you are going to use Thrive Themes for blogging then you don’t have to stay longer with just a wall of text. You can create well-formatted content, including things like styled lists, highlight boxes, images, and other media files, click-to-tweet quotes, and more.

    4. Thrive Optimize

    A/B testing is also called split testing. It is an experimentation process where you run a test with two or more versions of a web page. A/B testing is a part of conversion rate optimization and you can gather both qualitative and quantitative user insights.

    Thrive Optimize is a great tool for A/B testing lovers. It allows you to choose the better version of the page and make data-backed decisions. We know that most of the features of Thrive Themes are designed for driving maximum conversion.

    Thrive Optimize gives you the power to run highly-effective split tests for your landing pages. You don’t have to leave the WordPress interface or switch between a 3rd party test dashboard for running A/B tests. Just pick a conversion goal, create page variations using the visual editor and start the test.

    Set your own traffic distribution ratio and the system will send visitors to the pages accordingly. You can see all the stats using the detailed analytics dashboard and know how your tests are performing.

    5. Thrive Quiz Builder

    You know the importance of user engagement for a website. Quizzes are one of the visual elements that hook readers to stay on a website for longer durations. Keeping your visitors on your website for a longer period passes a good signal to Google and this can help boost your rankings.

    Thrive Quiz Builder comes with powerful features that allow you to make any type of quizzes that you need. It has multiple question types such as free text, sorting, single choice, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, essay, and survey. You can start building a quiz from scratch or use the powerful quiz templates.

    Using the Thrive Quiz drag and drop builder, you can create extremely complex quizzes with branching logic. After finishing a quiz you can give visitors a share-worthy badge or scoring system to easily show results. It can be easily added to any page using a simple shortcode.

    6. Thrive Ultimatum

    Countdown timers are great for creating a FOMO effect on your website. It is a popular marketing technique for adding urgency to increase your sales revenue and build anticipation.

    Thrive Ultimatum is a great tool for creating evergreen countdown timers for each visitor. It is also called a dynamic countdown timer. It is specific to each user and begins counting down when someone landed on your site.

    You would get many professionally designed templates, widgets, banners for countdown timers. Every template is 100% customizable using the intuitive, drag-and-drop visual editor. After creating the countdown timer you can show it on any page using a shortcode.

    Limited time offers with evergreen timers are very useful for a sales funnel. This timer encourages customers to complete their purchase and help businesses sell more products. No one wants to be left behind as the offer is expiring soon. This timer is fully translatable and the system will change headings, button texts, etc. dynamically.

    7. Thrive Apprentice

    Building online courses and selling them is a new money-making tread. Thrive Apprentice is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to create and sell online courses like Udemy.

    The drag and drop course environment allows you to create stunning course modules. Customize your login/registration page, brad color, course descriptions, and much more. You can also use pre-designed course templates to get started right away.

    If you want to sell more courses to existing customers then create multi-course bundles. You can integrate WooCommerce and ThriveCart for faster checkout.

    8. Thrive Comments

    Most people won’t take deep attention to the website comment section. But it is one of the few areas where visitors can express their thoughts and give feedback.

    Thrive Comments can change your WordPress comment area and make it an interactive community. So it can greatly increase engagement on your website. Thrive Comments allows you to integrate social login methods like Facebook and Google. It gives you many configuration options and reduces the time to manage comments.

    You can add features such as likes, dislikes, badges, share options to the comments. This feature turns comments into conversations and encourages users to put more effort to leave feedback. The threaded design ensures visitors read through a large list of comments easily.

    9. Thrive Leads

    It is no secret that, email marketing is the most beneficial digital marketing medium. Every dollar spends on an email marketing campaign generates $44 or a return on average.

    Thrive Leads is one of the best email list-building plugins for WordPress. Please note that it is not an email marketing service that sends emails. Thrive Leads provides tons of features that actually help you to grow your email list.

    Using the simple drag-and-drop editor, you can create conversion-focused opt-in forms. This feature allows you to create a variety of opt-in forms including lightbox, ribbon, slide-in, etc. Thrive Leads has a library of beautifully crafted templates for the different types of opt-in forms. You can also choose the trigger rule from a variety of options.

