13 Free SERP Tracking Tools To Monitor Ranked Keywords

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Businesses need to focus on the SEO game for getting success in search results. But search engine optimization is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Google has been changing ranking factors that make the game more complicated.

Businesses looking for free organic traffic need to keep track of SERP positions. Checking the keyword position of many posts/pages can be tedious and time-consuming.

So you can use free SERP tracking tools to make life easier.

Working hard without getting results can be highly frustrating. Spending time on website optimization is not enough. It is very difficult to get featured on the search engine result page. So we need to check the ranking positions simultaneously. I will show you some of the best free tools for SERP tracking.

So let’s get started.

What is SERP Tracking?

The search engine results page is also known as the SERP. These are the search results shown against a search query. It can contain organic search results, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, featured snippets, FAQs, knowledge graphs, and video results.

The SERP is getting updated at regular intervals and Google has many features now. I will use Google in place of search engines for a good reason. Because Google has over 86% market share in the space. Google’s sophisticated algorithms decide what to show for a query.

Even though Google’s search algorithm is kept inside a hidden vault, few key ranking factors are publically confirmed. You can apply them to your website and increase the chance of getting placed in SERP.

If you are targeting one keyword then you can manually check the ranking position. But it will be tedious if you have hundreds of pages to be ranked.

This is where the SERP keyword tracker comes into play. Check your website position by entering the keyword or exact URL. SERP monitoring tool allows you to analyze your own position and easily discover them.

Importance of Keyword Rank Tracking Tools

Tracking your keywords regularly is one of the best practices to measure SEO success. Working hard but not getting the results you deserve? You might be working hard in the wrong direction and SERP analysis can help you.

You are not the only one to rank in the top spot. So keyword tracking shows the current position of your webpage. In addition to that keyword rank tracking has several benefits. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

1. Check Your Website’s Keywords Performance

You might have put heavy effort into SEO. But how can you measure the output of your efforts? The simple solution can be a website’s keyword performance tracking.

These free SERP rank checker tools search hundreds of pages for a query. It saves hundreds of man-hours by automatic the task. Google plays with the position to know the user interaction on a search result. But your aim should be the top 10 positions of Google search results.

A sudden drop in position can lead to less traffic. If you are ranking on the 35 positions for a keyword, no one is going to click on the search result. So you need to take action accordingly to improve the rank.

2. Track Your Competitor’s Progress

You can consider Google SERP positions as a race and everyone wants to be placed between 0-10 (Most people consider featured snippets as position 0). To be honest you are not the only website trying to rank for a keyword. Hundreds of websites put heavy effort into getting the top 10 spots in search results.

SERP rank tracking tools allow you to keep track of competitors. If you are not aware of competitors then SERP analysis will show you all of them. A simple search against a keyword can show the competitor’s list also. But you can’t track their positions without a tool.

Thousands of search results won’t get any clicks because no one wants to visit deeper. Keyword tracking tools let you know the current position of your webpage against a query.

Your competitors might have used new techniques for higher ranking. Visit their websites and try to understand what they are doing. You can replicate the same and boost traffic to your website.

3. Hunt for New Opportunities

SERP features are dynamic. If you are a regular Google search user, then you have noticed a few changes to search engine results pages (SERPs) over the years. The days are gone when search engines provide a list of hyperlinks against your query.

Now SERPs are ornamented with a lot more sophisticated features, including featured snippets, knowledge graphs, questions and answers, images, and videos. Moreover, keywords with local search intent are pulling Google My Business listings.

Google’s mature algorithms have the capability to understand what you’re looking for. SERP position tools help you to find new opportunities with the changing feature. It will help you to stay ahead of competitors with a perfect optimization process.

If a search query is pulling featured snippet, or site links (additional links that shows below the main URL), you can optimize your pages for these things. It becomes easier to create new strategies that will let you compete with other websites.

4. Algorithm Update Diagnostics

Every website is using search engine optimization techniques to increase page rank. The position of web pages in the SERP is defined by Google’s sophisticated algorithm. The search engine giant wants to show the best results.

So the algorithm needs to be updated at regular intervals. You can say that the update is pushed every day whether it is major or minor. It is also Google’s response to spammers who find loopholes in the algorithm. The ultimate goal is to make sure that the searchers are getting the best experience possible.

Some update is responsible for keyword position down. You can easily track them using free SERP tracking tools. If your rankings have changed due to an algorithm update, you need to a shootout it. Do things in an ethical way and Google will definitely reward your hard work & efforts.

5. Increase Your Revenue

The digital space is getting increasingly competitive. Grabbing organic traffic is tougher than ever with the presence of over two billion websites online. But there are no definite limitations on how much traffic you can get.

Checking keyword positions in search results can give you an insight. As organic traffic doesn’t cost anything, you can focus on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase the number. If you can fine-tune your organic SEO, then it saves thousands of dollars that may spend on paid advertising. SEO can attract the same visitors you want to your website.

As people are searching for products or services, the intention is already defined. Driving high-intent and targeted visitors to your website organically can lead to more sales/conversions. More sales/conversion means more revenue. Your pages should be optimized for converting visitors into customers.

