Podia Black Friday Deal 2022: 10% (Lifetime) + 50% Off (2 Months)

Limited Time Offer
Podia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer

Podia Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offer

Want a platform that lets you sell digital products all in one place? Selling courses, digital downloads, memberships, and more is easy with Podia!

Currently, Podia Back Friday & Cyber Monday Offer is active, which allows you to save up to 10% for a lifetime + 50% Off for the first 2 months.

Get a Podia subscription today to claim a lifetime discount.

Podia is a very well-known platform for building websites and selling courses online. It offers cost-effective solutions and an extremely intuitive user interface.

Are you searching for Podia Black Friday deals to start your course creator journey? Then you have landed in the right post as I am going to discuss it.

The potential growth of online courses is expected to grow exponentially. By seeing this enormous growth opportunity, I think now is the golden time to jump into the online education space.

If you want to sell your expertise through courses but don’t have technical knowledge, then Podia can be a great tool for you.

Fortunately, Podia Black Friday comes with a massive discount. In this post, I will show you how to avail of the discount step by step and other details about Podia.

So let’s get started.

Podia Black Friday Sales Details 2022

Every year Black Friday comes with surprising deals and offers on tech products. This year Podia comes with a huge discount on their plans.

If you are a course creator and want to build a website and sell courses, then this can be a great chance for you. You can also sell digital products and sell membership community plans using this tool.

If you want to buy this all-in-one digital platform then Black Friday 2022 brings the golden time for you.

During this sale, you can get a 10% lifetime discount on each plan of Podia. In addition to that, you would get an additional 50% off on the first two months.

Here’s what the Podia plans look like during the Black Friday sale.

Plan NamePricing (Per Month)Black Friday DiscountPrice After DiscountOffer Link
Mover$3910% OFF + 50% OFF on the First Two Months$35 per monthGrab Offer
Shaker$8910% OFF + 50% OFF on First Two Months$80 per monthGrab Offer
Earthquaker$19910% OFF + 50% OFF on the First Two Months$179 per monthGrab Offer

Course creators looking for a robust tool to build professional courses can grab this offer. This is the best deal you can get on Podia plans throughout the year.

Podia Black Friday sale will be live on November 25, 2022, and you have to buy the tool that day. This is a limited-time offer and you have to take action quickly.

Our exclusive Podia Black Friday link will activate the offer for you. No need to insert any additional coupon or promo code here.

Go through the below step-by-step procedure to avail the discount.

Steps To Active Podia Black Friday Offer

The process of activating the Podia Black Friday offer is very simple. Follow the below step-by-step process to activate the 10% lifetime discount plus 50% OFF on the first 2 months.

Step 1 – Click on BloggingForge’s exclusive discount link that will automatically activate the 10% lifetime discount for you. No need to insert the Podia coupon code manually, because the discount would be activated automatically. After clicking on the link, you would be landed on the deals page.

Podia Podia Black Friday

Step 2 – Here you can see the Pricing option on the top navigation bar. Click on that to proceed.

Step 3 – Now you would be on the Podia pricing page. Here you can clearly see that the 10% discount is already applied to all the premium plans. You have to subscribe to a yearly plan to get an additional 50% OFF on the first two months. So toggle the button to Pay Yearly for getting the extra benefits.

Step 4 – As you can see Podia offers 4 plans including a free one. You can choose a plan according to your requirement. I recommend you go with the Shaker plan that allows you to create affiliates for accelerating the course sale. So click on the Buy Now button associated with the plan.

Podia Pricing Podia Black Friday

Step 5 – Now you can see a popup asking for signup. As you are a new user, you have to create an account in Podia. Enter your name, email, and password. After adding this information, click on Continue to Payment button.

Step 6 – On the next popup screen, you can the billing details. Here you have to add card details and select the yearly payment schedule option. After adding the necessary information, click on the Upgrade button.

Step 7 – After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Podia containing the billing information and plan details.

Congratulation! You have successfully applied the Podia Black Friday discount and got 10% lifetime off. Now you can start using the platform and start creating courses.

What is Podia?

Podia Podia Black Friday

Podia is one of the most widely used all-in-one online learning platforms. Using this intuitive platform you can create online courses, build websites, start a community, sell digital downloads, sell online courses, sell coaching sessions, set up affiliate programs, and much more. Over 150-course creators have already chosen Podia.

No technical skills and design experience are needed to set up a course. You can create professional-looking online courses just by using the drag-and-drop course builder.

Podia doesn’t put a limitation on the number, of course, you can create. You can also sell unlimited coaching sessions and unlimited webinars.

Create stunning websites using pre-designed templates and sell your courses or digital products. Connect your payment providers with Podia in just a few clicks and let your customer buy seamlessly.

