EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin Best Settings to Compress Images

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Is your blog too slow?

And it takes too much time to load a single page.

If answer this is YES then you don’t need to worry about it.

In this post, I will show how you can reduce page loading time just by compressing images with Ewww Image Optimizer.

There is no doubt:

Use of images makes your content more attractive, readable and appealing. But if are using too many high-quality images then this could have the bad effect on page loading time.

You must be familiar with that:

Page loading time plays an important role in ranking.

If your website is sluggish then you will face a drop in rankings and revenue.

Truth is no one likes a website which takes a too much time to load. Even Search engines hate that kind of websites and as a result, search engines drop their ranking in SERPs.

So it became necessary to focus on page loading time. There are different reasons for slow page loadings.

But three main reasons are:

  1. Bad Hosting
  2. Poorly coded Theme.
  3. Not optimizing images

And if you want to get rid of the first two problems then you need to switch to faster hosting and a fast loading theme. But that will cost you extra money.

But you can optimize images by compress before uploading. This will help you to save your money and hosting bandwidth.

So in this article, I am using EWWW Image Optimizer plugin to optimize images and reducing page loading time.

Why should you use EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin?

  • It also helps to reduce bandwidth to some extent. If you are using hosting which provide limited bandwidth then you must use image optimization plugins.
  • EWWW Image Optimizer compresses images losslessly. This plugin reduces the size of Images, but the quality of the image doesn’t get affected.
  •  Ewww image optimizer is a free image optimizer plugin.
  • This plugin resizes images automatically according to the dimensions you will set in the advance setting option.
  • It is capable of resizing previously uploaded images.

How to Install and set up EWWW Image Optimizer plugin:

  1.  You can search for EWWW Image Optimizer in WordPress plugin directory or you can download from here and upload it manually.
  2. After installing, activate it.
  3. Now on WordPress dashboard Go to settings and then select Ewww image optimizer.

In basic setting:

You don’t need to change any setting. Because latest version of this plugin already has set up optimum settings.

Ewww image optimizer

 In Advance setting:

  1.  You can schedule the optimization by providing the path of the folders.
  2.  You can set Size limit to the media images which you will upload to your website in future.
  3.  It also provides an option to resize existing images.if you want to resize previously uploaded images then you should enable this option.

Ewww image optimizer

If your theme and plugins create multiple images of different sizes then you can also disable creation of those images.

Bulk Optimization of Images with EWWW Image Optimizer:

You can optimize previously uploaded an image with one single click by using this plugin.

Ewww image optimizer
Steps to optimize images in Bulk:

  1. You can click on Bulk optimization in plugin setting or you can select: Media > Bulk optimize.
  2. Choose how long to pause between images (in seconds, 0 = disabled) and put some value in it. For example, I have set pause time of 2 seconds. It will reduce the load which acts on the server.EWWW Image optimizer best settings
  3. Then click on Scan for optimizing images.
  4. After scanning is complete click on start optimizing.
  5. It will start optimizing your existing images. And Ewww Image Optimizer optimises newly uploaded images automatically.

Sum up:

If you want to compress/optimize images of your blog then Ewww Image Optimizer is one of best plugins which will help you out. And the best part is it is free to use. I personally use this plugin on my blog.

If you have any suggestions and questions then drop a comment below. And if you know the better replacements of this plugin then you can suggest it to me.

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