Most of the web hosting companies will provide this year with the best Black Friday Hosting sale for their consumers. WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale is one of the much-awaited Managed WordPress hosting deals of 2021.

 WPX Hosting provides Managed WordPress hosting with impressive pricing and top-notch speed.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale Details

WPX Hosting has planned to launch huge offers or discounts for this Black Friday sale. They offer two different types of deals depending on their plan duration.

The Black Friday sale will launch for a week and as well as covers Cyber Monday. Let us discuss the WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale 2021, its regular hosting deals, and many more in detail. Find below the plan details:

1. 95% Off [Monthly Plan]

For the first month, you can avail up to a maximum of 95% discount by utilizing the WPX Hosting Black Friday sale or deal.

It is applicable only if you select the monthly plan. With regard to the Business plan, the first-month pricing will be around just $1.25.

2. Get 3 Months Free [Annual Plan]

Users can opt for an Annual plan to avail of numerous discounts if they are willing to pay the upfront amount.

The offers apply to avail on any sort of WPX Hosting deals or plans. With regards to the Black Friday sale, you can get  3 months for free with WPX Hosting annual plan.

How To Utilize WPX Hosting Black Friday Offers

Find below the instructions on how to utilize the WPX Hosting offers:

Step 1: Open up a web browser and access the WPX Hosting Official website page.

Step 2: Tap the Start Now icon that is located near the top right-hand side screen corner to access the Hosting Plan page of WordPress.

Step 3: Now, press the Get Started Option icon to receive a pop-up window to choose your preferred server location (either it could be the UK or the U.S.).

Step 4: After choosing your preferred server, you can select when you can utilize your own domain or think of purchasing a new one within the WPX Hosting official website.

Step 5: Press the Continue icon to choose your preferred plan duration. You can avail of the Black Friday Sale or deal without utilizing the coupon code.

Step 6: You can activate any one of the Business Plan $1 Coupon codes or exclusive Coupon code by inputting the WPX-ROCKS-UK or the WHB50 (WPX Coupon Code). To make this coupon code work, you need to choose the monthly billing plan.

Step 7: Tap the Continue icon and input the Hosting form & also process the payment option to utilize the WPX Hosting Offers without any hassle.

WPX Hosting Plans & Pricing

Similar to other hosting companies, WPX Hosting will provide straightforward and simple plans to utilize. WPX Hosting offering three different types of plans of Managed WordPress hosting solutions.

The major difference between each plan is about the website’s bandwidth usage, the amount of storage space, and the number of hosting websites. The other features remain unchanged for each plan.

1. Elite Plan:

The Elite plan can be utilized by users to allow the hosting of massive 35 websites. It has a limited 40 GB of storage space along with unlimited bandwidth.

When compared with other hosting companies, it offers the Fair Usage Policy to utilize unlimited bandwidth. This could be an ideal plan if you prefer to host any high-traffic websites by not using your own VPS.

2. Professional Plan:

The Professional Plan can offer you 200 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB of storage space, and can manage to host up to a maximum of 15 websites.

This could be an ideal plan for developers, who are managed to work under the client’s website along with negligible traffic. It is also possible to avail of this plan including the Business Plan, in case if you do not have much bandwidth.

3. Business Plan:

It is ideal to choose the Business plan if this is the start-up of your online career and also planned to host only a maximum of 5 websites.

You can execute numerous medium-traffic websites or average traffic of 5 websites with sufficient 100 GB Bandwidth and 10 GB of storage space.

Reasons To Utilize WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale

WPX Hosting is one of the best and most popular companies with regards to the Managed Solutions of WordPress.

Find below the list of reasons why you need to utilize the WPX Hosting Black Friday sale or offer:

1. Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day

WPX Web hosting can provide an unconditional money-back guarantee for 30-day. In case, if you feel not working or not satisfied with its services, then it is possible to claim a full 100% amount refund even irrespective of your billing cycle.

2. Uptime Guarantee

It offers guaranteed uptime of about 99.95%. With regards to the WPX Customer support, it is not possible to provide an appropriate SLA for the uptime. Within 3 months, they never experienced an uptime lesser than 10 minutes.

3. Free Malware Removal

Most of the biggest concern or issue experienced by the webmaster or the blogger is to lose their hosting websites to hackers.

Users will never realize when their website is going to hack or include any malicious codes by the hackers. With the help of WPX, users are not required to worry anything about the infected website.

The entire malware removal procedure will be carried out by the WPX hosting team instead of hiring an expert.

4. Manual Backups

We all know that the Automatic Backup process is really awesome. In case, if you prefer to update a plugin or a theme then it may even take an entire day or overnight to overwrite the recently received written new posts or new comments.

To overcome this situation, the WPX Hosting service will allow the users to create the backup process manually of their websites.

5. Automatic Backups (Data for 28 Days)

Users will never realize until something not working properly or goes wrong with regards to their website. It may happen when if the users do not have an appropriate data backup, any plugin or theme change may go bad or accidental removal of your posts.

WPX Hosting service will automatically backup your entire data and store the same for restoration up to a maximum of the next 28 days.

To overcome any worst situation, you can utilize the previous backup and start your website to work properly.

6. Free Email Migration

If you own a website and utilizing the email hosting or cPanel email on your existing server with the help of other services then it could be much difficult to migrate the existing emails to your new server. You can use the WPX hosting to help this situation.

WPX Hosting can also offer new and free email migration. This applies to any Gmail for Business, cPanel Email, or any other service.

7. SSD Storage

WPX  Hosting offers to their entire plans with the SSD Storage option. This will improve the disk R&D (read & write) speed when compared to the traditional SSD storage. It assists the users to fetch information quickly from the server. Overall, your page loading time will be improved.

8. Free Migrations

wpx hosting black friday

 In case, if you had hosted your website on some other hosting servers, the WPX Hosting service can assist you to easily migrate the website to its servers.

In case, if you are experiencing any issues then you may also reach out to the WPX Support team for further assistance.

9. WordPress One-Click Install

 As expected the Hosting provider of Managed WordPress offers the one-click feature to install the WordPress. Hence, it is not required to utilize the command line arguments for installing WordPress.

10. Free SSL Certificates

 Similar to older days, it is not possible to perform any action without utilizing the SSL certificate. Numerous hosting companies will charge a lot for using the SSL certificate.

But, you can avail of the free unlimited Let’s encrypted form of SSL certificate from WPX Hosting.

It is worth saving some money by getting this free service. This is also another huge discount that you can avail of from the WPX Hosting Black Friday Sale.

11. WordPress Optimized Hosting

Similar to other hosting companies, you can easily focus on the WordPress Hosting offered by WPX Hosting.

They don’t offer a dedicated server, or a VPS server, or a Shared Hosting server. The entire servers need to be optimized to offer the best performance with regards to the WordPress website.

This ensures that users can experience fast page loading times. Many reviewers informed that the WPX server will showcase the best loading time during the testing conducted with other hosting companies as well.

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