Unbounce Black Friday Deals 2022 – Get Flat 20% Discount

Limited Time Offer
Unbounce Black Friday Offer

Unbounce Black Friday Offer

Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page builder that allows non-technical people to create, test, and publish high-converting landing pages without the need for any design or coding skills.

Currently, Unbounce Back Friday & Cyber Monday offer is active which offers you to enjoy 20% OFF for 3 months or for 12 months.


Are you running here are there for searching Unbounce Black Friday deals? Then you have fortunately landed in the right place as I am going to discuss the same.

Online businesses demand a lot of things align in the same straight line for more conversions.

When it comes to driving conversion landing page plays an important role. But designing a glamorous landing page needs a lot of technical skills.

To be honest, everyone has not a technical bone in their body, and this task seems difficult.

Thanks to tools like Unbounce for offering such a visual builder that simplifies life. Through this landing page builder, you can create high converting landing pages for any purpose.

Using the Unbounce Black Friday sale you can grab the tool at a discounted price. I will show you how to avail of the discount step by step along with some important features.

So let’s get started.

Unbounce Black Friday Sale Details

If you are searching for a robust landing page builder then Unbounce can be a great choice.

Unbounce Black Friday comes with impressive discounts and offers a golden opportunity. You can get a 20% discount on any Unbounce plan instantly. This limited-time discount will be only available for new purchases.

Here’s what Unbounce plans look like during Black Friday deals in 2022.

Plan NamePricing (Per Month)Black Friday DiscountPrice After DiscountOffer Link
1. Launch$9020% OFF$72 per monthGrab Offer
2. Optimize$13520% OFF$108 per monthGrab Offer
3. Accelerate$22520% OFF$180 per monthGrab Offer
4. Concierge$57510% OFF$517.5 per monthGrab Offer

Businesses, digital agencies, bloggers, and online educators, looking for a user-friendly tool for building landing pages can use Unbounce and grab this tool now.

Are you wondering when the Unbounce Black Friday sale would be live?

Well, the date is declared and it is all set to live on November 25, 2022.

You have to take action immediately because we don’t know when they close the sale.

Using our exclusive Unbounce Black Friday sale you can grab the discount immediately. You don’t have to insert any coupon code for getting this offer. Check the below step-by-step process to activate the offer now.

Steps To Active Unbounce Black Friday Offer

Do you want to grab the limited-time deal? The process of activating the Unbounce Black Friday sale is simple. Just follow the below steps and you would be eligible for this deal.

Step 1 – Click on this BlogingForge special link to activate the offer and get a 20% instant discount. You don’t have to insert any coupon code or discount voucher for getting this deal. It would automatically bring the deals for you. After clicking the above link you would land on a special landing page.

Unbounce Black Friday Unbounce Black Friday

Step 2 – On this page, you can see that the 20% discount is applied to you. The exact line says “Your friend just scored you 20% off your first three months (or 20% off a full year) with Unbounce!”. Click on the Start My 14-day Free Trial button to continue.

Step 3 – The same page would be automatically scrolled and ended with the plans. Here you can see the 3 plans of Unbounce that falls under the 20% discount bracket. Analyze your business requirements and the number of conversions you are expecting.

Unbounce Black Friday Plans Unbounce Black Friday

Step 4 – Make sure that the Yearly billing cycle is turned on. Because you have to choose the yearly subscription to get the best deal. Click on the Start My 14-Day Free Trial button to continue.

Step 5 – On the next page, you would be on the Account Info page. Here you have to add some personal information like name, and email, and set a password.

However, you can use the Google Sign-Up method. On the right side, you can see the order summary and total due to pay after 14 day’s trial. After adding all the information click on Sign Up with Email to continue.

Unbounce Black Friday Account Unbounce Black Friday

Step 6 – On the next page, you have to add billing information. Add the necessary details and click on the Start My 14-Day Free Trial button to continue.

Unbounce Black Friday Billing Unbounce Black Friday

Step 7 – You have to confirm the email address on the next page. Check your entered email and click on the link to confirm.

Step 8 – After successful payment setup, you would receive an email from Unbounce containing the billing information.