    The built-in analytics feature tracks conversions and shows the effectiveness of an option form. You can run A/B testing with different variants and make modifications.

    10. Thrive Ovation

    You know the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Customers have more trust in personal reviews than a conversion-focused sale page. So you have seen many sites using testimonials as social proof.

    Thrive Ovation is a testimonials plugin for WordPress. You can create eye-catching testimonial styles ask people to leave feedback. You don’t have to manually collect and upload every single testimonial received from different sources. Thanks to Thrive Ovation’s automated testimonial management system.

    Choose from dozens of testimonials templates and start editing. You can modify color schemes, font style, layouts, positions, and more. Thrive Ovation allows you to convert the comments into testimonials in one click. Head to the comment section of your website and click on the blue plus sign to the right of individual comments.

    11. Thrive Automator

    We know that conversion is the first goal of Thrive Themes. Thrive Automator is one of the tools that fall under the larger umbrella of Thrive Themes. It is very helpful for creating marketing automation.

    Using the intuitive drag and drop editor, you can set up various automation workflows. Set trigger, action, and filters for automation. This visual automation builder allows you to complex logic. Whether you want to add new subscribers to an email list or send product recommendations you can create automation. 

    The last step is to add the widgets to your website and display them on the front end. Thrive, Automator, makes this process super easy and you don’t waste a lot of time. Just add the shortcode to your website wherever you want to display the Thrive Clever Widgets.

    12. Great 3rd-Party Integrations

    Thrive Themes has a bunch of tools and services for different purposes. If you still want to use some more services then Thrive Themes easy integration helps you out.

    It was built to be developer-friendly and support the growing ecosystem of 3rd party integrations. There is a library of 3rd party integrations in a different category than extends Thrive Themes functionalities even further.

    Some of the popular integrations include Dropbox, ConvertKit, HubSpot, Zapier, etc. You can start using any service with the Thrive Themes in a few clicks.

    13. Money Back Guarantee (30 Days)

    Thrive Themes is a robust suite for business owners and bloggers. Their service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can purchase their plans without any risk as all the plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee.

    If you are not satisfied with their service want a refund, then reach out to their support team. The no question asked policy of Thrive Themes lets you get the refund instantly.

    14. Instant Support

    Need any support from Thrive Theme team? Then feel free to use the live chat or email support. The support team is very knowledgeable and provides instant support.

    The service has been improved over the years and updated regularly. You would get access to Thrive University. Here you would get hundreds of how-to guides, courses & webinars. If you are an absolute beginner, then you can grab enough knowledge.

    Thrive Themes Pricing

    Thrive Suite is a toolkit of WordPress themes and plugins specially designed to help users build a conversion-focused website. The Thrive Suite plans include all the tools.

    Thrive Suite pricing thrive themes discount

    There are two plans for purchasing the Thrive Suite:

    • Quarterly: $90 a quarter (Average to $30 a month).
    • Yearly: $328 a year (Average to $19 a month).

    There is no difference between the two plans except the price. You can clearly see that the Yearly plan is providing the best value than paying quarterly. Please note that the 30% discount will be applied only for yearly billing.

    So you can imagine how much you can save on paying upfront for a year.


    In this Thrive Themes discount post, we have analyzed all the important things. If you want to have the Thrive Themes suite, then this is the best time. Follow the above step-by-step guide and grab the limited-time Thrive Themes discount.

    FAQs Related to Thrive Themes Coupon Code

    1. What is the Thrive Themes?

      Thrive Themes is a leading WordPress themes and plugin development company. It was founded in 2013 and now serving thousands of users worldwide.

    2. How to get the Thrive Themes coupon code?

      Just click on this link to visit the Thrive Themes website and grab the discount.

    3. How much discount I can get on Thrive Themes?

      Thrive Themes coupon code allows you to get a flat 30% discount on the yearly purchase.

    4. Which plan is best for me?

      As we have discussed earlier, there is no difference between the two plans except the price. But you should go with the yearly plan to get a discount.

    5. Does Thrive Themes offer a money-back guarantee?

      Thrive Themes offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans. If you are not satisfied with the Thrive Themes service, reach out to the customer support team. They will cancel your plan and refund the money.

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