List of Best Free SERP Tracking Tools

A simple Google search can show you hundreds of SERP checkers. But we have done extensive research and come up with the below list.

1. WhatsMySerp

WhatsMySerp is a popular SERP keyword tracker that helps users accurately check their SEO results. To maintain relevancy and accuracy this tool automatically update the data regularly. You can see the last updated time of a keyword.

This tool allows you to check the top 100 Google search results for single or multiple keywords. Just enter the desired keyword, choose Google search location, and select device. If you are running a business locally, this tool track local search for various reasons.

WhatsMySerp free serp tracking tools

You can create a free account on WhatsMySerp to enjoy additional features like daily rank updates, ranking history, etc. The free version allows you to search ten keywords per day. The Premium plan costs $4.99 per month and you can track 25 keywords. For 1000 keywords tracking the price would be $59.99 per month.

2. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is the best SERP rank tracking tool used by SEO professionals and agencies. It is one of the fastest and most accurate SERP rank trackers. Tracking the performance of your website is now easier with AccuRanker.

You would get an intuitive dashboard to monitor the website’s keyword rankings. This keyword tracker has all the features you ever needed to analyze keyword performance. You can check the ranking of keywords in all major search engines, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Baidu, and Yandex.

AccuRanker website

This tool allows you to integrate Google Search Console and Google Analytics for in-depth metrics. The automatic monitoring feature automatically tracks all your defined keywords daily and sends you instant updates.

AccuRanker price is based on the number of keywords you want to monitor. The base plan costs $99 per month with 1000 keyword tracking. There are some agency functionalities to handle multiple websites and track a large number of keywords.

3. SpySERP

Research the performance of your keywords in search engines using the SpySERP tool. The real-time crawling technique shows keyword positions accurately. Maximize your conversion by driving targeted traffic.

You can view website performance on top search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, etc. The location selection option is also there for getting local search results. If you see a lower position of a keyword you should use effective strategies to improve it.

SpySERP website

The comparison feature allows you to analyze pages in different search engines and devices. Export SERP search results to CSV format for additional analysis. You can analyze up to 100 Google search results for a keyword.

SpySERP is an affordable tool charge based on the number of projects and keywords. The plan starts from $7.2 per month with 1000 keyword lookups. 

4. SEObility

SEObility is an all-in-one SEO tool to boost your website traffic. Using this software you can do things like website audit, crawling, rank tracking, backlink analysis, redirect checker, etc.

If you are not monitoring the keyword performance regularly, you can’t measure the SEO efforts. SEObility offers a free tool to check the current ranking position of a keyword in Google search.

SEObility website

You can see location-specific results as well as mobile or desktop rankings. The keyword rank monitoring feature keeps an eye on the desired keywords and sends timely reports. The on-site audit feature lets you check the complete website. Then you would get on-page optimizations suggestions.

The free plan has many limitations including 10 keyword monitoring. Premium plans start from $50 per month with 300 keyword rank tracking. In addition to that, you would get many other SEO tools. It will check your website for SEO errors.

5. Thruuu

Thruuu is the best tool for checking keyword positions on Google search results. If you want to get more traffic and a better ranking then Thruuu can help. It provides comprehensive insights into your competitors.

Thanks to the keyword rank checking feature that allows you to gauge how the website is performing. You can select a country if you are targeting a specific country. There is also an option to choose a search engine.

Thruuu website

One of the cool features is the SERP stats report. It shows some suggestions why these pages are on the first page of Google. You can keyword frequency, title suggestion, related search terms, etc. Adding these things to your content can make it more authoritative.

Thruuu suggests you create a free account to access more features. It breaks down the SERP results and shows insights like word count, number of images on the page, number of internal/external links, page type, keyword frequency, etc.

6. SearchEngineReports

Searchenginereports is another robust tool for checking keyword positions in search results. This tool shows up to 100 results for a given keyword. It is the best tool that gives marketing professionals and small business owners a detailed overview of search engine rankings.

This tool lets you improve the website’s SEO strategy and take keywords to the next level. You can check the latest ranking position by entering a URL or keyword. This tool allows you to check keyword positions for different locations.

Searchenginereports website

You can easily track your exact keyword positions with Searchenginereport’s accurate Google rank checker. If you see the keyword performance is less in the search result, optimizing pages can boost the ranking.

This tool doesn’t take a penny for showing the results. All the features are free and you can search for unlimited keywords.

7. SERP Robot

SERP Robot is a free keyword rank tracking tool that comes with many features. This tool shows the results of your SEO efforts and the current ranking position of a keyword.

If you want to improve your organic traffic, then SERP Robot tracking software is a good fit for you. Just enter your domain name, and choose region, device, and keywords. It lets your search up to 5 keywords position simultaneously.

SERP Robot website

The simple user interface provides a detailed overview of all keywords positions in a few clicks. This information can help you to boost your blog post rankings.

SERP Robot can be used as a free tool. However signup for a paid plan to get extra features. It is quite affordable compared to other SERP trackers. One SerpBot can perform 300 searches per day and costs $4.99 per month. According to your requirement, choose the number of SerpBot.