Congratulations! You have successfully availed of the 20% discount and got the Unbounce plan at a low price. Now you can start creating stunning landing pages using drag and drop editor.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce Homepage Unbounce Black Friday

Unbounce is one of the most used landing page builders. You can design stunning pages without touching a single line of code.

More than 15,000 businesses are using this tool. Whether you want to build a landing page for the next email campaign or new product launch, this tool would be super helpful.

The drag-and-drop landing page builder makes the page-building process hustle free. The smart features equipped inside it help you to instantly generate a page backed by campaign insights.

There are a lot of pre-designed templates to choose from and you always have the freedom to craft pages.

Apart from landing pages, Unbounce is also helpful for designing other conversion elements like popups and sticky bars. Using visual builder you can design attention-grabbing sticky bars that display at the top/bottom and different styles of popups.

Discover more conversion opportunities and generate new leads through these things.

Unbounce’s smart writer helps you to generate high-quality content instantly. Write as copy, catchy tagline, landing page content, and much more without writer’s block.

You can integrate Unbounce with a lot of third-party tools in a few clicks. This Unbounce Black Friday sale is offering a great opportunity to have this tool at a discounted price.

Main Features of Unbounce Page Builders

Unbounce is an industry-leading tool packed with many impressive features. Let’s discuss some highlighted features in detail.

1. Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder

To be honest not everyone has the technical skill to create landing pages. Unbounce comes with a drag-and-drop landing page builder. So you don’t have to touch a single line of code while developing a visually appealing page.

Create a new page in Unbounce Unbounce Black Friday

You can create a page from scratch or use a pre-designed template. There are hundreds of templates to choose from in a variety of categories. Choose one of them and start modifications. You can add text, images, CTA, etc. Drag the elements you need from the left side and drop them into the location.

Choose between Classic Builder and Smart Builder to build landing pages. The Classic Builder is the normal version where you get various customization options. But the Smart Builder is equipped with AI and provides various recommendations backed by data.

You can add custom scripts like Javascript, and CSS to have full control. All the pages made through Unbounce are mobile-friendly and load fast. With the dynamic text replacement feature, you can show personalized pages.

2. Hundreds of Templates

Unbounce has a great collection of templates for different purposes. These design masterpieces will help you to build pages faster. However, you can choose a black page or professionally-designed landing pages.

Visit the library and search for your designed templates using the search option. There is also a sort option including the options like popularity, name, and age. You can add a template in your canvas for editing in one click.

Click on any element and the edit properties will appear in the right sidebar. You would get the option to save a branded template for future uses. Using the Smart Builder’s AI recommendations you can optimize pages in real-time.

3. Create Popup and Sticky Bars

Unbounce is mostly known for its flagship landing page builder feature. But it also features conversion-focused elements like popups and sticky bars. These are great elements for driving more conversions with your existing traffic.

Unbounce popup editor Unbounce Black Friday

No more coding is required for creating popups and sticky bars. Build and publish these elements with the visual editor. Set triggers, conditions, and logic, to dynamically show a popup and sticky bars. Just paste a code snippet into your website and it would start showing.

These conversion-focused elements are super useful for spreading your promotions. Decide how often the promotions would be displayed to your visitors. The dynamic text replacement feature allows you to show personalized headlines. This Unbounce Black Friday deal helps you to grab a landing page builder with popup and sticky bar features.

4. AI Copywriting

Writer’s block is one of the biggest issues in the content production space.

Are you searching for an AI content writing tool with robust features? Then no need to go outside as Unbounce contains a feature named Smart Copy. It uses AI to generate thousands of words instantly.

You would never get delayed because of copywriting issues. There are over 45 different writing templates to choose from. Whether you want to create a story or Facebook Ad copy, there would be a pre-built template.

This intelligent tool can generate content in 30 languages. Just add the headline and quick description to produce high-quality content.

Smart Copy generates 100% plagiarism-free content that you can directly publish on any webpage. This tool is available as an add-on and offers both free/paid plans.

5. AI Optimization

Driving traffic to a webpage in this noisy world and generating conversion is now tough. So optimization is one of the most important things you should do to drive more traffic and conversion. Unbounce comes with a feature named Smart Traffic that made optimization easier.