Podia also provides unlimited storage and bandwidth to host your files and videos.

A built-in marketing tool allows you to send broadcasting emails trigger-based emails. Podia doesn’t charge a transaction fee on any paid plan. This robust platform lets you create a community and build your loyal audience base. Podia offers instant customer support through live chat, calls, and email.

Podia Main Features

Podia is packed with many industry-leading features for course creators. Let’s discuss some of the highlighted features in detail. This will help you to consider Podia as your base for the online course-building platform.

1. Extremely Easy to use

Podia mainly focused on simplicity and ease of use. Any level of users including absolute beginners can also start creating courses in a few minutes. No coding knowledge or designing skill is required to create a website or courses.

You would get a drag-and-drop course builder and visual website builder to get things done. You can start from scratch or use pre-designed templates. Each template can be modified according to your need without touching a single line of code.

A visually appealing web interface comes with clear navigation so that you can move through different features. Podia hate learning curves and encourages you to focus on your business rather than spending hours to know the operation.

2. Build Stunning Websites

To be honest building a website is not an easy ball game for everyone. If we consider the technical side, it demands a lot of coding skills and prior experience. Thanks to Podia for making life easier for non-programmers by providing a visual website builder.

Anyone can create an eye-pleasing and professional-looking website in less than 10 minutes. You would get access to a template library that contains pre-designed websites for various purposes. Using these templates you can easily create a stunning website for selling online courses or digital products.

Use the drag-and-drop website builder to customize the template. Add images, text, videos, widgets, signup forms, CTA, and many more in just a few clicks. Most importantly, Podia allows you to host the website in the custom domain. It would be very useful for building a brand and creating a loyal student base.

3. Create Engaging Courses

Course creation is the most important part of any online learning platform. Podia offers a comprehensive course builder to create any type of engaging course. You can create standalone or bundle courses using this tool.

Create course sections, add new lessons, assignments, quizzes, files, and a lot more. Organize course structure by drag and drop feature and check the branching structure. When it comes to course content, you can directly upload the files in Podia or embed content hosted on another platform.

Create cohort-based courses where all the students have to take the course at the same time. The drip content feature gives you more control over the students learning. You can set a course completion certificate that would be issued automatically. Students will get an email notification containing the link to download the certificate.

4. Sell Online Courses

You might have created the best course in the world. But who will know about it if you don’t market it and reach potential customers? No need to go outside as Podia offers various marketing features.

The built-in email marketing feature can be used to broadcast emails and set up automated campaigns. No need to buy separate email marketing tools like Mailchimp, and Sendgrid, to enable this feature. Segment your students based on the course they enrolled in and send timely updates.

Podia allows you to enable an on-page live chat to boost sales and build customer relationships. Interact with your website visitors through this live chat and turn them into a customer. The upsell feature encourages buyers to purchase multiple products at the time of checkout.

Create high-converting sales pages using pre-designed templates and create a long-lasting fast impression. Coupons are great ways to accelerate sales. Podia allows you to create coupons with discounts.

Generate embeddable code snippets for your courses that can be pasted anywhere to display the same.

The pre-launch mode allows you to create hype and collect emails from potential buyers. Want to skyrocket the marketing and generate more sales?

Then Podia let you create your own affiliate program and build an army of promoters. Create an affiliate account, generate a unique affiliate ID, create a custom commission structure, send payouts, and much more without any additional software.

5. Sell Digital Products

In addition to online courses, Podia also allows you to sell a variety of digital products. You can sell downloadable products such as eBooks, cheat sheets, templates, images, videos, PDFs, audio and the list goes on. Just add those files in Podia and you are good to go.

Podia will help you to set up the store front and checkout page. You can offer these downloadable products as upsell for your courses. Sell your expertise through one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions. Your audience can book a schedule and make payment for this.

Set up paid webinars and workshops and your customers can directly register for them from the website. Podia will handle all the technical aspects like attendees’ registrations, sending reminders, taking payment, etc.

Integrate the webinar with YouTube Live or Zoom to offer the best experience. Podia automatically record the webinar and store it for replays. All the heavy lifting is done by this online learning platform and all you need is sale something.

6. Create a Community

Want to build your loyal audience base through community? Then Podia allows you to set up a forum-like platform for your courses. You can let the members join the community for free or by paying a monthly subscription.

Users can start a discussion on any topic and give comments on a discussion. Members can post images, and videos and you have supreme control over them. You can create private groups where members can join by invitation only. Publish exclusive content on groups that encourage your students to join the community.

7. Unlimited of Everything

Most online learning platforms put limitations on the courses. Podia never put a limitation on your business growth. Everything is unlimited here so you don’t have to count your students or courses. Use the intuitive course builder to create unlimited courses on any topic.