8. Link Assistant

Link Assistant is a very popular tool for accurate keyword research and position tracking. You need to install this software on your PC/Mac. The company is claiming to have over 2 million users worldwide.

Link Assistant is an essential tool to know where your website is ranking for any keyword. Whether you are scanning keywords in the top 50 or 500 search results this tool got you covered.

Checking search positions manually is a time-consuming job and can be hectic. Link Assistant makes the thing easier. The keyword position monitoring feature is very interesting. Keep your eyes on the average keyword ranking position and visibility score. When any keyword goes down the tool will send instant notifications.

Link Assistant website

This software integrated all your favorite keyword research tools in one place. You can analyze hundreds of keywords with important metrics like difficulty, search volume, etc.

Link Assistant allows you to use the tool for free. If you want more features with white-label options then switch to a paid plan. Rank Tracker Professional plan costs $149 per year. It comes with professional support and unlimited access to training materials.

9. Serp Surf

Serp Surf is a great tool for people who want to rank their web pages on the Google search engine result page. This free SERP checker accurately measures the current ranking positions of keywords with other competitors’ listings.

Keywords plays important role in website ranking and regular monitoring is advised. Enter your domain name, location, device, and keywords, and the data will be displayed. You can insert up to 5 keywords and check the SERP positions.

Serp Surf website

Your best ranking keywords can drop when the algorithm update is pushed. So this SERP checker will let you know and modifications needed on the website. Most of the searchers won’t visit the second page of search results. So your aim should be the top 10 positions.

SERP Surf is a free SERP checker tool and you don’t have to spend a penny for position tracking.

10. Zutrix

Zutrix is an AI-powered keyword rank tracking tool. It offers high accuracy and an easy solution for users. Whether you are a website owner or SEO professional, this SERP checker offers a user-friendly interface for easy analysis.

This Google SERP Checker can easily track the performance of your keywords across all devices and locations. Want to check the current ranking position of your primary keywords? Check what positions your keyword’s associated URLs are appearing on Google.

Zutrix website

Zutrix helps marketers to develop new strategies to drive more visitors organically. This tool sends instant notifications, scheduled reporting, and white-label integrations.

The free version of Zutrix allows you to search 10 keywords daily. It is affordable compared to other tools. The Starter plan costs $3 per month and allows you to track 50 keywords.

11. Keyword Rank Checker (Small SEO Tools)

keyword rank tr8 Free SERP Tracking Tools

SmallSEOTools is a popular destination for many free SEO tools. You would get some additional tools like an image resizer, logo maker, etc. They also have a free keyword rank checker tool.

Enter your domain name, preferred search engine, device (desktop, tablet, and mobile), and keywords. You can enter up to 10 keywords. Once you fill all the fields, click the Check Position button. Then you would get a report like this.

keyword rank tr9 Free SERP Tracking Tools

As you can see in the image, the tool shows keywords with exact URL, keyword ranking position, average monthly search volume, CPC, competition, the total number of search results, and the trend. Click on the trend and you would get the popularity over time graph of that keyword.

This tool is completely free to use with ads. It also doesn’t require a login and you can use the tool directly.

12. Google Rank Checker

google rank checker tool

If you have ever searched for any free SEO tools, then you must come across SEO Review Tools. It houses many SEO features. This is one of the simplest tools that you can find. You can use its SERP tracking features absolutely free. No need to create an account in this tool or log in. You can start using it right away.

Head to the Google Rank Checker tool section using this link. Then select Search Engine from the dropdown list, enter the website URL, and enter keywords. You can enter up to 10 keywords at a time. Once you enter all the details, click on Perform check.

It shows some basic stats like current ranking position, other URLs ranking on the first page, etc. This tool can’t perform much as the above tools. This is a basic tool and free to use.

13. Google Search Console

Google Search Console Free SERP Tracking Tools

You may have using Google Search Console for a while. Most people know that it is only used to submit a site for crawling and indexing.

You would be surprised to know that the Google Search Console can also be used as a SERP tracking tool.

This is a tool by Google where you can track various keyword rankings in Google search results. It is free to use and no uses limit is there.

After adding a new site, verify it and submit a sitemap. Then Google will start crawling your site and track results.

GSC shows the number of search impressions, clicks from the search result, and average position. They have added a lot of new features to the platform also.

Google search console rank tracking Free SERP Tracking Tools

You can get the report of the page ranking in which keywords. There are also a lot of filter options where you can analyze individual reports. One thing to consider here is the average position of keywords.

Although the tool shows the data of 2-3 days ago, you can get the idea. Select a post URL for which you want to track the keywords ranking. Then GSC shows you all the keywords getting impressions and clicks from the search results.


These are some of the best free SERP tracking tools available. Keeping track of keyword ranking is one of the most underrated SEO practices. If done correctly, it can take your whole website to a next level. Choose one of the above tools and boost the ranking positions.

Bibhu Prasad Bal is a content writer at Blogging Genie and a tech-savvy guy. In his spare time, you will find him watching Ancient Aliens and exploring the web. Contact: bibhu@bloggingforge.com

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