Stop guessing and start adding elements to the landing page that drive conversions. This feature allows you to create two or more variations of landing pages. So you can test the pages and figure out which one is driving more results. It is very similar to the A/B testing feature we saw earlier.

Use the power of AI that backed data to optimize a page. The reporting feature will show the high-performing and low-performing variants. So you can increase the focus on high-performing ones to get more sales.

6. Platform Security

Data security is now a huge topic of debate that businesses are dealing with. Unbounce knows it and comes with solid security features to protect users’ data. It will also build trust between businesses and customers and encourage them to take buying decisions.

All the landing pages come with SSL encryption which has become a standard. As you know Google Chrome is showing an alert if a page doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the toughest privacy laws in the world. Law complacency is a dangerous territory Unbounce is designed to be GDPR compliant.

2-factor authentication is another security-boosting feature. Keep your conversion data clean by filtering spam IP addresses. Audit logs and automatic backup are two more security features.

7. A lot of Integrations

Unbounce is packed with many more features than just a landing page builder. However, you can connect your favorite tools and services with Unbounce in a few clicks. It offers easy integrations with a variety of tools to expand features.

Some of the popular integration categories include eCommerce, tracking, forms, design elements, media, utility, etc. Some of the most popular ones include Calendly, Stripe, Shopify, Facebook Pixel, PayPal, Google Analytics, and more.

8. Instant Support

Customer support plays an important role especially when a business relies on your service. So Unbounce provides instant support through various mediums. You can reach out to them via email, live chat, and call.

Get access to an extensive knowledge base that contains tons of self-help in-depth guides and training materials. Unbounce also sends weekly newsletters containing helpful insights and techniques to drive more conversions.

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce comes with straightforward pricing. You have 4 options to choose from. You can create unlimited landing pages, popups, and sticky bars in any plan.

Unbounce Pricing Unbounce Black Friday
  • Launch – The launch plan allows 1 domain, 500 conversions, 20K visitors, etc. This plan costs $90 per month.
  • Optimize – The Optimise plan allows 5 domains, 1000 conversions, 30K visitors, etc. This plan costs $135 per month.
  • Accelerate – The Accelerate plan allows 10 domains, 2500 conversions, 50K visitors, etc. This plan costs $225 per month.
  • Concierge – The Concierge plan allows 25 domains, 5000 conversions, 100K visitors, etc. This plan costs $575 per month.

Pricing Comparison (Usual Pricing vs Black Friday Sale)

Unbounce plans usually come with a higher price tag. But Black Friday comes with impressive discounts that are reducing the pricing. Let’s have a comparison between the usual pricing and vs Black Friday sale.

Plan NameUsual Pricing (Per Month)During Black Friday (Per Month)Discount Percentage

You can clearly notice that Unbounce plans are available with an impressive discount that you never imagine. The 20% discount would only be applied to new users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unbounce is an all-in-one landing page builder with more than 15K businesses in their customer base. You can also create other conversion-focused elements like popups and sticky bars.

Unbounce Black Friday deals 2022 come with a limited-time 20% off on all the plans. Based on your landing page requirement, you can select a plan from 4 variations and grab the discount.

Unbounce offers 4 paid plans to choose from. Analyze your conversion and visitor’s requirement and the number of domains allowed by each plan. Then you can pick any plan with this impressive discount.

The process of activating the Unbounce Black Friday offer is very straightforward. Just click on BloggingForge’s exclusive discount link to activate the offer automatically. No additional promo code is needed here. This discount would be only applicable for new purchases.

Unbounce Black Friday sale will be live on November 25, 2022, and you have to take action immediately.

The Unbounce Black Friday sale may be closed without any announcement. So hurry up and grab the limited-time deal now.

No, Unbounce doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee in any plan. You have to test the tool during the trial period and can cancel anytime within 14 days.


So these are some of the things you need to know about Unbounce. If you are searching for a powerful landing page builder with all the necessary features then Unbounce can be a great option.

Using our exclusive link you can get a flat 20% discount on Unbounce plans. So what are you waiting for?

Just click on the link and avail the discount now.

Bibhu Prasad Bal is a content writer at Blogging Genie and a tech-savvy guy. In his spare time, you will find him watching Ancient Aliens and exploring the web. Contact: bibhu@bloggingforge.com

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