If you are creating a website for digital downloads, then upload unlimited files to Podia. There is no limitation on the storage space or bandwidth used. Create a forum-like feature on your website and let unlimited members join.

Sell unlimited coaching sessions and webinars using Podia. Webinars are recorded automatically and stored in Podia’s server and this is unlimited as well. Use the Podia platform as much as you can without worrying about the limitations.

8. No Transaction Fee

It is common in the online learning tools industry that they took a certain commission for every sale. But Podia never take a transaction fee in any plan. You just have to pay the payment processor fee which varies based on the location.

So you can launch affordable courses and take all the money home. This is one of the best features I found in Podia. You can integrate podia with PayPal or Stripe for collecting payments from students.

9. Free Migration

Are you using any other online course platform and want to switch to Podia? Then Podia will welcome you with a free migration service. It is included in every paid plan and you can get a huge benefit from it.

A team of experts with migrating your content, and customers from an old platform to podia for free. You just have to provide login details of the old online course platform, sit back and relax. Purchase any plan of Podia with a yearly subscription to get this service.

10. A lot of Integrations

There is no second opinion that Podia is packed with industry-leading features. However, it provides an easy integration feature to connect with hundreds of frequently used tools. It offers extra flexibility and gives you access to the tools you love.

Connect with tools like email marketing, payment processors, webinar, analytics, etc. Integrate Podia with Zapier to access more than 1000 apps without coding. Visit the integration library to find your favorite tools.

11. Instant Support

Customer support is very important in online learning platforms as your whole business relies on it. Podia offers instant support through email, live chat, and calls. The Earthquaker plan includes priority support.

Whenever you fall into the issue, just reach out to the support team and they will instantly help you. In addition to that, you would get access to weekly live sessions conducted by experts, knowledgebase, etc.

Podia Pricing

Podia offers 4 plans including a free one. There would be no transaction fee in any paid plan.

1. Mover

The Mover plan includes features like a full website builder, email marketing, community, unlimited courses, unlimited downloads, unlimited webinars, etc. This plan costs $39 per month.

2. Shaker

The Shaker plan includes all the features of the Mover plan. An additional feature allows you to create your own affiliate marketing program. This plan costs $89 per month

3. Earthquaker

The Earthquaker plan includes all the features of the Shaker plan. Additional features include priority support, expert seminar access, etc. This plan costs $199 per month.

These are normal pricing that you have to pay at any time of the year. But Podia Black Friday comes with a 10% lifetime discount plus 50% off for the first 2 months.

Pricing Comparison (Usual Pricing vs During Black Friday)

Let’s compare the usual pricing of Podia against the Black Friday pricing.

Plan NameUsual Pricing (Per Month)During Black Friday (Per Month)Discount Percentage

You can clearly observe that Black Friday is the best time to buy a Podia plan. The 10% discount would be applied to the new purchase and further renewals.

The additional 50% discount would be applied once you made a successful purchase. As there is no limitation, you can sell as many courses as you can and enroll any number of students.

FAQs Related To Podia Black Friday Sale 2022

Podia is a leading platform to create online courses, creating a website to sell digital products, markets, and much more. It provides an easy-to-use interface to manage all these things.

Podia Black Friday sale 2022 comes with an impressive 10% off on all the plans with 50% off on the first 2 months’ purchase. Based on your business requirement, you can select a plan from 3 options and grab the discount.

Podia offers 3 paid plans to choose from. There is no direct answer to this query. Analyze your requirements and the features offered by each plan. Then you can pick any plan with this impressive discount.

The process of activating the Podia Black Friday deal is very straightforward. Just click on BloggingForge’s exclusive discount link to activate the offer automatically. No additional promo code is needed here.

Podia Black Friday sale will be live on November 25, 2022, and you have to buy the tool that day.

The Podia Black Friday sale is about to be over. So hurry up and grab the limited-time deal now.

Yes, Podia offers a 3-day money-back guarantee with each plan. If you are not satisfied with the service, then cancel your subscription during that period and ask for a refund.

End Thoughts On Podia Black Friday Offer

So these are some of the things you need to know about Podia’s Black Friday offer. Podia is one of the leading platforms to create online courses and sell digital products. If you want to start your business around this niche then Podia can be the best tool.

Podia Black Friday deals come with a 10% discount plus a 50% discount on the first 2 months’ purchase.

Using our exclusive link, you can grab this offer now. Please note that this is a very limited-time offer and ends soon. What are you waiting for? Just click on the button below and buy a Podia plan now.

Bibhu Prasad Bal is a content writer at Blogging Genie and a tech-savvy guy. In his spare time, you will find him watching Ancient Aliens and exploring the web. Contact: bibhu@bloggingforge.com

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